Trump requests fourth presidential debate, earlier date for first showdown

Oooh, a link to a site that says what you want it to say. I have hundreds of those in my hip pocket.

Democrats - including you - are socialist, lawless, they cheat and lie the way I breath, they lie about Trump, they lied about Russia, they lie about everything.

I stand by my previous post and double down on it:

Thats right, Trump isn’t

It’s from the heritage foundation, not a liberal source.

Attacking me doesn’t change the fact that what was said is wrong.

Not god, just tinfoil hat authoritarians like you that infect those around them

Democrats seek mail-in voting so they can cheat their way to victory in November

Remember when Democrats pretended to care about the “integrity of our elections”? It was a mantra in their partisan pursuit to undo the last election.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said it was all about “the integrity of our elections, the basis of our democracy.” Former Vice President Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, said that “our democracy is at risk.”

So why do Democrats suddenly want to completely redesign how we vote in a matter of months? Why do they want to send out millions more ballots this November than there are eligible voting adults? Why do they want to put paid campaign operatives in charge of delivering paper ballots in an election system they claimed was so vulnerable to begin with?

President Trump has been talking a lot about the threat that widespread mail-in voting poses in November, and for good reason. Despite federal requirements to clean up their voter rolls, many states neglect this duty.

In 2012, the Pew Research Center found 24 million registrations that were no longer valid or significantly inaccurate, 1.8 million dead “voters,” and 2.75 million people who were registered in more than one state.

The problem persists. Among California’s so-called “active” voters, there are nearly 2,000 who are over 105 years old.

In 2016, 41 million ballots were sent out via absentee or mail-in voting. Of them, over 568,000 were undeliverable; over 318,000 were rejected; and the status of 5,951,992 live ballots remains “unknown.” By 2018 the number of missing ballots nearly doubled. Nothing says confidence like 10 million ballots vanishing into thin air. And these were elections where the majority of votes were cast in person.

What would happen when liberals vastly expand the universe of mail-in ballots and send them to inactive voters who have likely died or moved away? This could happen in Los Angeles County, where 112 percent of residents are registered to vote. A surplus of ballots would be convenient when you legalize ballot harvesting, gut signature verification and allow ballots to be delivered and counted after Election Day.

So, as we see ladies and gentlemen, fascist socialist baby-killer @csbrown28 wants voting to happen without benefit of debates, conventions, stump speeches, candidates making their cases, etc.

Fascist socialist baby-killer @csbrown28 wants elections to take place in a lockdown drown by fear whenre ballots cannot be verified or counted.

And that is why I will continue to call fascist socialist baby-killer @csbrown28 for what he is. See previous posts.

Here comes the fascist trying to get rid of people he does not like. LOL. How BLM of you…

No, I did not get banned. The “Forgot Password” function has not worked for a long time. Both accounts are soon to be merged by Sunsettommy. Nice try though Nazi.


Your tears taste delicious.


Thats your reply? Proven wrong once again, you slither away leaving behind some half-witted insult.

Here we go again.

Brown and his “link wars”.

“My link is better than your link. My source is better than your source. My expert is better than your expert.”

“My link PROVES my point.”

When all is said and done, Brown’s link wars end up as an unproductive repetitive boondoggle. A lot of hot air and bloviating.


I know right?

Se how he went from that to try to getting me banned? Typical.

The war on facts and knowledge continues.

LOL. CSB wouldn’t know a “fact” if one bit him on his ass.


Your war on America continues.

I know right? He’s like CNN, a propagandist pretending to post facts.


Instead of attacking a fellow member in the open, and be off topic, you could have done better to talk about it with a moderator or in a PM to him all out of public view.

Meanwhile there have been indications of log in problems posted recently, such as this one:

I first have to get ownership of the forum, he never did respond to the purchase offer, or to repeated e-mails from his server and Domain agents.

He still hasn’t visited this board this year, even after all the e-mails sent to him in recent weeks, he still doesn’t show up here.

This is really bad people!

Compared to a so-called “Iiberal - progressive” (I’d call him a fascist - “regressive”) @TrumpTrain2 is tame. That guy threatened to find a way to take my wife’s pension and posted vilest lies you could imagine about the president. He also has characterized the United States has an imperialist nation which has spent 90% of its history at war.

My ultimate solution was to ingnore him which you can do on that site. That really ticked him off because his mission in life is to bully people. When he couldn’t bully, he could not find satisfaction.

If @TrumpTrain2 bothers you so much @csbrown28, why don’t you just ignore him? Maybe you think you are on the high ground when you are responding to him. Unfortunately when your allies are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, and you fail to condemn the conduct of those groups, you don’t have any high ground upon which to stand. As long as they keep on burning, looting, destroying and defacing public and private property, advocating defunding the police, and taking over several blocks in major cities, no one who stands tacitly with them has any moral base to condemn the political options of others. Anarchists have no moral principles. They only have hate.


They were both doing that though, egging each other on.

It seems he just did.

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Yes they did, but brown was the starter of it.

I would have DELETED all 4 posts, if I was the owner, it is called thread clean up of off topic comments.

By the way where are the moderators?