Trump Renounces Pledge to Support GOP Nominee


Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would no longer support the eventual GOP presidential nominee if it were someone else — even if it’s rival Ted Cruz — because “I’ve been treated very unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and the party establishment.

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I can not honestly fault him for this change. The fact that he is right that the RNC wants to hold a brokered convention to replace both Trump and Cruz tells me that Trump has a valid reason for this decision.


Well, Cruz and Kasich won’t support him, so why should he support them? I sincerely hope Trump makes the 1237. If not, I guess we can all get used to “Madame President”.


Tiny, First, you do have a right to your thoughts and opinions, but dear friend so do all the others. “WE mean you no harm, it’s just business.” (Line from “Monsters vs Aliens”)
Trump, Cruz nor Kasich are not the real problem here. But as we can see They are all reacting the same to the Karl Rove department of dirty tricks and the outside influences of SuperPacs with an agenda.
All these groups, property of the GOP Elite, have to do is issue innuendo and Trump and Cruz react adversely to it. If they would just stick to the issues and ignore the liberal media as well as the spewed innuendos, this mess would not occur.Both Trump and Cruz need to back off, or they shoot themselves in their respective big toes.
If you look closely you will note neither Cruz nor his camp issued any smut regarding Mrs Trump But sadly Donald did react without reviewing the material and its origins. This is an old trick but effective and if Trump cannot acquire some personal filters he will self destruct. After a while people will tire of his bombast and reactionary attitudes.


LOL. That was Trump’s motive for filing in the first place, Tiny1–a “Madame President” named Clinton! I TOLD everyone that was his real motive for running MONTHS ago. He has no interest in the White House and never really has. Trump at the head of the ticket is GUARANTEED as a win for Hillary, and as a “3rd Party” candidate it’s STILL a guaranteed win for Hillary. At this point the ONLY thing that prevents that is for Trump to drop out and endorse Cruz (or Kasich, though that’s a bit less likely) and instruct his delegates to support them, too. Ain’t gonna happen.


Grow up Trump! "They were mean to me! :cry: " If he actually had a reason I wouldn’t fault him. He knows there is a chance he may not win so he will throw a fit in order to try and steal away the nomination. It is obvious that American is split on either trump or Cruz. If he cannot leave it to the voters to decide then he was never presidential material to begin with. This election has gotten to the point where I have all but stopped watching coverage on it and just folly the delegate count.

A criminal, a socialist and two man-childs walk into a bar…

EDIT: Just looked it up. It looks like all three recanted their pledge. Useless POS.


And you have a right to yours. That said.
Yes, I would hope that the candidates would tone it down a notch, but at least they are showing that they have back bones.
Now, you folks have been predicting Donald Trump’s “self destruction” for many months. Hasn’t happened. Why?
Because people, here and elsewhere, are not considering one basic fact. The GOP is corrupt. Those who support the GOP support corruption. They don’t care about you, and they don’t care about me, either. The fact that they DON’T want Trump, is my biggest reason to vote for Trump. They hold all the power over us, and those who vote for the system, are just as complicit. We MUST take the power back. We must make these sleezy politicians understand, that WE the PEOPLE, will rise up, and take it back, if necessary. They do not want anyone with successful business experience, gaining any traction. They wish to keep filling their bank accounts with money garnered from their political office.
No, we are not going to tire of Trump. We are not going to sell our souls to the GOP so we can claim we voted for a conservative. I WANT RESULTS!!!. I do not want platitudes, slogans or cliches. Cruz and Kasich are part of the Washington Establishment. Strike one. Cruz is a lawyer. Strike two. And Cruz is paid for by 4 billionaire families. And, yoooooouuuur ouuuttt!!
If Trump is guilty here, so is Cruz.


Just a general comment. What we do not need is a politician who if defeated endorses the other parties candidate. I believe there was one in Florida who did that.


That has to be the stupidest thing I have read in months.
Let’s analyze that.
Trump makes about 250 million a year. He’s lost NBC contracts, NASCAR and the PGA all told have cost him tens of millions of dollars. He can give no speeches which pay him 250,000 per talk, and he’s losing countless other deals, he would easily make if he were not a candidate. He’s taking a lot of grief, and facing dangerous situations, and you REALLY think he’s doing all this to help Clinton? That position is beyond idiotic.
I have tried to ignore your undeniably erroneous opinion, because it truly doesn’t warrant any serious consideration, but if you insist on posting ludicrous accusations without any evidence, I will address them as they are, fantasy.


In fairness, they have all recanted on this loyalty pledge. You could see it wasn’t going to hold up, the GOP are playing catch up with a candidate they knew wasn’t a Conservative but one who they figured wouldn’t be successful so they let it slide. It backfired and it’s become a costly battle trying to usurp him.

Funniest quote of the Town Hall yesterday, outside of Trump trying to define the role of the Federal Government:

Anderson: “But you suggested…”

Trump: “No, I didn’t suggest, I tweeted”… :wink:

I am going to say this, as I have seen this type of campaign play out before believe it or not. We had a similar phenomenon during the Rob Ford campaign a few years ago. One major difference between these two outside of their obviously different portfolio of a president of the U.S versus Canadas largest city, is that Ford had some strong Conservative roots. That of his father and a relationship with maybe the most Conservative premier in Ontario’s history in a man named Mike Harris. Trump is clearly not a Conservative except for some of his positions.

