Trump wants to debate Clinton without a moderator


Donald Trump wants to debate Hillary Clinton — but he doesn’t want to share the stage with anyone else, not even a debate moderator.
“I think we should have a debate with no moderator, just Hillary and I sitting there talking,” Trump said Monday morning in a phone interview on CNBC.
The novel idea comes a week after a widely panned candidate forum last week in New York City with Matt Lauer left many Clinton supporters angry with host network NBC — and Trump apparently concerned that the Peacock Network will turn now on him.

Trump wants to debate Clinton without a moderator | New York Post

I can understand his reasoning because it seems that most of these moderators are on the left and spend their time going after the republican while playing CYA for the democrat.


Never gonna happen. They are lucky that she has even agreed to be in any debates. As is, I’m sure that the liberal moderators have all been given their marching orders for how to carry her water.


Pneumonia gate. so simple yet so brilliant. LOLOL


Not that it would do any good at this point, but I’d like to see presidetial debates done without an audience, and with the debators in soundproof (or nearly so) booths to where they could see each other, but couldn’t be heard on the other’s microphone, and with their microphone being turned off when it isn’t their turn to speak.

Although in a way, that latter thing reflects how childish debates have become…


I think it ought to be wide open with the debaters being able to Jap Slap each other. I would bet that Trumpy would hit HildaBeast so hard it would knock the pneumonia out of her, hit her so hard her eyes stand out on stems and she gets buck teeth from it.



No Moderator, I don’t know. That seems like a double edged sword that could go either way. I get where Trump is coming from because the moderators are mostly liberal & ask the questions that way. On the other hand a heated exchange could come across as a man attacking a woman. If she were a guy I’d say go for it, but a woman, that could lose you more votes that you make.


She’ll be too sick to debate…

Coughing fits for months or longer
having seizures
falling down
being carried out

The Media…
Why won’t Trump release his medical records?!


Watch for more seizures…Colin Powell called her dumb and everything she touches turns to crap.


While I don’t like Powell, never thought much of him and knew few who did. Powell was the kind of guy you liked more than you disliked and he was a GREAT Staff officer (paper shuffler) but decisions were NOT his bag at all…


I understand Trump did release his latest medical reports yesterday.


Clinton’s strategy is crystal clear.

She can win in November if she can successfully paint Trump as unsuitable to be POTUS; too unstable/too temperamental and, therefore, too dangerous.

Her task during the debates is to goad Trump into “detonating” on national TV, bolstering her claim of his unsuitability.

I recommend that his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, slip him about 2.5 mg of the anti-psychotic drug, Haldol, 10 minutes before he steps on stage.

I have just one question: When and where does the pre-fight weigh in take place?? LMAO