Trump Tests Negative for Covid-19

He has tested negative in multiple and consecutive tests. I was not expecting him to recover this fast. Announced positive on 10/1 and now negative on 10/12. The covid-19 drugs he is taking must be working.

Trump is responding to Covid-19 like a man in his 20’s, he just has more energy than a man in his 20’s :thinking::wink:


In the mean time, Biden bumbles along, barely able to give speeches for two hours a day, and still falling over his tongue. Does anyone, other than blank check Democrats or never-Trump Republicans, think that this senile old man is up to the job?

Sure, you can package him in slick ads on television when he sounds rational, but that’s after many takes and extensive editing. With so many people voting early, perhaps it’s too late, but let’s hope that the American people will wake up before November 3.

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That might be true, it might not given that the WH won’t release the date of his last negative test.

I LOVE IT!!! Bumbling Biden, or in my case, Bumbling Bite-me!! Hahahaha!


At my job, people were literally celebrating the day the media announced Trump had the covid. It was like the Wizard of Oz. Only way more negative and depressing

What is that supposed to mean?

It means I work in liberal hell, where violence in any form is frowned upon unless it’s being done to a conservative. And corona is given all the reverence of the lord at church on sunday… unless it’s a republican who catches it and then it’s time to celebrate.

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