So, since it was evident that Trump wasn’t a Conservative, he needed to be stopped from the beginning if the establishment didn’t think he was a good representative. At this point, he only gains sympathy and looks as someone being picked on. Even I look at him with some sympathy when I see the constant attacks on him, his followers and his campaign team. It’s the same with Ford, he was not the brightest or best spoken, but he wore his heart on his sleeve and was accountable to the citizens of Toronto. As one lady being interviewed when Ford admitted he took crack cocaine “if it’s between the choice of a mayor who will handle my taxes properly and does crack compared to a slick politician who is squeaky clean but uses my money improperly, I will vote for the crack mayor every time”.

As I see it, the only way Trump loses this nomination is at a convention. If I can be so blunt, almost certainly Clinton wins the election unless she is deemed ineligible to hold office, I don’t see any of these GOP candidates beating her.


The GOP is losing this election by ignoring the decision made by its base. This man, trump, leads the way for them but they’re too stupid to take it. If Hillary becomes president it will be because of the actions of the GOP.

If I have to watch them take this nomination from Trump and I see that he deserved it …then I won’t be voting. I have held my nose and voted for the pathetic excuse for a candidate for the past two elections. I won’t be doing that again. And why should I when I’ve been told by the very people who chastised my discontent with the candidates last two elections…that I should vote…and I have heard them say that they would rather lose the election than to see trump as the nominee OR as president. SO. this is a two way street. Why should I put myself out when they won’t. Same with the promise that the GOP made Trump agree to…to support the nominee when they won’t do it! THE GOP can’t BE TRUSTED!!


First of all, I’m gonna say that the RNC needs to stop. Right now. They are about to lose the White House to either Wonder Woman or Karl Marx because they have a candidate who’s going to “do his own thing”. An independent Republican is better than no Republican at all. They need to unify behind Trump and Trump alone right now because everything would break loose in a contested convention and it’d be 1992 all over again. I wasn’t even alive in '92 (thank God) but I know for a fact that there’s no way Hillary could lose if Trump broke from the GOP.
Secondly, most of the people on this board seem to think this will only affect the country 4-8 years. Sorry, but the next President nominates no less than 4 justices- in their first year! The nominees will affect America for more like 48 years. This can’t be good if Trump goes Indie.
Lastly, 85% of the Senate’s up for reelection this year and Congress has record disapproval ratings. This is worse because all three houses of law will likely be controlled by liberal Democrats.


Tweeting that picture of Cruz’s wife, and now his campaign manager being charged with battery for grabbing a conservative woman reporter (Breitbart)…

I don’t see how the GOP wins this, unless Clinton gets indicted. If it IS Trump, the loss of the women and minority vote will be epic, and if it isn’t Trump, he’ll run as a third party.


No, it’s always 1/3 of the Senate every 2 years that has to run for reelection, but this cycle, the GOP has a lot more seats in danger than Democrats.


Well, take notes.
Trump’s manager was CHARGED, not convicted. Anyway, a misdemeanor. The building’s security tapes show he merely grabbed her arm, and pulled her away from Trump. She was not supposed to be touching a POTUS candidate, and was not welcome there. She got by the Secret Service men. This will go nowhere.

We’ll see about Clintonista.


Yeah, see the problem is you can’t just go around grabbing people. He’s not a cop or S.S. agent. He’s a campaign manager.

"*The strength of the allegations against Corey Lewandowski revolve around multiple factors that most simple battery cases don’t have: video, audio and eye-witness evidence that indicates he grabbed reporter Michelle Fields by the arm and yanked her out of Trump’s way without her permission.

The wording of Florida statute, 784.03 (1) (a) (1), cited by the Jupiter police officer who charged Lewandowski on Tuesday, is also broad and clear when it comes to the charge: “The offense of battery occurs when a person… Actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other.*”
Read more: Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, battery case seen as strong - POLITICO

And the fallout from this continues:

A group of female, mostly conservative members of the media have signed onto a letter calling on Donald Trump to fire his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.
Conservative radio host Dana Loesch, Fox News contributor and Townhall editor Katie Pavlich, radio host and Fox News contributor Meghan McCain, CNN contributor and New York Daily News columnist S.E. Cupp and CNN contributor and The Federalist columnist Mary Katherine Ham are among the 16 who signed the letter

Read more: Female media figures call for Trump to fire Lewandowski - POLITICO


Yep, I was a bodyguard. Not a cop. Not Secret Service. No different than the Manager.
I was brought up on assault and battery charges 11 times. No convictions. Why? Because the force used WAS NOT EXCESSIVE. The force he used, was not excessive. The courts will dismiss this.
If you impose yourself in someone’s private space, they have the right to move you back, provided they do no harm. The only harm done to her, was her pride. Won’t stand up. She was not injured, and the only reason she sought charges, was because she was denied a story.
As to your definition of battery, I guess you had best watch how close you get to someone at a grocery store. If you back away from the onions, and bump into them, you could be in court.
Now, according to your posted definition, She could be indicted just the same. In the security video, she grabs Trump by the arm, and you see Trump push her arm away. So you see, she is guilty, if he is.


By the time the primary ends, it will be too late for Trump to mount a third party bid (signature deadlines).

The worst he can do is mount a write-in campaign.


Except for the bruising on her arm, yeah no harm done at all.


Bruising my foot, did you see bruising> no? well there you are. I can get bruised by bumping my hand on things.


She SHOULD NOT have been touching the Presidential candidate nor should she have been that close to him. Any other time, someone doing that would have been slammed on the floor. And all she got she said was a little bruise which I HIGHLY DOUBT. What a wuss she is.