Trump vs. Corker, why it's no contest


I wish that Donald Trump would use a little more discretion with his Twits, but in the recent dust up with Arkansas Senator, Bob Corker, I’m on Trump’s side.

Corker got on my bad side when he engineered that Senate vote on the Iran Nuclear deal. His plan pushed up the threshold for the approval of the deal from 51 votes, which is requited in the Constitution to pass a treaty to 60 votes which made it impossible for the Senate to reject the deal. It also allowed weasels like Chuck Shumer to vote “no” on the deal to please his New York State Jewish constituency while not placing the agreement at risk for rejection.

The RINO, Corker, knew exactly what he was doing. Such underhanded legislative parlor games deserve no respect from true Republicans. The lame stream press is now saying that Corker wants to run for president. I’ll vote for him when hell freezes over. If I feel the need to vote for the likes of him, I may as well cross over and vote Democrat.


To be honest, I only heard of this briefly last night. I haven’t looked into it at all.
Thank you for your perspective.


Marsha Blackburn was going to beat him in the primary even if he ran for re-election. She will be a big improvement in the Senate. She is currently being blackballed by Twitter which I consider a plus in her résumé . Draining the swamp is slowly proceeding.


I need to adjust my information. The Corker Amendment required 60 votes to reject the Iran nuclear deal. It was still too many to reject a bad deal.


I also don’t know much on this subject and just now heard about how Corker had a lot to do with the Iran deal vote, yesterday, which is maddening. What a sleazy guy! I’m glad Trump called him out on his BS. I wish we had more integrity in this country, but that is increasingly too much to ask for it seems. Wondering what kind of world and future that my future kids will have access to. Really scary!