Trump Veep Picks: Your Ideas & Predictions


I say, Katie Johnson of Twentynine Palms California. But then I’m known to be a bit cheeky now and then.

Your picks?


Kanye West.


A Trump surrogate put forward the potential for Newt Gingrinch or Marco Rubio.


Still a better love story than Twilight.


Jeff Sessions.


He will probably choose a female VP as this is the demographic he will have to make inroads with. The one positive of him being the choice is I believe he will be forced to rely heavily on his VP to assist him in getting things passed.


He has been getting 47% of the woman vote in the GOP. I don’t think he’ll consider gender as much as he needs a politically savvy veteran. He praised Sessions incessantly. But, who knows where Trump is concerned.


He bought Kasich with something to keep him in the race until Cruz was beaten, my bet is that Trump bought him with the VP slot. It makes sense since they both are Nanny State Liberals who want to use government guns against anyone who won’t embrace their Socialist “Utopia”.


That’s perfect.

It would illustrate just what Lord Trumpy IS. And who follows him - ciphers.

The guy who couldn’t get any more than his home state, and didn’t even have the decency to stop embarrassing himself in public by pretending he was winning…he brings NOTHING to the ticket.

Which is fine; because the ticket is a nothing as is.

This may be the time a Libertarian actually wins the White House. I WILL VOTE for Johnson this time - I cannot choose between those two vacuously evil pathological liars.


Well, he “may” bring Ohio.

> This may be the time a Libertarian actually wins the White House. I WILL VOTE for Johnson this time

I would too; but the Abortion issue is something I cannot cross, no matter how cynical I’ am.

I’ll vote for whatever 3rd party is pro-life.


I guess you’re aware of it; but I’ll underline it: TRUMP IS JUST FINE WITH ALL ABORTION, AS MUCH ABORTION AS POSSIBLE.

He praised Planned Infanticide for all its “Great Work.”

So, it looks like D- and R- are both for killing babies. Well, as a protest vote and long-shot, I’ll go with the L- and get some of what I want.

This is a mess, no matter how you scrape it off your shoe. The best that Constitutional Conservatives can hope for here is a glass one-quarter full. Seems to me the Libertarians offer that, at least - and are certainly not controlled by the Elites.


He got my vote last time. He’ll get it again.

Austin Petersen is pro-life, but Johnson’s prolly the guy. I’d vote for any of the three top-ranked Libertarians though. I’d prefer McAfee or Petersen to Johnson, and I’ll vote for one of them in the primary, prolly Petersen buy maybe McAfee. Petersen is odd for a libertarian and does not subscribe to the non-aggression principle, which annoys other libertarians. He maybe makes good points on it though.

> “I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all humans. All humans have the same rights, and that means to me that we should always adopt a pro-life stance as libertarians because human life is the zenith.”

EXCLUSIVE: Austin Petersen Talks ISIS, Abortion, Criticisms




I like Newt or Marco. I think either would compliment Donald. I won’t vote for him if he choses Kasich - can’t stand the guy. He needs someone pretty good because of his unfavorables. Same as Hillary. I don’t think a women would be good because frankly I don’t think the Donald would be respectful enough to her. He needs someone pretty smart to win the VP debate because frankly, I don’t see him winning any debate with Hillary.


I think Donald would would do well against her in a debate. Not on the issues of course but his blunt attitude would put her off where she is used to people speaking nicely to her face.


I doubt it. She’s a lawyer and a sleazy one; she’s seen it all.


I think Trump is comfortable with domestic economic/job issues. I think what he needs is someone steeped in foreign policy/military. It would be especially beneficial if the individual hit a demographic or two.

Condoleezza Rice??


Tuff call on VP:

  1. Don’t think we will see 2 white men, my bet is those days are gone forever.

That said it can fall to a woman or a black or a Latino.

How about a black woman:

Mia Love — U.S. congresswoman, Utah

Or another outsider: David Clark who is BLACK and a Democrat!!! He gets MY vote!


I have faith in Condi Rice and if she would be chosen she actually has great credentials and not an airhead like some of our Vice Presidents. She would be a great help on foreign affairs unlike Kerry the medal fraudster.


I am with you there, but I don’t think she would want it, believe she has washed her hands of politics…but if not she would be GREAT!