Trump VS Pelosi - Who Won?


I’ll be brief.

In an effort to avoid a food fight on RO, let me answer the question by stating a undeniable fact: Trump did not win and Pelosi did not lose. That portion of the government that was shutdown over the funding of the wall/steel barrier is now open and Pelosi and the House has still given nary an additional $dollar toward barrier construction.

By signing the continued resolution to fund the government until mid-February, Pelosi and Trump have publicly agreed for a bi-partisan group to meet over the next 3 weeks to work out the current stalemate.

So, what will come of all this? Here’s my prediction:

Pelosi/Dems have no political reason on earth to negotiate barrier funding. Not now and not during the next 3 weeks. Their goal is not border security - their goal is amnesty/path to citizenship = additional Democrat voters.

So what are Trump’s options?

Well, he can order another government shutdown. But, why would he? His attempt to leverage wall funding through the recent shutdown, by any measure, failed.

He can simply fold and sign a continuing budget resolution for another year. I don’t see Trump doing this.

I think what will happen is that no headway will take place during the aforementioned negotiations. That being the case, I think Trump will play the “Emergency Order” card - declare a border emergency and dedicate emergency funds to continue barrier construction. As a footnote, the 10K member caravan ought to be gathering at our southern border about mid-February.

OK - so Trump declares a national emergency - then what will happen?

What the hell do you think will happen? The Dems will make a beeline to the 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals and secure a court injunction against emergency funding. Of course, the case will eventually make its way to the John Robert’s led Supremes. Constitutional arguments will be raised. Anyone who claims to know how the Roberts court will rule is a fool.

OR, I supposeTrump could ignore the 9th Circuit’s order, divert funds budgeted to another department(s) and move forward and then get impeached for real, as there are no doubt many Repub Senators who would vote to take him down.

Final point: Talk about “government shutdowns”. In a very real sense, the Democrats have shutdown the House Of Representatives to meaningful negotiations. As a result, I would be amazed if we ever see a real and completed physical barrier along our southern border.


So preempt them-- offer amnesty with no path to citizenship. Offer strict legal residency.

If they want citizenship, they’ll have to leave, and re-enter the country through legal channels.

It’d rob Democrats of their humanitarian canard, and it’s likely many if not most illegals would be for it as it functionally addresses their problems.

If Democrats choose to deny it, it’d expose their naked ambition.


Their naked ambition has ALREADY been exposed, and millions of Americans simply choose to deny or ignore it because of promises of “free cheese.”

BTW - I don’t know who “won”, but the American people LOST.


Well let’s make it even more clear. Pre-empt them, that way even the moderates can see it.

If Trump offers this sort of deal, no one not on the left would think he’s the one obstructing things.


Pelosi won the food fight. She is a worthless legislator who does not have to deal with the realities or responsibilities for public services falling apart. The buck never stops on her desk. She can obstruct all she wants, and never get any of the blame, especially since the news media will always be on her side.

She has no obligation to be reasonable or rational. She has also had the good sense not to run for any office, like president, governor or mayor where her political butt really would be on the line when her policies take things down the tubes. She can stay in her Congressional foxhole and throw political hand grenades.

Trump, on the other hand, is the president and has the responsibility for heading the government. He could continue the shut down for only so long until vital services, like airport security and air traffic control started to fail. He really had no choice.

Pelosi will not compromise on anything. The American should hate her, but since they have been brainwashed to think that, “The Democrats are for the little people,” she gets to obstruct all she wants.

I am very pessimistic about the whole immigration issue. Nothing will ever be done to reform it so that honest people, whom we do need, will be allowed to enter this country at a reasonable cost. Instead caravans of unvetted riff-raff will continue to invade our borders at will, for free and over burden our social services. They will get to vote though amnesty or fraud and some day the United States will look like Venezuela.

At a Brian Kilmeade show in Tampa, a Hispanic lady stood up and said that many Hispanics will not vote for the Democrats because they have already seen what has happened to them in their homelands with demagogues like Hugo Chavis and Daniel Ortega. I hope that is true, but I have serious doubts.