Trump requests fourth presidential debate, earlier date for first showdown

That’s an interesting response. It was not all that long ago that you practically condemned hundreds of thousands of priests to hell as pedophiles, without a single court case in a court of law, in my thread about the Catholic church. No proof, no trials, no jury, just condemnation.

But in this case, @csbrown28 csbrown openly and willingly enables all the evils I spoke of.
@csbrown28 is NOW trying to draw a line of distinction between himself and those he supports and enables. I am sorry but that does not fly.

Think about it: You cannot support evil and evil people, enable evil and evil people, vote for evil and evil people, and even donate to evil and evil people, and then turn around and say "Oh, but am not evil like they are."

I understand if someone is mad at me or my style of posting. I can wrap my head around that. But there is no way that any rational person can accept the twisted logic of someone saying “Those politicians may be evil but I am not” when that person supports them and their evil, votes them and their evil, enables them and their evil, and donates to them and their evil,

That just does not pass the credibility test.

You are 99% over on brown’s side already so I do not expect a reasonable response from you. By the way, do you dialogue much with klansmen and nazis? I doubt it.

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I’ve spoken with an actual Nazi who emigrated here in the 1950s with his wife. He co-founded with an American WWII veteran a glider flight club, which is how I met him. I was there receiving flight training.

He was certainly worth talking to.

I also consult the writings of Pope Benedict XVI, another former Nazi. He’s a Doctor of the Church for good reason.

Leaving good people like them out to dry for things they did as kids pressed into service, would be foolish.


Pope Benedict XVI was a Nazi.

Let’s see you tell me he isn’t worth talking to.

I thought the governor of Maryland was a republican.

Just because I said that I wasn’t willing to condemn you for being evil doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that you ARE, however.

“Was” and “Is” are two different things you imbecile.

If he were still a Nazi I would have nothing to do with him, but he is not. And if CSB gives up on his side and comes to our side I will welcome him with open arms.

That post was way stupider than your usual tripe.

Read my response to CSB above.

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Aha!!! Thank you!!! And may I actually AGREE with you.

Yes, you and me believe @csbrown28 is evil, but we will leave the ultimate condemnation to God.

Is that your position? I agree.

In the meantime however, I personally still want nothing to do with the scum.

All Nazis left alive are former Nazis by definition, so this is goal-post shifting.

The point remains; transformative conversations can only happen if conversation itself is allowed and pursued.

You’re denying any chance of it. You’re trying to say what Daryl Davis is doing is foolish (the same thing BLM activists have told him btw), but we can see by the results that it’s not.

And even if you can’t transform the person, talking to even an outright enemy is worthwhile.

My father served on the wall in East Germany; he had contact with Soviet officers on several occasions.

St. Thomas Aquinas had regular dialogues with Islamic clerics.

It allows you to know what they’re thinking, and hear more of what they know. “Know thy enemy”. Dialogue is the best way to get there, along with keeping the peace in times of high mistrust.

Benedict was never a Nazi you half-witted imbecile. As a teen he was forced into the army in the last days of the war. He was never a party member.

This is why I hate you man, you stoop to any piggish filthy gutter level to defend the indefensible. We are talking about csbrown’s current support of those destroying America, and like an idiot you pull the pope out and call him a Nazi. WTF!! You have no shame and no intelligence. Maybe you and CS should get a gay marriage and live together.

Do not address me any more because I will not read whatever you post.

This was literally the only kind of voting fraud Republicans ever should have focused on. Because it’s the only thing that is not just possible, but very likely. The inconvenience and general worthlessness of a lone voting running around to five sites to vote is ludicrous. We can barely get 40% of adults to vote once, and Republicans imagine millions of Democrats voting 3+ times every year.

No, any rigged elections hasn’t been through millions of hyper motivated Democrats voting over and over again. It’s always been the people supplying and counting the ballots. And I’m not convinced there is a partisan lean there, though I’m open to it.

Hilary Clinton took Mitt Romney’s 2012 platform of a New Cold War. Of course they favored Trump over someone who is outwardly hostile to them. The same reason they favored Obama over Romney.

Who would you say exerted greater influence on our last two elections in terms of money, intelligence operations, and direct political capital: Russia or Israel?

The anti-racists are literally the exact same people I grew up with in an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church. You can just swap out the old KJV with some Twitter quote from brave, proud BIPOC transbians. It’s the same people and they worship the same terrible god (their own bitterness and hatred of humanity).

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Excellent point. Though, I will say, Israel is not openly hostile to the US, though I am aware the Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others may have conspired to influence US foreign policy, but I won’t claim this is fact which is why I’ve never mentioned it till now.

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You evil
AS evil
I evil

Evil squad checkin’ in.

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By membership he was. He was a member of the Hitler Youth and later the Nazi-run Reichsarbeitsdienst, literally the Reich’s Labor Service.

Hairsplitting isn’t getting you anywhere.

You premised we should autoban Nazis and communists, and to justify it you asked me if I would talk to Nazis or KKK members.

If you didn’t want an answer, you shouldn’t have asked.

And if your autoban premise is worthwhile, it’s curious to me that you have not defended it peacefully, but have instead insulted anyone who questions it.

This looks to me to just be fragility on display.

Why on God’s Green Earth would Putin favor Trump over a woman who was almost solely responsible for Russia getting it’s hands on 20% of American uranium, who Russians paid hundreds of millions for that help and who paid her husband half a million dollars for a 30-minute speech?


I guess you don’t follow the news, @CWolf, or perhaps Nancy Pelosi is one of your highly exalted hell raisers who is going to change the status quo. Your political philosophy is based upon change for change sake, even if, it seems, it’s a change for the worst.

But, then again, you are a fan of AOC because she is a true hell raiser so I guess Nancy Pelosi’s move the AOC camp makes her an official hell raiser.

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That is ridiculous!! Hillary sold the Ruskies Uranium and generally kissed their arses. Trump had the goal of America First and rebuilding the military. There is no way in hell that the Russians favored Trump. That is just STUPID

The current governor is, Governor Hogan.

There’s literally video of them popping champagne over it.

Russia has a pattern of backing nationalist candidates everywhere. Marie Le Pen, the Hungarian president, the Italian Matteo Salvini, etc. That’s their strategy for disrupting international coalitions that try to condemn them or interfere with their business.

YMMV as to whether you think in America’s case that it’s an effective strategy, but it is how they think.