Trump Nation doubling down

Trump Nation Doubling Down

by Trinnity
October 21, 2019

Games. Whistleblowers everywhere.

War. “Regional peacekeeping” everywhere.

Neocons. Neocons. Neocons.
Neocons everywhere.

Lies and more lies.
What a waste.

I think about a lifetime of taxes I’ve paid. I think about the people I voted for who betrayed my interests. I think about all the years, all the lies and all the money wasted. The degradation of society and the influx of millions from south of our border. The wrecking of health insurance, while illegals get freebees. I can say with pride I never voted for Mitt Romney. I said fuck it and downed a fifth of whiskey.

Congress. Pack of thieves. Power mad vampires. They take our money and waste it. What are we paying them for? Liberty starts with NO. It means you say no to democrats and rinos and mean it.

I say NO and I am Trump Nation Doubling Down.

I worked and voted for Mitt Romney, and now I regret working for him. The only valid alternative would have been voting for Obama, and I would leave the ballot blank before I would do that. I won’t support Romney again given his “never Trump” attitude. Ditto for RINO, “never Trumper,” John Kasich. He can go rot somewhere. He needs to join the Democrats or form his own “sore head Party.”

As for “public service” in Congress, it seems that people go there to serve themselves. Getting rich from the influence they have seems to be the norm. Count me in as a term limits advocate.

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mitt’s latest which only showcases his resentment of the president and his shallowness is his sock twitter account. Pierre Delecto. seriously. PIERRE DELECTO…LOLOL delectable Peter…dd he have help with that?? He used that account to defend himself and he even tweeted some questionable remarks about his allies. This guy cannot be trusted. I too am sorry I voted for him. I only did it because I didn’t want another Obama and I really thought the guy was upstanding. Him and Ryan. He’s no better than any of them.

Maybe worse seeing as he had so many fooled for as long as he did.

Just before the election, a well educated friend of mine told me he just couldn’t bring himself to vote for a Mormon, so he just wasn’t going to vote. But I told him that if he didn’t, then he was giving half a vote to a near communist. I convinced him, and he voted for Mitt. (Though of course it made no difference in thoroughly blue Maryland anyway.)

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