Trump should not sign this budget bill


On Twitter last week, Trump expressed his displeasure with the spending package, although not because it’s wasteful. Rather, he slammed the “ridiculous” bill because it doesn’t include enough funds for his proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump indicated he will likely sign the bill anyway, telling reporters yesterday, “We’re going to keep the government open.”

President Trump should not sign this bill. He has two campaign promises to keep, the stupid and wasteful wall and reducing the budget deficit. This bill doesn’t contain the wall, which is apparently the only thing the president is concerned about at all; and it is contributing to a $1 trillion deficit, something he and the Republicans in Congress should be concerned about.

Is fiscal responsibility irrelevant among Republican voters? Have they just thrown in the towel? I realize that any time the Republlican party has control, they cannot control spending no matter what they’ve promised for years on end when they’re running against Democrats.

When will Republicans hold their politicians, congressmen and President Trump, accountable for their ongoing failure?