Trump ‘outs’ judge napolitano, says he came asking for scotus nod


In case you wondered (like I did) on why “The Judge” has changed so much, this may explain it?


Even though I agree with him occasionally, I’ve never liked Napolitano,


Now we know why Napolitano has become a hostile observer. He is a jilted political observer. So sad, but if he is going to act like this before he is appointed, who knows if he will be another David Souter after he is appointed. He has outed him self on occasion.


I suspect the same thing is going on with George Conway (Kellyanne’s husband). He wanted an administration job and didn’t get it. His rhetoric is viscous and over the top. I really sympathize with Kellyanne. I think she doesn’t want to break up the family for her children and is a good Catholic girl who doesn’t believe in divorce.


I figured something like that. It sure did seem like his opinions on President Trump changed overnight.