Trump needs to call for a “lock the lying Hillary up” march on Washington


Judging from the past several years under Obama’s rule, it has become quite clear the only way to get justice when the Establishment is involved, is by organized demonstrations.

There are so many scandals attached to Hillary Clinton, including destruction of evidence which was under subpoena by Congress ___ which in itself amounts to obstruction of justice ___ and Obama’s “justice department” has refused to present any evidence of Hillary’s evil doings to a grand jury to seek justice.

In view of the fact that the record shows that many grand juries have been convened and presented with similar, if not less evidence as attached to Hillary Clinton, and many convictions have been obtained, is it not fit and proper for Donald Trump to call for a massive march and demonstration in Washington, D.C., to demand justice by calling for a grand jury to be convened in Hillary’s case so justice can be had?


No justice. No peace. Lock the lying Hillary Clinton up!


I would love to see it.


I was wondering where all the leaders of “Black Lives Matter” have gone. Seems to me the Grand Jury constantly indicts Blacks accused of crimes while Hillary Clinton, the lily white liar, is protected from Grand Jury justice. Is our Grand Jury process only good for the “little people”?


***Voting for Hillary Clinton will guarantee four more years of Obama and the completion of his fundamental transformation of America into an arbitrary form of government in which the president exercises legislative, executive and judicial powers ___ a system of government which Madison confirmed is the very definition of tyranny (see Federalist N0. 47)


Those people working to provide for their families and carrying this country on their backs are unable to march on Washington. They do not have the financial freedom to take off work in order to go to Washington to demonstrate. The only demonstrations I have seen are made up of those people suckling on the public tit or the tits of their parents - tits supplied by those who responsibly go to work, pay taxes and who always seem to get “rear-ended” for their effort by their government for whom they work 6 months/year in order to “pay their fair share”…


Now we find the wife of an FBI Agent working on the Hillary Clinton investigation was paid off ___ BIG TIME!

See: ** Hillary Clinton’s $500,000 Bribe to the FBI Came Through Virginia – CONFIRMED !**

***” Now, the smoking gun has emerged.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton insider and former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, steered at least $675,000 to the election of the wife of an FBI official involved in the Clinton probe. McAuliffe’s political action committee gave $467,500 to the state senate campaign for FBI agent Andrew McCabe’s wife. He is know the deputy director of the FBI.”***

Why is it that Blacks and Hispanics and trailer park occupants are subject to a Grand Jury hearing to determine if sufficient evidence is present for a trial by jury, while lily-white Hillary Clinton is shielded from the Grand Jury process?

Again I ask, is the Grand Jury process only applicable to our nation’s little people while corrupted and liars in government like Hillary Clinton are immune from Grand Jury justice?


The unavoidable truth is, Hillary Clinton’s “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs.



These march-in-circles “demonstrations” are nothing but agitprop. When there is a REAL issue, as in the ACABammyCair debacle…we’ve seen how the government responds. Tries to promote violence and then tries to claim it DID happen, even when video proves it did not. Botox Nan of San-Fran, her Comedy-Central oversized gavel, and her claims that those “Teabaggers” said nasty things, threats and expletives, at her.

All untrue. And that huge rally accomplished NOTHING.

These stupid “demonstrations” only work when the government is colluding with the agitators. Or, in rare cases, when the opposition in government is basically moral and knows it’s on the wrong side. British Colonial India, in this latter case…the English really wanted out but lacked the inertia to pull the trigger, do it, leave and give Independence. Gandhi and his people pushed the English to do it.

In the case of Freedom Marches, likewise, Washington elites wanted to intervene - but lacked the bravery to face citizens who didn’t WANT Washington interference with local affairs. But oh, how they wanted to act…and these agitprop demonstrations gave them, basically, public-opinion permission.

Right now the Elites are dug in, on the cusp of bringing their Utopia based on the teachings of St. Marx, to the good little peasants and lessers. Marches won’t stop them - they have PLANS.


Without our Fifth Column Media, Loretta Lynch and a corrupted FBI, Hillary Clinton would be making license tags in a federal penitentiary!


No justice. No peace. Lock the lying Hillary Clinton up!


heh heh heh…I so hope McAuliffe is in deep trouble.


Without a gullible electorate Hillary couldn’t be elected regardless of the media and corrupted FBI. I think it is a mistake to give media/government agencies so much credit while ignoring the role played by a 2nd rate electorate and the responsibility voters must take in producing outcomes of elections.


2nd rate electorate? CLICK HERE to listen to what people are saying in Charlotte, NC about crooked Hillary Clinton


What did Hillary Clinton, the grandmother of Obamacare, repeatedly tell the American people about a federal takeover of our nation’s healthcare system?*** CLICK HERE*** to hear Hillary Clinton lie to the American people.***


Yes, JWK, second rate electorate. An electorate that elected Obama twice, that nominated a bombastic, off-message ass-clown like Donald Trump to oppose Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton who has the lead with about a 90% chance of her being elected the next president IN SPITE of her historic level of corruption and incompetence. Strikes me, that is about as second rate as it can get.


It seems to me Donald Trump has awakened a sleeping giant and it is showing all over the country by the enormous increase in voter registration.

Do you disagree with his stated agenda on the issues?


CLICK HERE to listen to Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase “refugees” from Islamic controlled countries by 550%. And this does not even include her plan to give legal status, work permits and voting rights to millions of foreigners who have invaded America’s borders from Mexico and Central America.


I don’t know what he has awakened, but if it does not translate into a victory in 13 days, it will have all been in vain. If there are millions of Trump voters in the woodwork, they had been step forward, or the most dishonest major party candidate in American history will become president.


There is massive anti-trump violence all over America. The media refuses to report on it. Stand firm America. Don’t back down on this.


Yes, and some of it is being paid for by the Hillary campaign. This one more item in a long list of reasons why this rotten woman should never become president.


I get it. But there are some who would rather be able to say I told you so than to help keep this country out of the hands of these despicable democrats and duplicitous republicans.


Those people are looking for a revolution. The voters are not going to buy it. They should study what happened during the English, French and Russian revolutions to see what can happen if they get what the want.


No, I agree with him on almost all of the issues. But, the man is a terrible candidate who has run a miserable, error laden campaign. He can’t stay on message and his communication skills suck. His often buffoonish commentary has constantly taken the negative focus off of Clinton’s shortcomings - which are unprecedented and many - and he’s placed negative focus on himself.


BECAUSE he is not a politician and versed in how to hide his shortcomings which by the way we all have. HE"S HUMAN. HE’s NORMAL and it appears he DOES care for this country. UNLIKE who the left forces down our throats. I find it …rather refreshing. And it’s a plus that it is driving the media mad.


His blunt way is sometimes refreshing . . . sometimes NOT. His origins OUTSIDE THE BELTWAY are an advantage, one that I don’t think he stresses enough. He’s unabashedly politically INcorrect . . . sometimes an advantage, sometimes NOT.

Over 60% of the population is fed up with politicians. Trump is not a politician . . . sometimes an advantage, sometimes NOT.

People are angry and frustrated, and Trump has ridden that wave to where he is today. He saw an opening there, and he took it. In another time, when there wasn’t so much anger and frustration, Trump wouldn’t have gotten as far as he has today. He would have been laughed at and considered a crackpot.

For example, in the 1960 election, when people were still in the warm glow of the Eisenhower years, Trump would be a joke. But right now, he fills a need. He is not a “politics as usual” kinda’ guy, and that’s just exactly what people want now. It’s the “perfect storm” for someone who is not "inside the Beltway"and NOT a politician.