Trump Tells People to Watch Sex Tape


*“Donald Trump unleashes tweetstorm on ‘disgusting’ Miss Universe, tweets to 'check out sex tape and past”*

Remind me, who are the Christians here who support this guy?


Not sure which Christians you think are endorsing sex tapes and assisting robberies.


OK . . . it’s clear now that you’re not here to discuss things intelligently, but rather to behave as a juvenile provocateur.

To wit: In this post, I had asked you to respond to another I had made in another thread:

Then you disappeared for a bit, and then poked your head in for another nonsensical “buy gold” post.

So again, I asked you to respond:

Once again, you disappeared, only to return here with another hit-and-run jab.

I thought I had found a member of the opposition I could have a lively and mature DISCUSSION with, but that was MY mistake and I won’t repeat it.

Others ignore you, and now so will I.


Who cares about the sex tape? This woman should be the outhouse that is next to the sideshow, but Trump as put her in the center ring, at least for a few days.


Trump. He tweeted that you should check it out. You going to?

> This woman should be the outhouse that is next to the sideshow, but Trump as put her in the center ring, at least for a few days.

Weird, because Trump usually lets stuff like this just slide. As we all know, his lazer-like focus on the issues is legendary. This little episode certainly makes me more comfortable about entrusting Trump with the nuclear codes.


Remind me, who are the Democrats here who support the warmonger Clinton?


They are probably the biological and political decedents of the Democrats who supported warmonger Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Here is what I call Lyndon Johnson’s “lying button.” You will note that he promises “Peace” and “Moderation.” His presidency was noted for neither of those things. He was planning to escallate the Viet Nam War before he was elected and “moderation” became the “The Great Society,” a huge welfare boondoggle.

There is a hardcore group who will support anything the Democrats nominate. In Texas and other places they are known as “yellow dog Democrats” because those people would support anything bearing the Democrat label, including a big yellow dog.

I would not compare Hillary Clinton to a dog. I think that is insulting to dogs. Dogs are usually loyal and often agreeable animals. Hillary Clinton is something lower on the evolutionary scale, perhaps something destructive like a termite or a boll weevil.


The warmongers are the people who start wars (e.g., Bush). And Trump supported Iraq anyway, so it’s not like there’s some false equivalence there.


I guess it’s going to suck for you when she wins. Betting odds have Trump back at 26%.


Oh it’s going suck alright. I’m resigned to it, but that doesn’t mean that I will respect Hillary or your positions.


You mean like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Truman, and LBJ?

It’ll stink no matter which of them wins. And if it’s her, you’ll blame all her bad policies and results on conservatives…


No, she’s too fat for me. But Bill probably will. He likes heavy chicks.


Deflect much? She’s a warmonger. She likes war. She supports war. She starts war, although folks like you seem to ignore this and blame Republicans for her decisions.

The hypocrisy of Clinton supporters just amuses me. Tribalism at its best. This particular form of it seems to be a special trait of Democrats.

For the record, I detest Trump. I can’t and don’t need to defend him; and when my preferred candidate says something indefensible, I don’t defend it either. I criticize it.


FDR started a war? Do tell…


What war did Clinton start?


The Iraq War. She voted for it and carried Bush’s water.

Clinton is basically Dick Cheney on foreign policy.


Gotta love it: “Who me? Whaaaat?”


And Dick Cheney was pro-Gay Marriage before she was.


He got us into one which had nothing directly to do with us (Europe).