Trump takes the brass bell


Looks like Trump takes the win in Indy and my bet is he make the 1237 # to take the nom.

If you are not a vote supporter will you vote for Trump now.

Trump was not my #1, but he was my #2, so I will cast my vote for him all the way. However I do not beleive that Trump can take the crown, I think the fix is in for HildaBeast. States are going all out with Va just allowing felons to vote from the jail cell and we know how they will vote.

She sweeps the minorities and more dead people will vote than ever.

Where do you stand


Cruz has announced that he’s suspending his campaign. So the contest is now officially over. No need to wait until June 7th.

I believe that most of the people favoring Cruz will come around. Especially with Clinton as an alternative. But time will tell.


I am begging that the RNC and Trump surround him with some smart economic conservatives. He will also need to persuade the VP to run with him, which could be anyone at this point, and possibly NOONE as so many have apparently refused any consideration.

If it were my choice; and this is my firm belief of who would be the most successful in trying to persuade Bernie supporters to cross over, Rand Paul would be the best choice. Otherwise, if Rubio could be convinced, he would be a great choice.

Quite frankly, as a Canadian without a vote, if I were a voting American I would be entirely torn between Clinton and Trump, even though I support the GOP. I am not alone in this opinion apparently. To me Clinton is more economically conservative than he is and the unknowns of his policy are more worrisome to me than his demeanour.

I was vehemently against Trump as the nominee from day one. Ultimately though, I have tried to listen to him and at least glean some insight as to how he might be a reasonable president. As any citizen of the free world should hope, he needs some very good people around him, the types that can advise and make intelligent recommendations. He is a great showman and understands business, he knows what buttons to push, ultimately the world needs a strong and successful America to lead the world.

We don’t need the erratic Trump and America needs the right leadership to get the debt under control and to ensure that economic superiority is job number one followed by a respect for your Constitution which the entire world envies.


Well SHOCK Man I would vote for anyone other than HildaBeast. At her best, her peak she is incompetent, bumbling fool who has no know record of accomplishment in any field. I doubt she could manage her own bowel movements with out chittin in her pants. Our status in the world has much to do with her at the helm of the State Dept a ship she sank to the depths thru her own stupidity.

At her worst (which is what I believe) is that she like Obama only want the destruction of America, she is a far left loon who if Billy had been smart he would have left her hanging from some tree limb in Arkansas after he used her like a screen door in a Oklahoma tornado. Instead of going stag Billy went drag with her in tow, would like to know just how many times Billy Jap slapped her so hard her dog felt it.

While Obama has spent 8 years destroying America, at least even I can give him credit for having a plan and executing on it very well, he has done a great job. But HildaBeast lacks the smarts OnButtBoy has and she can do nothing but foul things up to the point she will be called Pres FUBAR. And if her job performance at Sec State is any indication of her future performance the only results will be massive donations to the Klinton foundation and America will be for sale to high bidder.


Up until the post Iowa campaign by Trump I would have emphatically disagreed with you but now that I have seen with my own eyes what the GOP Base wants in a Leader I would not be too surprised if the Party rallied around Trump.

The GOP can have him, Donald Trump is exactly the right standard bearer for the Republican Party.


17Oaks I won’t single her out as I believe she at least has some allegiance to free markets which is a very important concept to me. Her social positions are too far left for my personal tastes but it can be argued she is further to the right economically than Trump is. I will say more broadly though, that this very important election has provided an underwhelming list of potential candidates since day one. The one I wanted to win dropped out early, (Rand Paul) and Rubio couldn’t usurp Trumps support.

If this were a job interview, would any of the remaining candidates be in the top 5 let alone the top 3? That is what is most concerning.

Ultimately the people have spoken and you guys will have to decide when the general election comes. Whoever wins had better choose the brightest people to surround them. Considering how much support a self proclaimed socialist is receiving, I am really concerned about the future of the Individual in your system. Cruz was right about this today when he stated, the American system was a unique system that provides rights to you as Natural and ordained by God. Too many people ave lost sight of this, especially the young who didn’t experience the Cold War in it’s old incarnation.


I may post this a few places and I hope I am not breaking forum rules. I consider it impossible for me to vote for Trump. Trump set his sights on destroying people of true quality and merit to get to the nomination. This reminds me of the stand-in character for Huey Long in All the King’s Men who said, about Long’s opponent, “get something on him, and make it stick.” Trump got something on the country. Hopefully, it won’t stick too bad, since I love my country.

This marks the umpteenth destruction of the non-Democratic brand in our country’s history. The next four years, at least, will be ugly. The Republicans self-immolated in 1974 and came out with something better, Reagan. Just as the Whigs self-destructed and the Republicans gave us Abe Lincoln. Earlier, the Federalists imploded. I can’t say what the Whigs gave us was better than Washington and Adams, though. I hope to G-d something better comes out of this.


