Trump threatens to use "military version of eminent domain" to seize private property


You don’t consider equality before the law to be a desirable end? I knew that, but nice to have you on record.

Funny thing is, hispanics go to the hospital and get treatment no questions asked (it is, after all, somrhow RACIST to ask non whites to pay for health services), and the hospital bills the united states government which pays, no questions asked, and taxes me 87%. The hospitals use the emtaala mandates as an excuse to Jack up prices on the only people that they are allowed to actually directly bill (working white men), and pad those bills with ridiculous amounts of fraud.


But Dave? That says nothing of how many types they qualify for, or the $ amount they receive.

I’ve already posted a chart showing what types they can use. According to the rules, they qualify for the least of anyone.

Now, certain States might be more liberal with their own State-level programs. But if so, it’s because their own voters OK’d it.


What you’re describing isn’t legal, so the law is moot here.

It isn’t legal to run up fraudulent charges, and compensating hospitals that incur them, is not an illegal qualifying for welfare. Most of those charges are run up by uninsured natives to begin with. Did you mean to describe something else?

Hospitals are one of the #1 places where illegals are caught. Because they’re serious about being reimbursed.

Do you mean free clinics, that do outreach to the poor? Or hospitals in Blue States that use State-level programs to subsidize “disproportionate share” centers?

Or tax exemptions, that again, are meant to help hospitals with unreimbursed care, and is not welfare?

Which is yet another way we subsidize unreimbursed costs at Hospitals. And yeah, not for it. But it’s not welfare. And it’s not directed at illegals.

It’s covering emergency care, you would be subsidized by it if you went in needing your arm stitched up, and then stiffed the bill.

To avoid the consequences of stiffing that bill, you would live pretty much in the dark. Fragmented or poor credit history, never letting on where you live. Probably faking your identity more than a couple times.

And again, if you had a choice, why would you want to live that way?


Hahahahaha. Hospitals are giant corporate medicaid fraud schemes, now. It is virtually the entire business model. That’s why they’re all being gobbled up under massive corporate umbrellas, it’s guaranteed free government cheese for the corporate rats. And illegals aren’t going to report any fraud, are they? Especially when it benefits them, too.


Can’t agree more, but I’d like you to consider this:

How does a hospital look at a patient, who has no insurance, and is not here legally, after you’ve stabilized them, and they’re now just sitting in your ward, absorbing resources?

You can’t transfer them to another hospital; because of their lack of insurance.

You won’t qualify for most funding to offset their costs, not even charitable donations, because they’re illegal.

Thus what hospitals have resorted to doing, is “medical repatriation”. Where they sign over an illegal over to a hospital in the country they’re from, and let them handle any further costs.

In places where funding is even more tight, illegals will avoid going to hospitals, because they know that they’ll just get reported.

This is particularly true for people who need long-term or post-acute care.


You apparently STILL don’t get the point, AS. Why should people here ILLEGALLY “qualify” for a single dime of welfare assistance??? They’ve contributed NOTHING to this country by coming here illegally. What you’re advocating is making America’s middle class tax slaves to support a bunch of criminal aliens and that’s simply WRONG…and it is a CRIME to sneak into this country without permission.

And WHERE did you ever get the idea that providing illegals “free” medical care is NOT a form of welfare?


Funny, but I don’t recall Trump trying to disarm American citizens…


The rub is that some of these people have American spouses or children. That’s typically how.

Other things like Emergency care, are because we don’t like the idea of letting people die tragically.

Uninsured people who live irresponsible lives filled with drugs/poor eating habits don’t deserve that care anymore than illegals do in my book, but I’m not looking to stop someone in the Emergency Room from treating them.


People who are here illegally GOT here illegally for the most part. Oh, I realize a few came here as tourists or students or for vacation and then simply decided to stay, but by in large, they snuck in. Only about 40% of illegals are visa “overstays.” The remainder got here by totally illegal means and are therefore illegal. I don’t give a tinker’s dam that they are married to a citizen. Once they got here illegally, they REMAIN illegal unless they take steps to legalize themselves. BTW, the 14th Amendment does NOT automatically grant citizenship to any baby dropped on American soil if the parents are aliens–legal or otherwise. The lefties making this claim keep forgetting the “…subject to the jurisdiction thereof” part of that clause and an illegal is subject to the jurisdiction of their home country…not ours.


The law cares. So do people about breaking up families.

Regardless; the point remains, most welfare is not accessible to illegals.

Most [who] do use it, have some sort of relation whose either a citizen or here legally.


However they have no “RIGHT” to the welfare designed for American CITIZENS, and should be forever barred from receiving it.


If they have a relation whose a citizen/legal, that’s next to impossible. I think it’d just be better to target usage by people who don’t have that.


I’m damn sure looking to stop tax dollars paying for it.


The problem is that we require hospitals to treat people in an emergency, no matter what.

We’ve given them a social responsibility, it’s only right we reimburse them for it.

And again, this counts for natives too.


What you mean “we”, Kemosabe? I had nothing to do with it, find it stupid, economically pig-ignorant and morally repugnant. It reduced the medical profession to well kept slaves, who (naturally enough) are demanding more and more while providing less and less as compensation for their lost economic freedoms.


A separate problem, to be addressed separately (not that it likely will, at least not until this increasingly socialistic economy crashes like the Hindenburg).


Cool, you want to let people die on the street? Go for it man.

But I’m pretty sure even people within your own county won’t vote to do that. The PR to counter it would be trivial.


Seriously, Q? Let me know when you get wheeled into the ER on a gurney and you don’t have your insurance card or platinum AMEX in your pocket.


They’ll hit me with a bankrupting bill that will cost me everything I have while illegals get treated for free. That’s what they’re doing to the blue collar middle class RIGHT GOD DAMNED NOW


Right you are Qix. OD and AS BOTH simply cannot seem to fathom the FACT that dozens upon dozens of decent, hospitals have simply closed their doors primarily because of the “free” services they are required to furnish illegals all over the country. Especially hard hit have been those in S. Texas and Southern Kalifornia, but including some in Arizona and New Mexico.