Trump warns RNC isn't honoring 'pledge,' again floats independent bid


Trump warns RNC isn’t honoring ‘pledge,’ again floats independent bid | Fox News

Once again who’s surprised? Trump thinking goes like this, from day one, “I will win the nomination or I will sink the GOP with an Independent run”. He cares about “winning” for himself, not for the country. He should be as trusted about as much as one can throw him. The more he is attacked, the more is fragile ego will emerge, he likes to dish it out but not take it. Has learned throughout his life that rules don’t apply to him, character is nothing but a word for losers, and he doesn’t like to lose…

The Democrats and CNN raise his name in discussions more than anyone as they realize that he is not a formidable opponent, they relish the opportunity to face him. If he did happen to win by some chance, they would have an economic socialist in office so it’s a win/win for politics, a loss for the uniqueness of America.

“The RNC better get its act together,” Trump said at a campaign stop in South Carolina. “I signed a pledge. But the pledge isn’t being honored by them.”

Last September, after much intra-party drama, Trump signed a “loyalty pledge” saying he would support the eventual GOP nominee – though the document was not binding, it was an effort to soothe concerns he might strike out and run as an independent.

But Trump on Monday said the RNC isn’t holding up its end of the bargain, suggesting the committee was hurting his campaign by giving out too many GOP debate tickets to donors. This was a reference to incidents at the last two debates, where Trump repeatedly was booed by the audience – and Trump, in turn, openly accused them of being rival candidate Jeb Bush’s donors and supporters.

Trump warned Monday that the pledge he signed to support the GOP nominee was “a double-edged pledge,” and the RNC isn’t honoring its end.


I heard Trump state that he got booed during the last debate by RNC plants in the audience - ipso facto, per Trump, the RNC has not met its agreement with him. As a consequence, he is once AGAIN intimating he might go 3rd Party.

Factoid: The freakin’ Pope would have been booed had he accused Bush 43 of deliberately lying about the presence of WMDs in front of an audience in the pro-military state of So Carolina. I’m not certain who is more petulant and narcissistic, Obama or Trump.

In my opinion, Trump is a loose cannon. A loose cannon who is fully capable of handing the election to the Democrat candidate.

If he starts sliding in the polls/primary elections there is no telling what he will decide to do.


The audience bias was obvious. Who got the tickets:

S.C. Republican Party 550
RNC 367
Trump 100
Cruz 100
Bush 100
Rubio 100
Kasich 100
Carson 100
CBS, Google and the Peace Center 100

Who gave out tickets for GOP debate in Greenville? | Local News - WYFF Home

Bottom line, the leading GOP presidential contender got 6% of the audience.