Trump told senator and adviser that 'Access Hollywood' tape may not be authentic


I’m always curious how my friends here at RO would respond to certain headlines…

Trump told senator and adviser that ‘Access Hollywood’ tape may not be authentic

So what say you?

Is there something I’m missing? I looked for Fox News on this, but I couldn’t find anything so I linked to the Google search, you can pick what source you read about it from. I figured if there was a Conservative news source reporting on this, one of you would know and would share it with me.

Ok, moving on…

It’s a move in the right direction, sort of. I mean he apparently recognizes that what he allegedly said on the bus is wrong, but I think he’s going about it all wrong.

Does anyone else think this is as ridiculous as I do? Am I missing something?


Hmmm…Interesting that no one has responded.


Why would we “respond?”


Don’t be too quick to draw conclusions from lack of response. We tend not to comment if we don’t know what’s what in a story or thread.


Here’s a guess: Perhaps because it’s the same old boring Trump bashing you engage in perpetually . . . under the guise of “curiosity”.

Your position is well known on this board, and I’m sure you know the conservative position.


Yes, because I disagree with you I must have ulterior motives.

Sorry to disappoint. I thought maybe there might be more to this story than I was aware of.

I do find it interesting how selective and cautious people are when it comes to Trump and things he is alleged to have done.


FC, do you think the story is false?


I neither have any idea about that or what the significance of the story is.

  1. NO, my guess is that you DO NOT have a hidden, concealed, or secret “motive” (it’s a guess because my crystal ball is in the shop being repaired . . . IOW, I can’t, nor would I want to, read your mind) . . . right up front a good many of your posts belittle Trump. Would you deny that your predominant motive here is to trash Trump?

  2. Innocence?

  3. Yes, I also find it interesting that some are selective when it comes to Trump’s characteristics. I myself am not too fond of his communications skills, but consider it a mark of an outsider (a “non-politician”, if you will) and a PLUS, while others (look in the mirror?) consider it a negative.


The significance is that he said it, he admitted he said it, now he’s denying it.

Now, it’s nothing special that politicians lie, what’s special here is we hear him on tape. There are witnesses and now, a year later he expects people who aren’t truly brainwashed to believe him?

But you don’t know anything about it…So no point asking you.

Actually, what’s truly significant IMO is how Trump supporters overlook, justify and try to explain away his reprehensible actions.


If pointing out his significant flaws is trashing him, then I’m trashing him, but you say that like it’s a bad thing. So what? I’ve seen plenty of Obama and Clinton trashing here.

I come here to offer my opinions and get a different perspective. Sure I could go post on a liberal site, but then I’d just be with a bunch of people blowing sunshine up each other’s asses. I’ve learned a few things here that I wouldn’t have learned had I not come here.

If I’m not welcome, just say so…


You’re welcome here. We just wish your posts were a lot smarter.