No doubt about it. Clinton is more in the pocket of big business than Bush and Obama. There wasn’t a Republican running this time around who’s a bigger corporate shill(and that’s impressive in a field with Jeb Bush).


I don’t get it. Don’t corporations employ people too?


They employ most of our politicians in Washinton.
If you like the government we have today, thank corporate America. And if you want more of that, vote Clinton. She’ll bring it in spades.


The bolded is exactly why I removed Trump from the list of candidates that I could ever support, no man with a shred of integrity or any familiarity with honesty could embrace such a despicable strategy against one of the very few and very rare “right” people in our corrupt government.

Had Trump merely emphasized his superior ability to fight and brush off the shallow attacks of the media and the Democrat Party by denying them credibility and maintaining control of the narrative, he would have put this race away last month. If Trump had praised Cruz for fighting alone against the Establishment but also pointed out that his style does little to enlarge his choir, Trump could have won with Cruz as an ally and all of his supporters at least pleased with the possibility of a Cruz appointment to the Supreme Court as a consolation prize.

But Trump is a lazy idiot with no vision, that is why he was never prepared to answer anything of substance coherently and why he has made iron fist enemies out of everyone who respects men of their word who will stand firm in the face of great opposition.

Trump attacked Cruz’s integrity, his allegiances, his wife and his Father; Trump called Cruz the biggest liar he ever met with a straight face. Trump deserves to have his teeth knocked out at the very least but the GOP rank and file has decided that this spoiled brat coward deserves the Party nod of approval instead.

I too love my country, the idea that my grandchildren are going to come of age in a world decimated of Individual Liberty and opportunity by Trump or Clinton when the precise man of respect for the Constitution that we need to drag us back from the abyss was on the ballot is both sad and sobering.

Trump has burned every bridge behind him so far, if he wins the White House the people on those burning bridges will not just be his political opponents; it will be every American citizen. The worst possible combination in Leadership traits is an embrace of the extreme left ideology with a bullies mentality, the GOP Base has chosen exactly that to represent them so there is not much reason for optimism about 4 years from now.


The GOP didn’t select Trump, the voters did. However, in a very real sense, the GOP deserves Trump. The elites of the Party made it possible, some might say inevitable, that a Donald Trump would emerge.

The question is, how in the hell could voters ignore Trump’s temperament, distortions/lies , over-the-top rhetoric, progressive positions and lack of depth/contemplation on many of the issues confronting the nation?

My thought is that the people are so frustrated/frightened at the direction the country has taken and are so to-the-bone pissed off at congressional Republicans for doing NOTHING to slow/stop Obama, compounded by severe angst toward the embodiment of passive bullsh*t, Boehner and McConnell, that only someone obviously willing to throw a bomb in the middle of the current political mound of useless human beings in congress was worth supporting - that someone was Trump. I think very early on, most voters decided it didn’t matter how shocking Trump was, what his positions were/are or how bombastic he was/is - he would blow up the status quo - and they wanted the status quo obliterated.

With very few exceptions, the other potential nominees all had one thing in common - they were tied to traditional politics - they were insiders. As such, the voters defined them as part of the problem, not part of a solution. The voters decided very early that only an outsider was acceptable. Because of this largely collective voter mind-set, it did not matter what Trump said or how or to whom he said it.

So, Trump is the nominee. Now what? Who the hell knows how this ends up. I will say this, I would be careful about proclaiming that Trump will get blown out in November. A year ago, I and most others, figured Trump’s candidacy was a joke. That he had NO CHANCE.

Well, it was no joke. I would have gone broke betting against Trump in this election cycle - so would have most people.

Trump should send flowers to Boehner and McConnell and the other do-nothing Republicans in congress - he owes his nomination to them and the hostility they gave birth to among the primary voters.


I’m still for writing in Cruz, even though he doesn’t have a realistic chance. I won’t vote for either Trump or Hillary.


I agree with 17oaks in that Hillary will win, and it won’t be due to Cruz supporters not rallying around Trump. He’ll get most of them.

Now the entire remainder of the Left will rally to destroy Trump, and it will not take long to do it.

Most likely I’ll vote, not “for Trump” but I may hold my nose and do it. I might vote 3rd party. I’m not sure. Depends on how well the Liberaltarians down here can organize the folks who don’t want either Hillarity or Trump.


As I have routinely stated, I am not certain what a Trump presidency would look like. I will say that based on his primary campaign I have significant concerns and I have made those concerns abundantly clear on this site.

However, with that said, I cannot support with my vote, or by withholding my vote from Trump, the election of Hillary Clinton and what will certainly be the continuation of Obama’s policies at home or abroad.

In life, sometimes things don’t work out the way we would have hoped. Often we are faced with situations offering limited choices; often unsavory choices - there are times when you have no real choice but to roll the dice and hope for the best. After all, none of us can escape the consequences of the pending November election. For example, as uncertain as I am about Trump, I would rather he choose replacements on the Supreme Court than Hillary Clinton.


