Trump: Slap 45% tariff on Chinese products


This is absolutely insane and would put us into an economic depression, but his supporters will cheer because they think he is sticking to the evil Chinese people.


Costs of everything will increase substantially. From everything at Wal Mart to everything NOT made in China whos manufacturers can now increase their prices as that competitive price point will have increased so much.

Has there ever been a “Republican” candidate with a more centralized government controlled economic ideology than this guy? Unless Sanders is running for the GOP, I don’t think so.


Such a statement is even more of a threat to the Chinese to make them scared and weaker in negotiations. Will he really push for it? Who knows?


What are you talking about. The Chinese knows it is an empty threat. Do you really think they would believe we are willing to drive ourselves into another depression?


Oh yeah, our members have a much better eye on World Economics than a multi billionaire who lives in the world of big finance. Got it.
A 47,000 dollar Cadillac CTS costs a Chinese consumer between 70 and 90 thousand dollars. Why? 25% Duties on American Cars imported into China. VAT and other such taxes contribute to that figure. So, I guess our Financial Wizards at RO are aware that we pay their tariffs, but require that we allow them to import into the US, Duty Free merchandise. Yeah, that is SOOOO smart.
I do not claim to be a financial Guru, and so I don’t know what will be fair. But I do remember this:
All President Bush had to do, was to threaten to open drilling up in the US, and Oil from OPEC plummeted. At least he isn’t playing to our intellectual marvels with the Same Old Tired Empty Republican’t Rhetoric. He calls Stupidity, stupid. He calls Corruption, criminal, and refers to inaction, is laziness.


Oh, 45 percent now? Do I hear 65?

Would some Nobel prize winning conservative economics gurus contradicting Trump help? Instead of lowly financial wizards here at RO? Is it really your argument that Trump is the best expert on managing economies because he made a lot of money? Is George Soros a good expert? Michael Moore? Warren Buffett?

What about the Kochs? They oppose tariffs, and they made a lot of money too.


no tariffs + open borders = lower prices + lower wages +higher unemployment of Americans + higher taxes on those with a job to support the others

What a plan!


“Nobel Prize winning” is a red flag.


Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize (unfortunately so did Paul Krugman), but I can find piles more economists to support my position about tariffs and Trump’s protectionism. Those will be the free-market capitalists not the Keynesians. The point being, they really are experts.

[quote=“old_dog, post:7, topic:48083”]
no tariffs + open borders = lower prices + lower wages +higher unemployment of Americans + higher taxes on those with a job to support the others

What a plan!
[/quote]No, that’s not what happens.


“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

Yogi Berra, non-Nobel prize winner


Theoretical macro-economic benefits deriving from “no tariffs” and “open borders” in a free society and economy disappear in the cesspool of “big brother” and “crony capitalism” that we live in. The micro-economic “benefits” are millions of Americans getting screwed and a country that will be unrecognizable in a generation.


No, this is exactly what Reagan did in confronting the USSR with no filter, Reagan was also called “insane” and the experts said he would bring Nuclear Holocaust to the entire world.

Trump is letting everyone know that he means business in a political cycle where all the “experts” are calling him insane, crazy and a loose cannon;China will alter their trade policies if it looks like Trump is going to win because of comments like this.

Putin rattles the world into accepting his agenda with the same tactic, he makes outrageous claims about what length he is willing to go to in order to look out for his Nations interest and the world believes him; then they appease him and the “doomsday” never happens.

This is a common tactic in business and politics, the Democrats use it CONSTANTLY against the GOP because IT WORKS; or I should say “It works if they believe you”.

You are living evidence that Trumps opponents definitely believe he would take draconian action on trade that would cave the ceiling in if he does not get what he wants on trade, Reagan’s opponents believed he would remove Iran from the map if they did not return our hostages.

The difference between “Determined” and “Insane” is whether or not you support the one who you believe is establishing himself as the worlds Alpha in regards to Foreign Policy and Trade; Trump has always been the shark in the water so this should surprise nobody.


Just the thing to kick the entitlement generation right in the- entitlement (alas, the rest of us get kicked, too).

Protectionism isn’t capitalism.


Here’s a great article explaining Trump’s fallacies.

Donald Trump & Trade Deficits with China: What He Doesn


More tariffs! Because we all know how great that worked out in 1930.


Has Trump looked at his computer, inside the case as well as outside? Unless its an exotic custom-built machine, pretty much everything in his computer was made in China or elsewhere in East Asia, and it was assembled there. At most, it was opened at a screwdriver plant somewhere in the US and some final configuration work done (Apple has such a facility in Elk Grove, CA; Dell’s is somewhere in TX, maybe Round Rock). His cell phone was made in China, his tablet, if he has one, was made in China …

His proposal would devastate major US companies like Apple, HP, Dell, and many more.


NY Times Produces Audio of Trump Endorsing Tariff He Swears He Never Endorsed | Mediaite

This was brought up in the debate. Unsurprisingly, Trump lied.


Nobel prize? Sure. I ran out of Toilet Paper.

No, I am sure we can both drudge up countless “gurus” to say whatever we want.
So, come play poker at my house. We’ll use my cards. I mean, China is stacking the deck, and we keep right on playing the game.
Why do the Chinese pay 34% more for their Cadillacs? We sell millions of TVs per year, and I’ll bet they sell dozens of Cadillacs. China gets richer, and American workers get the Shaft.
I believe Trump will delegate to informed and competent people. Or, we could have Jeb Bush, or Chris Christie take us right on down the rabbit hole. Cruz, I am not sure, and Rubio needs to grow up before he plays President. I want a fighter. I want a non PC Washington Outsider. I want someone who isn’t afraid to rock the boat, and someone who will say “You’re FIRED.”


[quote=“Tiny1, post:18, topic:48083”]
Nobel prize? Sure. I ran out of Toilet Paper.
[/quote]Hey, you’re the one who slammed RO members’ expertise.

[quote=“Tiny1, post:18, topic:48083”]
I want someone who isn’t afraid to rock the boat, and someone who will say “You’re FIRED.”
[/quote]Even at the price of bad economic policy?

And, no, American workers aren’t getting the shaft. Americans are getting the better end of the deal with China. China’s policies hurt China just like Donald Trump’s would hurt America.


So, you really think he’ll be worse than Obozo? Klintonista? GW Bush? C’mon man.
Nope, I really think the biggest issue facing us today, it the corruption and inaction of our folks in Washington. You can have all the tariff free merchandise in the world, but we’ll still head right on down the tubes, if someone doesn’t slap Washington around.
Look, I know you don’t like Trump. But sitting here saying China is getting the worst of it, while we owe them Trillions, and they are benefiting from our stupidity, doesn’t hold much water.
In 2006 China’s GDP was 2.7 Trillion. Today, it is almost 11 Trillion. Ours, is stagnant. My family is making 3500 less this year, than in 2012, and everything else is more expensive. Charts mean nothing, I am talking about real groceries, gas lights, etc.
So, go fight with someone else. I am not interested in the status quo. We need REAL change. I am tired of chump change.