Trump Loyalty


On a** personal level**, as we witnessed in his primary run, Trump is a POS. IMHO

For someone who demands loyalty, Trump is showing ZERO loyalty toward AG, Jeff Sessions - a man who VERY EARLY on in Trump’s road to the nomination and presidency worked tirelessly and loyally on Trump’s behalf and was often the first to come to Trump’s aid whenever Trump made gaffs, including his reprehensible, personal attacks on his Republican competitors.

Make no mistake, I think Trump has every right to be frustrated and angry with Sessions. Trump can choose to relieve Sessions of his AG post whenever he likes.

My problem with Trump is the continuing intemperate and entirely unnecessary public flogging of Sessions on Twitter and other media outlets.

Donald, you vindictive bastard, stop kicking Session in the teeth; treat him with a modicum of respect - he deserves that much given the loyalty and contributions he made to your campaign. It is mean spirited to continually and very publicly ridicule Sessions.

Call him into your office, talk to him and, if you wish, relieve him from his post as AG by asking for his resignation.


AG Sessions OFFERED his resignation earlier and President Trump DECLINED. I don’t put a lot of faith in what’s REPORTED to be President Trump’s comments about AG Sessions, however. Remember who it is that’s REPORTING this stuff.


You have either not seen Trump’s tweets or you choose to ignore them.

He made much the same attacking commentary in the Rose Garden 1/2 hour ago in front of the president of Lebanon and gathered media.


I loathe Sessions and think he’s probably the most outrageously anti-liberty AG in decades. Having said that, all Trump is doing is highlighting his own hypocrisy and disdain for any sort of honesty and consistency. He’s blasting Sessions for not going after Hillary, which is what Trump himself essentially instructed him to do by flip-flopping on “lock her up” as soon as he was elected. Pathetic.