Trump Takes Away Congress’ Annual Ribeye ‘Picnic’, Sends Steaks To…


Eating good on the taxpayers dime!
(Well … not today):joy:


This is THE WORST forum I have ever had to post in as far as how the posts will display!!!

If the quote symbols (quoting from an article) aren’t separated from the section you are quoting like this …
[ quote]
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
[ /quote] the quotes won’t work!
(I left a space in the [ quotes] on purpose so they’d show.)

Now, for the last few days the [b] (bold) thingies wont work or work part of the time!
No matter what I change, position, capital B, small letter b … Over the sentence to be bolded, Under the sentence to be bolded … nothing works!

NOW, THIS post demands that you scroll from side to side to read it!!

I’m ready to give up!!


An example…

[quote]This wont do!
No, No, No![/quote]

This works though…

^^^^That sentence is in quotes^^^^


Don’t fret, Sis, we got the message.

Damn, I love this man.


Thank You!

It’s just that I spend so much time in composing something that will be easy to read and formatted correctly, only to come here and have it destroyed!:sob:


First time I’ve seen the scrolly bit.


Fixed the scrolly bit.

It seems that if you indent sentences inside the [ quote] [ /quote] construction it makes it scrolly. It also bolded the part you had bolded after I erased the indents.


Thank You so much!!
Why is this site’s message board so darn ‘sensitive’?


As far as the quotes, in order for it to work, you have to format it like this (example using parenthesis instead of brackets):

Magnaclams are awesome!

It would not work if I did it like this:

(quote) Magnaclams are awesome! (/quote)

The quote tags have to be on their own line in this format.


I’ve found that this thing is much like juries . . . FICKLE!

One day, everthing works . . . then the next day, nothing, or very little, works.

No . . . there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Or at least, I can’t figure it out.

I never know if on any particular day, stuff is going to work. Most times, it does. But now and then, things get goofy


I’ve still never figured out how to stay logged in, even though I did for a long time after the new format came up. All of a sudden, I have to log in every time, and I can’t find any place to tell it to keep me logged in.


It probably is a setting in your browser, not an RO setting.

Some browsers have a high security setting which delete all browsing history, cookies and login data every time you close the browser even if your RO “cookie” says “remember me”.


Yes, I concur.

Curious, what browser are you using and what are your security settings? For example, do you have it set to remove cookies when you close it?


I use Brave on my Android stuff and still using Firefox on my laptops/PC machines.

I keep the security settings standard but I don’t login to Google on these browsers, I keep Chrome installed just for Google stuff and then I close it and go back to the others.