Trump questions Cruz's Christian sincerity, and attacks him for opposing subsidies


All of you Trump fans need to wake up. He is not a good person and he is not a conservative. The enemy of the enemy is not your friend.

Donald Trump launches first attacks against Ted Cruz -

“I do like Ted Cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba,” he told the crowd at a town hall event at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. "Not a lot come out."The father of the Texas senator, who has appealed to the born-again believers in the Hawkeye State, escaped from Cuba as a young adult. Both of Cruz’s parents come from traditionally Catholic backgrounds, but Cruz grew up Southern Baptist.
Trump’s personal attack mirrors a previous joust at one-time top Iowa rival Ben Carson, who is a Seventh Day Adventist. Trump, who identifies as Presbyterian, implied that he was a more mainstream Christian.
The New Yorker spent more time on Friday poking Cruz for opposing ethanol subsidies, which are widely popular there. Independent groups there are beginning to spend money against Cruz for his position, which Trump told a questioner was “anti-Iowa.”
“With the ethanol, really, he’s got to come a long way, 'cause right now he’s for the oil,” Trump said at the beginning of his remarks, unprompted. But then he gave him an out: “But I understand it, oil pays him a lot of money. He’s got to be for oil, right?”
“But I’m with you,” he added. "I’m self-funding. I have no oil company. I have no special interest."
Trump later called on a pro-ethanol activist with the group America’s Renewable Future, who was given front-row seating Friday. The activist, who a group spokeswoman said was invited to the rally by the Trump campaign earlier this week, asked if Cruz’s opposition to ethanol was because of his ties to “big oil.”
“Yes it is,” Trump replied.


It is true that not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba

It is true that Iowans strongly favor ethanol subsidies because they are greedy and do not care about the integrity of our energy sector or any non corn growing Americans.

It is true that Cruz is a huge supporter of the oil industry, as am I; there is no need for any “ties” to exist since anyone with a grasp of economics knows that oil is the most efficient way to meet many energy demands.

But I am confused about how any of these subjects is connected to “Conservatism”.

Conservatism does not demand that adherents must pretend that Cuba is an evangelical dominated nation.
Conservatism does not demand that everyone must support the same energy methods or any at all.
Conservatism does not demand that everyone embrace or reject the lies about “Big Oil”

Trump is a populist so he will use every opportunity to attract the adherents to something popular, Cruz is a man of stellar integrity so he will not abandon his view of ethanol subsidies just to glean some Iowa support.

The voters in Iowa will decide whether their love for money taken at gunpoint is more important than electing a President with enough integrity to tell them what he honestly thinks even when he knows they disagree.

Iowa will probably reject the one with stellar integrity since they almost always do in the General Election but there will be no religious or political litmus test that causes them to do so, just a desire to keep other peoples money flowing into their bank accounts at the point of a government gun.


Donald Trump ATTACKS Ted Cruz’s faith and suggests he loves oil too much or something [VIDEOS] » The Right Scoop -

Videos at the link.

Also: Trump wants you to know he is with everybody. And he really, really loves Billy and Franklin Graham.


So, you just repeat it again?


Trump isn’t attacking Cruz. This is yet another media attempt ((ad infinitum) to pit the two against one another.

Poor media’s gonna be let down…again.


“I do like Ted Cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba.”

Trump’s point is to cast doubt on Cruz’ Christianity, which at best is in poor taste, and at worst is hypocrisy.

Maybe he should clarify his own spiritual status…


A Very good post. I am in total agreement. Cruz has been able to resonate with a significant cross-section of Republicans WITHOUT sacrificing his integrity.


My preference is Cruz, but considering the way MSM has been misquoting Trump, and/or taking his quotes out of context, I think I’d consider the source - and also the fact that they’ve been trying very hard to pit the two against one another (w/little success) - before I concluded that that was Trump’s motive or exact words.

It may very well be. However, considering that Cruz and Trump are pretty close allies, I’m willing to wait until I hear ‘the rest of the story’ before I believe what CNN puts out there - esp. in the slanted manner they just did.


What the MSM failed to point out is that that “Not a lot of evangelicals…” comment came in a speech before evangelicals. All he was pointing out was that he didn’t believe that Cruz has religious beliefs that are in concert with his audiences’. Big deal!