Tale of the tape as they say in Boxing:

The numbers. Romney: 93% of the GOP voted for him, about 5% of the Independents voted for him. Results he lost!

Bottom line its about votes. To beat HildaBeast he needs more votes than she will get.


Pick ANY minority group and she takes 70-95% of their vote NO effort required.

Union vote AFL-CIO, Teachers and Fed/State employees about 75%+

White OVER/UNDER educated vote 90%+

White student vote 50% but many will slide over to Hildy when she gets the Nom and Bern Baby Bern drops out, figure on about 75%+ TOTAL

The illegal vote, includes Felon’s in and out of jail, border crossers, illegal immigrants: This is hard to nail to the wall. Only some states let felons vote and then there are the illegals they can vote in several states and any state that does not require govt ID. Lets look at pool size. Again numbers everywhere but absolute min is 10 million at the top is 30 million. Of course the Libs have been claiming that there are only 10 million illegals here since the 70’. Lets go with 20 million x a low of 10% = 2 million votes.

Trump only has 2 pools to pull from: GOP and Independent and in order to win he will have to pull from the Dim side of the house. How much depth he can find hard to say this early but it will be from Dims who are also fed up with govt and see him as the great white hope and outsider.

Trump has a hard row to hoe to take the crown…he is down a lot of votes and has no money vs HildaBeast $2 BILLION, he will need to match that and maybe then some. Trump can raise money, by not like the Klintons. She will sell favors around the world and launder the $$$ thru the foundation to Super Pacs. Hilda will sell America to the ME, China and the Ruskys if it puts her in the winners circle…

Wild card: Media, my thinking the media will turn on Trump like he is a leper, their head and hearts are with Hitler.


Well, gang, the pundits and soothsayers have been wrong ALL along. It seems they never learn. My bet is they’ll be wrong, once more.
This is not about Conservatism, or policy, or party, or any of the things you are used to. That is why there is such angst on this site. That is why you have little traffic, lately.
This is about being REPRESENTED. This is about having our voices heard. This is about SAVING America. You guys became so rabidly pro Cruz, you failed to recognize the elementary and completely visible, movement in front of your faces.
Some of us here who have been here for over 8 years, tried to tell you early on about the corruption in the GOP. And, a few of you followed us out of the Republican Party. We suffered through McLame. But, let Trump say something IN HIS OPINION of McLame, and you go on the attack. Few wanted Romney, but embraced him when he went against Trump. You really didn’t think Romney was FOR Cruz, didja?
So, here we are. Trump will confront Hillary. If Trump wins, as MDMike said, we don’t really know what we will get, but we know exactly what Hillary is offering.
My guess, is that his ego and reputation will drive him to do a better job than we have seen done, lately. But, I am no fortune teller.

However, it is hard to be credible when attacking Trump, if you are more uncivil, than he is.


The only thing “in front of our faces” was a Left Wing liar, trust fund spoiled brat with a 3rd grade education and the moral compass of a sewer rat, precisely the kind of man the GOP Base can get behind; which is why I want NOTHING to do with the GOP Base or their Establishment Leaders.

The GOP can finally unite around what they all wanted, their very own Liberal Bully who would chop off the legs of the Tea Party Conservatives for good and rid the Party of their influence; mission accomplished.

At least that can be a bright spot in this tragedy, I still believe a genuine Conservative can win National elections in the United States but a genuine Conservative will never win a GOP or Democrat Party Primary; I seriously doubt that many Conservative Voters will challenge that statement after watching this years Primary unfold.

If the horrors of a Trump/Clinton/Sanders Administration (whoever wins will be the same) can cement that one idea in the minds of Conservative voters then it will have been worth all of the suffering that will have to be endured over the next 4 years.

The GOP and Donald Trump are a perfect match, I say we should celebrate their finding each other by recognizing that there was not a single Trump supporter who was “duped”, Trump is EXACTLY what they want and deserve in a Leader.


It is VERY disappointing that a real conservative was available in the field of Republican candidates and he did not win the nomination. However, the GOP didn’t keep Ted Cruz from winning the nomination, the electorate did.

The main problem has always been and continues to be our electorate.

In the end, people get the government they deserve.


Tiny, I know you’re speaking from the heart, but speaking from mine, I believe you’re wrong about the perceptions of at least some of us. We don’t have blinders on about the GOP.

If you need any evidence that Cruz was an outsider to the GOP, I would cite John Boehner comparing him with Lucifer, and saying that Cruz would be President over his dead body. Furthermore, Boehner has come out in support of Trump.

You speak of being represented and being heard. I realize you feel differently, but if Trump wins the general election, I truly think you’re going to be disappointed. I submit (respectfully, in spite of the edgy way I phrase it) that Trump’s mouth writes conservative checks that his not-so-conservative backside has no interest in cashing.

As to the alternative being Hillary, I feel that it’s no better an argument for voting for Trump than Obama was for voting for McCain or Romney.