Trump Nickanames


Here’s a few of my favorite Trump nicknames. Please add your own.

Crazy Joe Biden (also, Sleepy Joe)
Cryin’ Chuck Schumer
Wild Bill (aka, Bill Clinton)
Crooked Hillary
Low Energy Jeb
Lyin’ Ted
Leakin’ James Comey
Jeff Flakey
Crazy Bernie (aka, Bernie Sanders)
Failing New York Times
Crazy Maxine Waters (also, Low-IQ Maxine Waters)
Little Marco
Dumb as a Rock Mika
Sloppy Michael Moore


Don’t forget “Fake News CNN.”

But he doesn’t use those nicknames for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio any more, now that they’ve become good guys.

“Crooked Hillary” is the most apt and appropriate one of all.


Yes to all three points.


“Creepy Joe Biden” you mean? The guy who can’t keep his hands off of little girls and young women?

Or how about “I Slept My Way to the Senate” Harris?