Trump just said he would approve Keystone


He just stated it in his comments in North Dakota. A bombshell for me as a Canadian. He didn’t even flinch, and stated it more than once to the Canadian reporter who asked the question. This will certainly make him popular in Western Canada.

“We will absolutely approve it”. He has some caveats of course meaning more of a piece of the pie for Americans.


Suppose you had to pay for the air you breathe. Would you rather rely on your implacable enemies for your air or on your friendly neighbors?


I support the pipeline. Happy Trump supports it too.


Trump says a lot of good things. His list of “potential nominees” to the SCOTUS is mostly outstanding, by all accounts.

There is a big gap, though, between what Trump says and what he intends. Because there’s a big gap between what he says and what IS.

Just ask Senator Cruz…or the women smeared with his meritless slander. Just look at the backpedaling he’s ALREADY done from earlier promises.

The biggest problem I have with Trump…is his Credibility Gap. He’s SHOWN his word is worth little - so he can say whatever he wants.

I cannot believe it because I don’t believe the promises of liars. WHETHER or NOT, I like those promises.