Trump meets Kim Jong Un, becomes first sitting U.S. president to step into North Korea


If anyone needs an explanation of the picture that is at the bottom of this post … just ask. :sunglasses:


I could be wrong, but I don’t think that anything good will come of Trump’s negotiations with Kim.


It appears you left "don’t " out of that statement?

Nothing lost in talking, and Trump doesn’t seem to be inclined to ‘give away th he store’ just to get a dialogue started. If he can ease tensions and get us and them a few steps down the path towards normalization, that’s a pretty good accomplishment, I think. With the usual caveats about N.K.'s history of breaking agreements aimed preventing them from nuclearizing, etc.


Here’s my guess:

The girl is North Korean and they have all been told to keep out of the photo op under penalty of death.


Close, she is a communist! Its Alexandria Occassio Cortez, photoshopped in from her staged pictures (possibly photoshopped, idk) pictures crying over the detention of the children at the border. From my understanding, she never went, just had her picture taken at some chain link fence, and let digital wizardry and confirmation bias do the rest.


Gah. You’re right. :grimacing: Fixed.

I don’t think anything good will come of legitimizing that despot. Neville Chamberlain treated with Hitler, and WWII was a lot bloodier than it needed to be as a result.



Maybe it’s AOC after she drank out the toilet she clams the detained immigrants are using for a drinking fountain. She got it wrong. What she has in her brain and what comes out of her mouth are what goes into a toilet after it’s been cycled through a bull.

After her comments about concentration camps, one would hope that the Jewish people in her distract would have heard enough. Maybe one them will knock her out in the primaries. I know that’s an impossible dream, but after all the negative stuff people said about Sarah Palin, AOC makes the former governor of Alaska look like Eisenstein.

Getting back to Trump, it’s just the business man’s smooze, and Trump is a master at it. He’d smooze a buzzard if he thought it might be to his advantage. Talk is worth the paper it’s written upon. Thump has shown that he won’t give away the store the way Obama did when he handed over $100 in cash to the Iranian terror machine.