Trump Rally




I don’t think he will attack Jeff Flake tonight, there is plenty of time between now and November 2018. If he can pack the place to capacity (29000) it will give Jeff something to ponder. I think he will pardon Sheriff Joe maybe tonight but eventually for sure.



I see Alveda King on the podium behind VP Pence; that will drive the left into a frenzy.


Trump NEVER misses an opportunity to crap all over any positive message he has delivered. Last night was no exception.

Enough already. It is NOT ENOUGH that he is correct on nearly all the issues. And, yes, he has accomplished some serious things over the last 7 months. However, to accomplish health insurance reform, tax reform and to implement future immigration policy/reform he must have political - read - congressional allies; virtually all Republicans in congress.

I don’t give a damn about Trump’s feelings. I give a damn about him demonstrating enough emotional maturity to promote his agenda - period. It’s THE AGENDA, STUPID!!

Unfortunately, Trump appears unable to avoid being baited into a verbal debacle by the Left and media. I’m not sure he has the temperament to bring people beyond his base together. Revisiting Charlottesville once again last night was a looser. Damning the media once again was unnecessary - he has made that point many, many times. Calling out McCain and Flake last night, when he MUST have their votes to move his agenda - an agenda most Americans agree on - was unnecessary and not wise in any way.

Trump - stop the thin-skinned personal stuff - it is counterproductive. IT IS THE AGENDA, STUPID.

Last night I was hoping he would build on the political momentum he generated Monday night with his wonderful speech concerning the Middle East, specifically Afghanistan/Pakistan. But, no, of course not.

I’m concerned Trump’s inability to ignore much of the media “noise” and political baiting by the Left will lead to some of his key people
bailing" out of his administration. There is only so much of his undisciplined BS that highly disciplined folks like Rex Tillerson, Gen. Mattis and Gen. Kelly are likely to take.

If you think the Trump presidency is undisciplined now, just try to imagine what it would look like with the absence of one or more of these stabilizing men.

Please, for god’s sake Donald, stay on message - focus on the agenda. Explain to the folks why elements of your agenda are important and explain implementation.

Entertaining your base at Rallies, helpful for your election, is killing chances of cultivating support necessary to get your agenda rolling.


So, just let the media repeat the big lie over and over? The f-ing Republican party will not defend him, they are too busy repeating the talking points of the left. It is not that he is thin skinned, he has no choice. If he does not set the record straight a certain portion of the idiots out there will eventually believe the big lie.


whoa there mike…you’re sounding extremely undisciplined there…just like the dems, violent dem fringe groups and stupid republicans. It is not trump that is undisciplined…it’s the repubs. We gave them a damn gift and they’re so freakin’ stupid they’re gonna stab themselves in their empty heads.

Trump is the legitimately elected president of the US and he is there because we were getting nothing but a bunch of lies and bs from both sides…and if the repubs don’t clean up their acts…they will not be there in the very near future…but neither will the dems.

as a Trump supporter, conservative and Christian…none of us should ever vote for a dem. We need to primary the fool repubs and vote in a supporter of Trump. He is out there in front of us and we are behind him. We need to step up and do more to help him and that is give him the support he needs for the things WE WANT and that means do some swamp cleaning ourselves.


Trump brags about grabbing women in the crotch without their consent.

He is involved in some of the most sleazy and corrupt areas of business.

He’s essentially a high-level con man.

There’s nothing “Christian” about supporting this sort of person. Thinking otherwise just demonstrates your deep moral and spiritual corruption. It’s important for you to analyze this corruption in your soul before it’s too late.


It’s one thing to consider Trump a lesser of evils. It’s another to actively support him as a “Christian” leader (which he obviously isn’t). The fall and moral corruption of American Protestantism is extremely sad and difficult for me to watch.


That is not true, he bragged about how celebrity causes women to enthusiastically give their consent to crotch grabbing and many other behaviors.

Construction is only “sleazy and corrupt” to Leftists who have never built anything of value, we call that the jealous rantings of the unaccomplished as they seek to sooth their own inferiority complex’s.

He has certainly conned the Left, they keep falling for the same traps over and over again with no indication that they have any idea what he is setting them up.

That assessment might carry a sting if you had not declared your support of Clinton publicly, the shear magnitude of lawless evil that has defined that woman’s life for decades and been proved makes a character like Trump look like Mother Theresa; physician heal thyself.

“Too late” for what exactly?


Here’s your conservative Christian champion RET:

**Trump: “Yeah that’s her with the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Bush: “Whatever you want.”

Trump: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”**

The critical language here is “they let you do it.” This doesn’t imply consent. There are many reasons other than consent that a woman would “let” a powerful and wealthy man assault her. Fear, intimidation, insecurity, etc. I’m just curious how any Christian could read those comments and not conclude that Trump is a creep and a scumbag. But more than 50% of conservatives seem to have concluded he’s the last great champion of Western Christianity! Astonishing, really, what a great con man he is.


