Trump Train DEMOLISHES Joe Biden's Ice Cream Truck

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It’s a bit uglier in real life

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I had heard that the Trump supporters escorted the Biden bus out. Poor old Joe.

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FBI investigating ‘Trump Train’ swarming of Biden bus on Texas interstate: report

What happened that would merit an “FBI investigation?”


It was a politically motivated intimidation and attack on the campaign they opposed. That’s like, the definition of terrorism. They’re probably investigating to see if other plans were in the works and if domestic terrorism charges should be brought.

So Biden supporters and the FBI (but I repeat myself) are intimidated by a bunch of Trump supporters showing up in their vicinity? “Terrorism?” Just how stupid must one BE these days to be a Democrat?

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I guess for a democratic seeing a bunch of American flags and people who are not afraid of your PC garbage escorting a criminal candidate who hates America is “ugly” ; buts it’s hilarious to everyone else :lying_face:

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Driving on a public road is now “terrorism” if you are displaying Trump or American flags but burning down cities, murdering innocent people and pillaging their property is a “peaceful protest” :rofl:

This is why you guys are going to be spanked so hard on Tuesday :+1:

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@Pappadave @RET423

You all missing the part in the video where the black truck rams the follow car out of the way to tailgate the bus?

All you trolls are either liars, Really Dumb or just think that we are!

The white (Biden) SUV tried to push the black truck out of it’s lane!

Not according to the guy driving the truck.

Content warning: language

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Edit: it now makes a lot of sense why the FBI is getting involved, it’s for this guy in particular. Turns out he was found to have recently done the following:

  1. Drive his truck through protestors

  2. Impersonate a police officer

  3. Patrol protests with guns

The SUV tried to play tough guy and found out that some people don’t run from terrorists :rofl:

“The FBI got involved” is hilarious, they don’t seem to have time to do their job when democrats commit crimes unless some independent source exposes that they are covering up evidence; but they have all the time in the world to mitigate traffic infractions :rofl:

  1. Everybody should drive their truck through terrorist mobs.
  2. Anyone would appear to be a police officer if they were preventing a terrorist mob from killing, burning and looting :rofl:
  3. Everybody should be well armed when terrorists gather to commit terrorism because the police damn sure won’t “patrol them”

The guy in that truck sounds like a good citizen, that is exactly what liberals hate :+1::grinning:


Hmm, clear you’re not interested in engaging with anything I posted. Check out the article in point 2, totally unrelated to protests. The moron knocked on the window of an off duty cop, pretended he was police and ended up arrested himself.

Of course I am not “engaging with what you posted”, you pick out one guy who knocked on a cops window and “got arrested” in a time when dozens of cops have been beaten and murdered by your side; only an idiot would pretend that this one Trump supporter is worthy of any discussion at all :rofl:

Cities all across America are preparing for riots tomorrow night; do you think even ONE of those cities is doing so because they think Trump supporters will burn the city down if he loses? :thinking::rofl:

No you don’t, you know as well as I that it will be your Terrorists who murder, rape, pillage and torch this country when Trump wins and it is that knowledge which is inspiring the preparation :+1:

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I picked out the guy who in the video was, and I quote, “slamming that f****r”

I don’t know, thought it was relevant…

Furthermore, I was suggesting the FBI investigation is more likely related to this individual alone rather than the Trump supporters as a whole involved in the incident.

You’re desperately trying to establish some level of comparison between the Terrorists in your Party and the decent Americans who peacefully assemble by the tens of thousands multiple times a day to support Trump.

There is no comparison, your guys are violent terrorists and our people go to work everyday, support our neighbors and churches, pay our taxes and accept the results of our elections like adults even when we despise the winner.

Oh man, have y’all always been like this or have the last 4 years radicalized you that much? I suppose it can be forgiven, we do have an election tomorrow afterall so tensions are high. I’m out on this thread

Have we been like what exactly?
Aware of obvious attempts to equate the terrorism that is running rampant in the jurisdictions that your Party controls with petty and inconsequential BS that you search tirelessly for on our side?

Yes, we have always been aware that liberals do this; nearly every thread is littered with such tripe.

The fact is that you know you could walk right through a Trump rally in full Biden garb and the worst that would happen is that you would be mocked and laughed at; if a Trump supporter did the same at a gathering of your Party they would be beaten and likely killed.

You chose your political affiliation just as I chose mine; I just made a choice that I am proud of so I don’t have to try and steer attention elsewhere :rofl: