Trump outstarts NFL kneelers


I just heard President Trump answering questions and commenting before he jumped on the helicopter. He said NFL players claim the reason they kneel during the national anthem is because people have been treated unfairly. So he’s taking that head on.

He’s going to ask them, the NFL players, to submit the names of people to him that they think have been treated unfairly. He’ll examine their cases and consider pardoning them or commuting their sentences.

Wow! Take the wind out of their sails! Make them get specific then solve it. Put up or shut up.

Kim Kardashian West told him Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old woman, has been in prison over 20 years of a life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction, so Trump granted her clemency. Apparently he’s spring-boarding off of that.


Brilliant move by the president. Shoulda thought about it before he said “Fire everybody!” But he tends to fly off at the mouth without thinking. This kind of behavior wins support – and it will reveal at some level the validity of related complaints (kneeling is more precisely about shooting than unfair sentencing) as the protesters reveal what they they think are actual injustices. It’ll be, like you say, put up or shut up.


These overpaid prima donnas have no interest in “solving” any problems. Kaepernick was (and is) an outright communist, based on his public utterances, and these other, black players (and a few white players) are simply parroting his claims of “unfair treatment” of blacks by police. When I was a cop, I arrested FAR more white teens than black teens. Why? Because in the community I lived in, white teens were FAR more likely to have a muscle car that they thought could outrun the police or the polices’ radios and they were FAR more likely to have the wherewithall to buy pot.

To counter the negative image of the police in black neighborhoods, In the Summer, I’d gather a bunch of black and Hispanic kids, make a bunch of sandwiches and take a cooler-full of Cokes and on my day off, take them down to Palo Pinto Creek fishing. I made many lasting friendships doing that.


The President knows that. That’s exactly why he’s making the offer. He’s calling their bluff. A few will propose a few names. He’ll either pardon/commute them or explain why they’re really bad hombres and deserve the sentence they got, calling the victims’ families by name like he knows them well.

For the few pardons, he’ll look like the savior on a white horse. But mostly, he’ll prove they have no case and shame them into respecting our country.

If you play chess with this guy, you’ll lose.


I hope at some point (soon) he pardons our brave soldiers who put the lives of their brothers and sisters above the rules of engagement.


That’s the beauty of what the president is doing. If true, then there will be an absurd response. It will make them look bad. It will make the president look good, and your statement here will be proved correct. No matter how this goes, he’ll win the engagement. That’s why it pays not to go off half-cocked all the time.