Trump Secures Palin Endorsement


Is Palin still a popular figure in the GOP? How big is this endorsement?

Cruz needs to regain some momentum. Trump has the initiative, and Iowa is right around the corner.


Other than being slightly surprised at her pick, (one would’ve thought she’d stick by Cruz), I don’t put much stock in endorsements, so, at the end of the day, <-shrug->.


Generally that’s true. But here’s why this one matters: Palin draws BIG crowds to events, and that is needed in Iowa and New Hampshire. Those two states require personal, door to door, grassroots politicking. Palin bringing in big local crowds will therefore be a huge windfall for Trump.

You are right that nationally, its not a giant deal. BUT: Everyone says that if Trump wins Iowa, the deal is done - he will be the nominee, and Palin’s big crowds will certainly help


She has less of my respect now than she did before (which is not to say that I’m throwing her out with the trash).


I love Sarah, always have, and I love her more now. GO TRUMP!

BTW: “Trash”? Seriously? That’s worthy of a Lefty, not of a Conservative.


I did say "not to say that I’m throwing her out with the trash."

For whatever clarification is needed, I do still respect her in other matters, particularly religious.


Define “everyone” please.
I’m not seeing Iowa as the microcosm of the US.


Number one, out of all the candidates who Palin helped get elected to office, unlike Rubio and Haley who forgot who she was the minute they took office, Cruz stood by her, and remained grateful.

Number two, the Gov. of Iowa just threw Cruz under the bus, telling everyone that he was AGAINST ethanol subsidies when - oddly enough - I just got worried about him reading that he was in FAVOR of ethanol subsidies.
I don’t know who is lying in that group, but considering how much weight that popular governor’s word carries, I doubt Trump needs Palin’s help at this point. He just got the Governor’s.

You are right that nationally, its not a giant deal. BUT: Everyone says that if Trump wins Iowa, the deal is done - he will be the nominee, and Palin’s big crowds will certainly help

Who is this “everyone?” No body I know thinks of Iowa as all that important, as not too many candidates who’ve won there go on to get elected. As a matter of fact, I look at it as a death knell.


I’m too lazy to look it up. When’s the last time a candidate who won in Iowa went on to be elected President?
My memory only goes as far back as Santorum and Huckabee, and we know how that turned out.

FWIW, there were rumors not too awfully long ago about dropping the Iowa thing altogether.


FWIW, what you said sounded pretty clear to me. Maybe that’s because we share the same boat, even if possibly for different reasons.
Like you, I’m not about to throw Palin completely under the bus. (Frankly, she doesn’t matter to me enough to, one way or the other.) BUT, my respect for her just went down a notch because:

  1. I am very high on loyalty.
  2. Palin and Cruz share far more the same political/Constitutional ideology than she and Trump do.

So why’d she do it? According to this article:

Palin has previously expressed her interest in serving as Secretary of Energy for Trump, telling CNN last September that “energy is my baby."

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President - Us Weekly
…but why for Trump and not Cruz when Cruz would be very likely to give her the same thing?
{Aside from the fact that there is no “Sec. of Energy.” It’s Secretary of Interior.}


Well, Republicans, this should have been our year. Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate and her only primary opponent is an open socialist. But no, we’re gonna nominate Trump and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Nothing new there. Dole, McCain, Romney just in recent failed campaigns.


I agree with you. But with Obama’s disastrous second term and Hillary’s scandals this was a perfect year for anyone competent to win the nomination.


Everyone I here on the political talk shows.

  1. In Iowa, Governor Palin still has rock star status. I think her endorsement is big.

  2. Popular Iowa Governor Branstad has labelled Cruz a “big oil” candidate whose victory would be “very damaging to our state.” “It would be a big mistake for Iowa to support him.”

  3. While not an endorsement, Jerry Falwell Jr., founder of Liberty University, gave Trump a glowing half hour introduction this week.

A lot can happen in the next two weeks but I expect Trump to win in Iowa. Cruz has a better ground game but many Trump supporters have been disillusioned with politics for years and have a renewed enthusiasm.

As far as Palin wanting to be energy secretary, I don’t think Cruz would turn her down if she threw her support her way. Trump has a much better chance of going all the way, he has support outside the GOP base which no other Republican will attract.


A lot of Democrats would love his stances on guns and healthcare, so you’re probably right.


Wake up America! This election is not about policy. It isn’t about party, conservatism or ideology.
This is about sending a message to the establishment and Washington DC in general.

We’re mad as Hell and we will not take it anymore. This election is a referendum on the RNC. This election is a rebellion against lobbyist politicians. This is about anger and resentment and many other negative emotions the Pubbies have caused us to adopt.
We are tired of the War on Christians.
We are tired of the corruption in politics.
We are sick and tired of being passed over for minorities, to garner their votes.
We are sick of Wall Street prosperity at our expense.
We are tired of the Political Correctness.
We are tired of fighting illegal immigrants for jobs.
We are tired of watching our Vets getting abused.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Almost a decade as a member, and I’ve been screaming about all this, to no avail. You guys don’t get it, still. Neither does the RNC.
We don’t want YOUR guy. WE don’t want YOUR way.
We want accountability, and we want it now.


As Tiny1 has pointed out, these are not the reason he has gotten support broader than the GOP conservative base.


Hard to predict what will happen in Iowa between Trump, Cruz and Rubio. My guess is it will be a tight caucus between Cruz and Trump. Rubio could even finish out of the top 3. Strange things often happen in the Iowa caucus.

That said, my guess is that Palin’s endorsement of Trump may not be as big a deal as some think - I would imagine most Palin fans are already in Trump’s camp. But, we’ll see.


Well, they are now, anyway.
Also, the Iowa Governor’s endorsement may be the difference.