Trump Is Cutting Off Big Labor From Skimming Americans’ Medicaid Payments And Unions Are Furious


What the heck kind of rule was that?

No wonder healthcare was so expensive.

Apparently every Tom, Dick and Obama were skimming public money for politics.

Reminds me of the definition of politics:
From the Latin Poly meaning “many or multiple” and tic from tick…a blood-sucking parasite.


One of the pleasant surprises from the last election is just how much Trump “gets it”, he is digging up all the sacred graves of corruption one by one and “burning the bones”.

Yes, that was a Supernatural reference :slight_smile:


Why are there so few Trumps that run for president? Sadly, in six years the pendulum will probably swing again and we’ll have to revert to a socialist. Though hopefully at least the old guard on the stage right now will be too old to run.


Describing the Unions as a “demon” is charitable in my book.

Be better to bring out the revolver, just to be sure.


Appalling that this ever occurred, and unsurprising.

And now, after Janus v. AFSCME, a Manhattan representative wants to use tax dollars to pay union bargaining expenses. Disgusting and vile.



And like you said, unsurprising. It’s pretty much the same MO as Planned (un)Parenthood; bilk the taxpayers to fund the campaigns of politicians who support their bilking of taxpayers. I hope the door gets slammed in their face.


How in the Name of God did unions get the “RIGHT” to skim from people’s Medicare payments in the first place? If a union had tried to do that to me, I’d bust up the union hall with a sledge hammer.