Trump: Top functions of federal government: security, healthcare, education, housing


Try not to get a headache while reading the transcript of this exchange:

QUESTION: In your opinion, what are the top three functions of the United States government?

TRUMP: Well, the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation. I would also say health care, I would also say education. I mean, there are many, many things, but I would say the top three are security, security, security.
We have to have security for our country so that we can continue to exist as a country. We are in danger. Thousands and thousands of people are infiltrating our country. We don’t know who they are.
There’s a very vicious world. We’re living in a very vicious world and we’re doing something that is against a lot of very smart people’s wishes. I can tell you, it’s totally against my wishes.

COOPER: So top three, you’re saying, security.

TRUMP: Security. I say all top three are security, but health care, education, would be probably three that would be top. And then you can go on from there.
But the military and the secure country, so that we have a country. Believe me, we’ve never been in a position, in my opinion, where our country is so vulnerable. Our military is being eaten away.
When General Odierno left recently, a year ago, I was watching him on maybe your show, one of the shows, and he said that the United States Army, the United States military forces have never been so – and I think he used the word depleted. But basically he said they’re exhausted.

COOPER: So just to follow-up, though…

TRUMP: And that’s a pretty – that’s a pretty sad commentary. And honestly, even though he was retiring at the time – and I had a lot of respect for him, good man, but even though he was leaving at the time, people shouldn’t say that because you’re giving the enemy ideas.
But if I get in, our military will be bigger, better, stronger than ever before. It’s the cheapest thing we can do.

COOPER: So in terms of federal government role, you’re saying security, but you also say health care and education should be provided by the federal government?

TRUMP: Well, those are two of the things. Yes, sure. I mean, there are obviously many things, housing, providing great neighborhoods…


COOPER: Aren’t you against the federal government’s involvement in education? don’t you want it to devolve to states?
TRUMP: I want it to go to state, yes. Absolutely. I want – right now…

COOPER: So that’s not part of what the federal government’s…


TRUMP: The federal government, but the concept of the country is the concept that we have to have education within the country, and we have to get rid of common core and it should be brought to the state level.
COOPER: And federal health care run by the federal government?

TRUMP: Health care – we need health care for our people. We need a good – Obamacare is a disaster. It’s proven to be…

COOPER: But is that something the federal government should be doing?

TRUMP: The government can lead it, but it should be privately done. It should be privately done. So that health care – in my opinion, we should probably have – we have to have private health care. We don’t have competition in health care.

The problem that we have in our country is we don’t have competition. It’s made because the politicians – by the way, I’m self-funding. I am self-funding. So the health care companies aren’t taking care of me. But they’re taking care of everyone else.
Wait one second. We don’t have – we don’t have bidding. We don’t have competition in health care. And it’s a disaster. Obamacare, if you take a look at your premiums, they’re going up 35 percent, 45 percent, 55 percent, and the deductibles are so high, you’ll never get to use it.


Well yes, it is. About %85 of the federal budget is composed of military and security spending, social security, medicare, education, and various welfare programs.


So much for being against 0bamacare. This doesn’t seem to match up well with what he has posted on his site. I do agree that security is job one. He did get that one correct.


John is there ANY policy that Trump has been consistent with? Or a better question post-result if he won, are there any policies he has espoused that anyone would gamble their right arm that he would absolutely go forward with?

When I watched and listened to his position on the role of government last night I cringed. He is exposing himself now more than ever and his worst nightmare would be the anti-Trump movement really picking up speed.


He has been seemingly consistent on immigration and defense. However, his latest digs at NATO are a bit off of the hip. I do agree with him that we are footing too much of their bill. However, the last thing we need to do is piss off our allies. 0bama has already done too much of that.


That is the irony of Trump, SOME of what he states is really spot on: NATO nations contributing more, tightening up the borders and cracking down in illegal immigration, understanding more overtly the dangers of radical Islam (though his solution remains contention), a general suggestion that America demand others to contribute more in the fight against ISIS (something Rand Paul stated strongly often), calling CHina out for currency manipulation.

However, these ideas are dwarfed by some of his almost socialist view of economics. His suggestion that the debt is a major issue, yet, he is obviously a “big government” type of guy, whether he admits it or not.

It would be a shame if the winner of this election doesn’t at least understand the discontent and to address some of these concerns. I have always been outspoken to my own countrymen about how unfair it is for many in Canada, in politics and the media to suggest, to suggest that somehow America “meddles” in too many places, while at the same time we require their military for any real defense. I also am not apologetic about the spreading of ideals of liberty and democracy, I think it is cowardly to suggest that somehow the natural laws and rights that have been agreement upon since WW2, somehow don’t apply to all nations.

