Trump is losing it over Ted Cruz


Trump is about to find out that his silly attacks will only work for so long…and only against certain people.

As Cruz Meets With Evangelical Pastors, Trump Questions Cuba’s Christianity - Cortney O’Brien

Trump: Cruz “didn’t give me credit” for border wall idea - CBS News

Donald Trump Goes ‘Birther’ On Ted Cruz : NPR


Trump is right about Evangelical Christianity not being very common in Cuba
Trump is right about the border wall being his idea and that he is the ONLY reason the discussion about the border is being taken seriously now.
Trump is not correct about Cruz’s citizenship being a debatable issue.

Cruz is right about not bothering to worry about Trump, Cruz does not need to engage in antics with an agenda to bring anyone else down because Cruz is the best candidate; too bad so many of his supporters can’t figure that out.


Trump seems to have crafted an art of carefully worded true statements which are not technically attacks but are easily misconstrued, misinterpreted or misquoted. This of course generates media frenzy and pushback from others which they eventually regret. Cruz is a smart, cool customer to ignore this.


Exactly, Trump is counting on the shallow to blow his actual statements out of proportion so when people investigate the truth they come away thinking it is just a bunch of Establishment liars trying to con them into picking another candidate.

Cruz gets it and is using that wisdom to his advantage, it would be even more of an advantage if Cruz supporters would quit taking the bait like Lemmings. We are less than a month from Iowa so it’s time for the children to be seen and not heard, Cruz’s strategy is pretty sound and bearing fruit; it will work if his supporters will stop throwing broom handles in his spokes.