Trump used to lie to reporters by pretending to be his own publicist so that he could brag about himself


This isn’t a very highly talked about story because it’s relatively minor compared to Trump’s other idiocies. But still…think about the fact that this man is the President of the United States. If your relative did this, you would be completely ashamed of him.


Consider the source…the WaPo??? Really?


Maybe this is fake news. At any rate, I’m assuming you agree that someone who would pose as one’s own publicist in order to brag about oneself to a reporter would be a small, sad, and pathetic person.


The article said, “others thought they were just examples of Trump being playful.” I’m in that camp. Trump has such a distinctive voice and mannerism that he surely would know he would be recognized.

But grief that article went on and on as if this were important. I read about half and was too bored to continue.


President Trump is well-known to poke at the members in the media. He’s pretty good at it, too. He says a lot of things just to get them started on their phony outrage. I’m certain he’s laughing up his sleeve the whole time.


If he was just being playful, why wouldn’t he just admit it was him and say “yeah, that was me, I was just joking around.”


People and organizations who play all sorts of tricks to promote their “brand” is common and widespread. Politicians who actually accomplish what they campaign on are few and far between.