Trump Tells NATO to Pay Up for Military


Being career military and seeing what goes on in countries we PROTECT, I KNOW the taxpayer in the US is getting ripped off.

As we travel thru towns in Germany and Korea and others in our trucks and tanks, they stand there with chickens in their hands and toss them out in front of the wheels. That chicken (in the 70’s) would cost taxpayers about $300!!!

We pay a FORTUNE just to be there, hire all kinds of locals who of course are union and at 5 pm they DROP what is in there hands and walk off the job. Then we have to go find some soldier to finish the job.

Our cost to provide defense and put our lives on the line is staggering. I personally say the above on multiple occasions.

Time for NATO, UN and countries that want us to be their policemen to contribute, if not we pull out and do not return even in the event of them being invaded.

Trump Tells NATO to Pay Up for MilitaryPresident’s lack of public support for common defense provision rankles European allies

[FONT=Chronicle SSm]By *[COLOR=#0080C3]Julian E. Barnes and *
Carol E. Lee

Updated May 25, 2017 3:12 p.m. ETBRUSSELS—President Donald Trump on Thursday issued tough new spending demands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization while withholding public support for a core tenet of the security alliance that an attack on one member nation is an attack on all.



stupid Europeans. We should let them die at the hands of the murderers they are welcoming into their countries.