I am having so much fun watching the anti Trumpers lose their minds. Yanno, they call us “low info voters” but they cannot fathom WHY Trump is kicking everyone’s arse. It would seem to me that it would be important to know WHY Trump is so popular, before insulting his supporters.
I have to laugh when they start their, “He’s no conservative” mess. Most of the RNC aren’t true conservatives, either.
I have to laugh when they start their, "No___________(insert minority here) is ever gonna vote for him. They ain’t voting for Bush and Co., either.
I have to laugh when they start their, “He’ll never be the nominee” nonsense. It’s like they believe everyone is as outraged as they are.
I have to laugh when they call us “low info voters”, while they haven’t got a clue why Trump never fades, in spite of what they say.

Folks, get used to this. AMERICA in general is fed up with DC politics. Be honest, how many here dismissed my “dressing down” of the GOP, saying people would get fed up with their crud, and start voting their hearts and minds? How many here sided with those who insulted my decision to not vote for Romney? I was not the first, but I was pretty early, predicting that something like this was imminent and that the GOP had better start listening, or there would be an Exodus from the party, and they’d never win again?

But no, the GOP faithful told us to “leave the Party”, and that “we are better off without you Bible Thumpers”. Now, they call us “low info voters”. It is almost if they WANTED to lose this election. “Oh we need to build a winning coalition of conservatives, but we don’t want you to be part of it”. And they call us morons and stupid. :coffee_spray::rofl::howler:


Here we go Trump is getting support from black Pastors and the left is saying it is a farce and the pastors do not care for their people. Well it seems to me with Trump’s goal of revitalizing the economy blacks would benefit. Meanwhile the GOP is in bed with the democrats doing nothing to stimulate the economy.

Black pastors support of Donald Trump proves they don’t care about congregation |


Not interested in debating the semantics of conservatism with you. It is clear that you will make sure your own personal definition protects Trump from criticism.

And this is why I posed the video, although it seems it was overlooked:


Correct. I did not view the video. I only read the article because the square where the video should show up just stayed a blank, black square.
I’ll try again later.


Every one of the GOP candidates has a robust plan for stimulating the economy through growth, less regulations and fairer taxes. Your charge is a lie. This Pubs-the-same-the-Dems schtick is dishonest mookery, fodder from the usual radio talk show hosts who are now pimping for the game show host and echoed by those seduced by simplistic, emotional appeals.

I’ve said it before - look to the objective measure of ACU ratings. Just about every Republican supports conservative positions and priorities more often than every last Dem… Of course there’s a huge difference between Republicans and Democrats, on most things that matter. But go right ahead and succumb to the spirit of nihilism, conservatives, and piss it all away.

It is conservative disunity that is killing the movement. What had been focused anger has morphed into the childish sort, stoked by the easy answers of a childish candidate.


Well, I did try again later. Dunno what happened. There wasn’t a word about religion in it. Just Cruz saying that ‘gravity would take down "those two campaigns.’ (Referring to Trump & Carson, I believe.) Trump saying that he would fight back, and Kasich’s low-grade attempt at witticism.
And, of course, a CNN reporter’s typical, slobbering over the hopes of having actually started something.


It’s on The Right Scoop link.

Btw, Trump continues the attacks, calling Cruz a “maniac” in the Senate.


Trump dings Scalia for affirmative action comments | Washington Examiner


Before I bother going to another link w/a reporter frothing at the mouth at the thought of a Cruz/Trump argument, please tell me what the big deal is.
Please keep in mind that, “Trump attacks a candidate,” is not something I consider newsworthy, and definitely not mind-bending.


Maybe the main basis for Trump’s campaign is that he fights the establishment, yet he calls Cruz a maniac for doing that. He also questioned Cruz’s temperament. Seriously. Trump admits that his temperament hasn’t changed since the first grade.

I stand by my statements on this forum that Donald Trump is a buffoon and not a conservative.


I went to the link. Maybe it’s due to my having to deal w/IE rather than Mozilla (which decided to crash for the day), but, all and all, I don’t know what it is you want out of me. (The vid, once again, would not play.)
What was reported in the article as Trump having said about Cruz (basically) “going off the reservation,” was pretty laughable - (like HE didn’t? lol), but, again, what’s your point?