More BS. Trump didn’t “brag” about grabbing women in their privates. He stated that, because of some men’s celebrity, they (and he) COULD do so with virtual impunity. And he’s unfortunately RIGHT about that. Look how little BJ Bill lost when he did MUCH worse than what President Trump described, for example. Just what about real estate do you think is “corrupt?” Making a profit, maybe? Who was the last President to hold Christian Bible studies in the White House. NONE within my own lifetime and I’m 75 years old. I suppose you prefer the Muslim prayer rugs Obama took with him when he left last January, huh?


I can’t believe you actually read my post. Being critical of Trump for consistently allowing himself to be baited by media and the Left which constantly takes him off message and alienates some of those people from which he must have support to move his agenda forward is hardly favoring a Left-leaning viewpoint. Not much else to add.


I think on a personal level Trump is an A-hole. He showed us that with a never ending stream of personal comments directed toward his primary challengers during the Republican primary debates/election.

That said, we voted for him - me included - in spite of these obvious shortcomings - we did so because of his stance on issues important to us.

My problem with Trump concerns the fact I’m seeing far to much of the often unbridled “personal BS” and not enough focus on tax reform, etc… IMO, this lack of discipline is playing into the hands of the Left and slows/detracts from the agenda - the agenda we elected him to implement.


Well Doc, we finally found an issue on which we disagree. Trump’s agenda–the one we elected him for–is DOOMED as long as his supposed “allies” in Congress are working to make certain that his agenda FAILS. We have WAY too many putative Republicans who are ANYTHING but conservative. McCain, Graham, Snow, Ryan, Flake, et al, just for a few examples. Regardless of what AS here says, we MUST get control of our southern border and Trump’s wall is a logical effort to do so. For at least the last 30 years, we’ve seen illegals, drugs, criminals and even terrorists almost literally pouring across our border with Mexico. There are portions of the border in which it’s virtually DEADLY to venture–even on the U.S. side. Go there and you’re literally taking your own life in your hands and it’s NOT American citizens–or even legal immigrants–who are putting you in danger for your very life. There have been instances in the last few years of Mexican Federales who have shot at our own border patrol across the border, for Pete’s sake! We can’t solve this problem by SHOUTING at the Mexicans, but we CAN stem the flow by erecting Trump’s wall–and as soon as possible. But we CAN’T do that with the obstructionists in our own Party thwarting every move the President tries to make. One “solution” and one that I intend to work for, is to primary-out those who SAY they’re conservative Republicans, but side with the Democrats when the rubber meets the road. Trump’s NOT the problem. CONGRESS is. Even on those phony “polls” Trump’s approval is 3-4 times higher than that of Congress.


Let us not forget that President Trump is being beset–and MUST fight–the media, entertainment industry, ALL Democrats, the federal bureaucrats, AND the phonies in his OWN PARTY. Federal employees, for example, are “unionized” solely because of a Presidential Directive issued in 1961 by Kennedy. One thing that COULD be done is to issue a PD repealing it, which would allow him to fire every bureaucrat who was given a job by some Democrat or “moderate” Republican looking to pad the federal payroll. That alone would make a HUGE hole in our national debt.


My criticism of Trump doesn’t take Congress or the media off the hook for it’s share of the “credit” for the current debacle. Your basic viewpoint and mine are NOT mutually exclusive.


Like I said, I think it’s fair enough if you say “I voted for Trump as the lesser of evils.” I disagree with this, and voted for Hillary for the same reason: I saw her as a lesser evil than Trump (and still do, as I think Trump has been objectively the most anti-liberty American president in history to this point).

My astonishment is more the people who enthusiastically support him as a conservative Christian president, which he clearly isn’t.


Dear J Anderson, I find it fascinating and ultimately instructive that you would make such a Herculean attempt to secure for yourself the moral high ground while admitting you voted for an individual - Hillary Clinton - who was/is BOTH an A-hole and a would-be felon/prison inmate had her FBI investigative file simply been referred to a grand jury while denouncing Trump and, by implication his voters, simply because he often acts like an A-hole.

Trump is divisive and in your view Clinton isn’t? Clinton is ONLY about IDENTITY politics. As such, she provides us with the perfect operational definition of divisiveness.

BTW, your avatar, contrary to your rather obvious intent, offers no heft to your arguments.


I judge A-holeism a little differently. Many politicians maintain a public persona of caring for the people but treat their employees, servants and bodyguards like dirt. I could list many of them, democrat and republican, but Hillary Clinton is one of them and Donald Trump is not.


is t hat what the md in mike’s name means…doctor. Stick to your specialty is all I can advise you. What is it with those in the medical profession that they seem to lean liberal. is it like psychology majors who go into the field cause they’re trying to diagnose themselves.