It’s time for other nations to pick up the tab and do the heavy lifting certainly. Especially in regards to terrorism, which has proven itself to be a true global danger, a danger that all peaceful citizens from any country deserve to be protected from.


The three PRIMARY functions of government are;

  1. Securing the Nation from all enemies foreign and domestic
  2. Protecting the unalienable Rights of the citizens from civilian and government threats
  3. Defending the Constitution from government abuses that exceed the specifically enumerated powers

Healthcare, education, housing and retirement are not in any way permitted or “primary” concerns of the Federal Government, only a Statist wants the Federal Government involved in such things and only a Traitor wants to do those things without properly amending the Constitution to first permit it.

Trump is a typical Leftist and he reveals that every time he opens his mouth.


Trump’s response to the question is very instructive - the man simply has NOT given deep consideration to many of the important issues of our time, or to the proper and constitutional limited role of government.



JB, one out of three isn’t good enough.

His answer to the question posed by Cooper, along with his previous and oft stated proposal to replace Obamacare with “Trumpcare”, reveals a HUGE flaw with Trump as a candidate for president - the man has not given serious thought to the proper and constitutionally LIMITED role of government. There are several important issues to which he has given insufficient attention - thus he has to routinely walk-back his previous day’s statements/positions.

The man is a closet Progressive when it comes to expanding the role and reach of the federal government.

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but DAMN . . .


I agree with both RET and Doc on this. The man is a megalomaniac without a clue. He’s fairly good at reading the national “mood,” and that’s about all. If he was REALLY good at it, he’d understand that Americans don’t NEED the feds involved in how we light our homes, how we flush our toilets, what fuels we use in our vehicles, what we do with our private property, how we educate our children, who we see for our medical needs or how much we pay for those needs or what we otherwise consume. The Constitution was written as it was for a good REASON. It should be followed.


Amen, Pappadave!!


Amen, Pappadave.


I didn’t say that it was.


You are right, you didn’t. Sorry.


The problem I see, is that Trump is unfortunately falling into the same trap over and over. He’s now trying to get into details on policy and that’s not his forte.

It’s starting to look like his plan is to answer typical political questions, and try to do so like a traditional politician. Why he’s changing gears like this is pretty odd to me. I feel like he’s been playing things pretty smart up to now, but this isn’t a good idea. He’s not cut out to be a policy wonk.


Trump could hide in a 17 candidate field, in a 10 person debate nobody has enough time to get specific; now it is basically just him and Cruz since nobody takes Kasich seriously.

When it is down to just two and a gnat on the wall everything will be exposed, nobody is going to let Trump hide behind his carefully timed “Outrageous statements” and every time he tries to do so the tactic wears even more thin; there are just so many voters stupid enough to hang with a candidate that can muster only vague generalities that are inconsistent from day to day and delivered in such an incoherent way that he makes Bush 43 sound like Winston Churchill.


Good point, RET.

The bombastic statements are wearing thin and now that the field has winnowed down, he has fewer “targets” for his belittling, sophomoric remarks - remarks that have taken up so much of the network airspace and focus for nearly a year.

I think it’s been obvious from the outset that Trump is not in possession of anything but a superficial acquaintance with many of the issues plaguing this nation.

He is no doubt a superior businessman - you don’t get where he is without being smart/shrewd. However, now that he has been asked specific questions and has been pressed for specifics when he has offered up generalizations, it has become increasingly obvious that he has not given serious, in-depth contemplation to many of the questions/issues/problems that confront/plague this country and her people.

Against the backdrop of his limited familiarity with specific facts and history surrounding the problems and associated issues we face, Trump has repeatedly demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding of the proper role of government and the limits the Constitution places on our government’s size, scope and ultimately its power in relationship to our citizens.

It’s pretty late in the primary process, but it appears his shortcomings are finally beginning to catch up with him, he is being exposed and people are finally beginning to take notice.

That said, it appears to me Trump will most likely fall short of the necessary 1237 delegates prior to the convention. If that’s the case the convention, both inside the hall and outside the hall, figures to be VERY ugly. Whomever comes out as the nominee will no doubt be damaged goods and will be required to carry the burden of a nominating process dominated by an embarrassing and tragic level of BS. It would be naïve to think this will not have a profound impact on the presidential election - the Democrats and media will have a field day.


In my opinion the top functions of federal government are security, regulation, and finance stability. There should be three government departments dedicated to those and no more. All other programs should either get in line with those three or go to the states, and if they don’t go to the states then they get slashed.
This is an easy-to-understand plan that will save our country literally billions and slash our debts to the point where we can start performing basic duties of government again.


The top functions of the FEDERAL government are security and otherwise to leave us all alone!


Can the guy put together a coherent sentence? And actually answer a question? Wow, LOLing.