Trump requests fourth presidential debate, earlier date for first showdown
President Trump’s re-election campaign is formally asking that a fourth debate between the president and Democratic challenger Joe Biden be added and that the showdown be held early next month, before many states start sending out absentee ballots to voters.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the Trump campaign urged that if a fourth showdown can’t be added, then the date of the first debate – scheduled for Sept. 29 – be moved up to the first week of September.

The Trump campaign also suggested a list of proposed moderators from which the commission could choose. The list of two-dozen people included a number of anchors from Fox News and Fox Business Network.

“Simply put, the Commission’s current approach is an outdated dinosaur and not reflective of voting realities in 2020,” Rudy Giuliani argued in the letter.

The former New York City mayor and unsuccessful 2008 Republican presidential candidate who joined the president’s personal legal team in 2018, serves as a Trump campaign representative.

“For a nation already deprived of a traditional campaign schedule because of the COVID-19 global pandemic, it makes no sense to also deprive so many Americans of the opportunity to see and hear two competing visions for our country’s future before millions of votes are cast,” Giuliani said.


Hidin’ Biden: Trump Request for Fourth Debate Denied
The organization noted it would “consider” the Trump campaign’s request, “If the candidates were to agree that they wished to add to that schedule.” It is presently unclear whether the campaign of presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden would oblige

Watch Biden try to have these debates done virtually with Biden hunkered down in his basement.

I were an on the fence voter, which I am not, I would be asking, do I really want a guy to be president who is too fragile to come out of his basement and do campaign events? Are we going to move the White House to Biden’s basement, or are we going to put him in the White House basement where the swimming pool used to be?

Mental issues got Thomas Eagleton kicked off the 1972 Democratic ticket with George McGovern. Why should “Hidin’ Biden” be any different? He has obviously lost most of his marbles, not that he had that many when he was younger.

This McGovern – Eagleton button is a fantasy piece that was made to sell to collectors. Eagleton was off the ticket before any of these could be made for the campaign.

Here was the real ticket.

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If mail-in votes are going to be allowed, this is going to prove very bad for Trump. This is just opening Pandora’s Box for blatant abuse by the dems.


Yes, we need to make the point there is a big difference between absentee ballots, which require the voter to apply for them and prove that they are alive and living in the district, and the scatter gun mail ballots to every one and his brother receives, plus all the dogs, cats and hamsters, that the Democrats advocate. Fido might have more common sense than Biden, but he doesn’t have the right to vote.

I’m very alarmed by the prospect of mail-in ballots, their security weakness and the Democrats’ history of corruption.

A while ago, Democrat Parris Glendening was elected Governor of Maryland by a very thin margin. The voting machines in Baltimore were impounded after Baltimore reported results late into the wee hours, and were analyzed. Those machines recorded two things separately–1) the voter’s choices and 2) the fact that a vote had been cast.

The analysis revealed that there were some 6000 more votes cast than there were voters that voted! It didn’t matter. The Democrat won. That’s all that mattered in Democrat-controlled Maryland.

Oh, and one other detail. After the election it was revealed that Democrat-controlled Baltimore had not deleted any dead people from the voter rolls in several years.


Why, there is no evidence that mail in voting favors either party.

Course, it will be used as a crutch by your party when he loses, so there’s that. If anything it will help Republicans cry foul.

You act as if ONLY Dems are capable of fraudulent voting.

Historically, the number of people known to vote fraudulently haven’t affected a national election (it’s local elections you need to be worried about), and the fraud is committed on both sides. What’s really going to be funny (well if it weren’t so sad) is Republicans won’t insist on investigations after the election, something that will enrage people like you, because they will fear what they find isn’t what you think it will be.

99% of the time they are the guilty ones, not that a liar like you would ever admit it.

There’s the link, show your work.

I predict snarky comment, no more.

Oh, yea? What about Florida in the 2000 presidential election?

  1. The Democrats didn’t recount the whole state. They only did it in their stronghold in Palm Beach Country.
  2. The Supervisor of elections in Palm Beach Country was a crook. Shen finally got ousted after she tried to pull more crap in a more recent election. Crap goes on down there, like a Democrat poll worker “finding” thousands of ballots that were no previously counted in the trunk of his car. How convenient!
  3. The national news media played games with the Florida voting on election night. They announced that the polls were closed in the whole state when they were still open in the panhandle, which is in a different time zone. The panhandle is Republican territory, and that erroneous announcement may have knocked down a few thousand votes that might have made all the difference.
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Yes and the Russians intervened on Trumps behalf by sending out misinformation about voting locations times and dates. Or issues in Durham NC where it’s known that Russian hackers enacted phising attacks against the company that created the software for thier polling books (that subsequently were abandoned during the election because many of the systems broke).

So please, spare me the anecdotal cases of voter fraud as if they all happen against Republicans. The fact is when more people vote Republicans tend to lose which is why issues of voter fraud come up in the first place.

For the record I have ZERO fear of a secure voting system. What I do fear is Republicans creating rules to prevent eligible voters from voting.

When republicans come up with a system that is BOTH secure and inclusive of EVERYONE entitled to vote (and ONLY those entitled to vote) I’ll be right there with you insisting it be put in place as it will be the best way to ensure that that fewer far right candidates are elected (and perhaps even far left, no problem with that either).

Give it a rest! That’s the garbage you feed to the dumb asses who want to believe it. It won’t get an traction around here. That’s an old saw with no teeth, and you show a lack of intelligence every time you continue to bring it up. Even the Mueller Investigation put that to rest.

The Trump campaign did not cooperate with the Russians.


Even if I concede that (which I don’t, but for the sake of this conversation I’ll table it), it’s irrelevant if Trump was aware or an active participant. The FACT is that the Russian GRU did intervene largely on Trumps behalf, but you don’t object to that, right? A national attack on our elections is ok, but a woman in FL, that’s the real problem.

As I said, I support investigation and prosecution of ALL who break the law with respect to voter fraud. If you think you’ve countered my claim that there is at least one instance where voter fraud may have changed the outcome of a national election, fine, but that’s one county out of thousands and I still believe that voter fraud historically has not had much effect.

That said, I’m 1000% on board with securing elections so the political right can shut up on this issue when they lose.

The Russians are out to screw around with our elections anytime that they can find an opportunity. They welcome chaos because they figure it will weaken us.

I can’t see why the Russians would have favored Trump. Hillary gave them that sweet heart uranium deal that sold off 75% of our assets. One would think that they would rather deal with her. All you have to do is pony up to the “Hillary and Bill Wealth Foundation” and you are on your way to getting government favors.

Heh, Joe Biden couldn’t win a debate against a potato. I seriously doubt any debates occur at all. He’s a racist and a rapist, and his cognitive decline has made it impossible for him to hide his proclivities.

EDIT: Party of women and minority rights my ass…

Then you are blind to the political choas we’re in now. The Russians knew Trump would make a divisive President that would divide the nation…A divided house cannot…Ya know.

Which is why Joe should sit at home and beat Trump without ever saying anything.

You can’t have a safe and secure vote if the Democrats are adamantly opposed to voter ID and thwart it whenever possible and are in favor of mass mailing ballots to anyone with a pulse. Nor can you rely on voting machines that are programmed and “maintained” by SEIU operatives as they are in Nevada. Your “Russia intervened” post is not only false, it’s ridiculous.

And Trump isn’t? I mean he’s bragged about sexual assault. He’s been accused of rape by over 20 women and we know his history of racism.