Trump Rally tonite Oct 10, 2019

20,000 plus venue and he’s got the place filled. With 25,000 in the parking lot. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He is hot tonite…seriously kicking democrat butt all the way back to Washington Dirty City.

Watch Omar come out tomorrow bellyaching.

and media will be apoplectic.

The morning after election day 2016 was awesome. Remember that. WOW!!

Media fails to report on the antifa attacks on trump supporters leaving the Rally venue.

It was a mob mentality…they see someone coming out, one yells, ‘nazi’ and they all take out after one person. I really think they will kill someone at some point. Arrests were made. Antifa attacks in numbers, they use mace and whatever else they can get away with. They make no bones about what they are…they carry commie flags and Marxist propaganda. This has got to stop.