Trump will be hailed for defeating virus, rescuing economy, predicts Gingrich

’Historic figure’: Trump will be hailed for defeating virus, rescuing economy, predicts Gingrich

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted Thursday that President Trump would be remembered by future generations as a “historic figure” for his response to the coronavirus crisis.

“He is extraordinarily energetic. He is learning at an extraordinary pace,” Mr. Gingrich told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “And he’s an historic figure, and I think that by the time this is over, as he defeats the virus, pivots and relaunches the economy, people will realize how important it was that we had Donald Trump at this moment in American history.”

At the same time, Mr. Gingrich blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for saying Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that “as the president fiddles, people are dying,” calling her “despicable.”

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He has handled this expertly.


I agree he has struck the right balance, and at the same time was able to expose liars and hypocrites, like Pelosi trying to sneak in abortion funding.

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oh EVERY day they are being exposed and that is what I pray for every morning and every evening and sometimes throughout the day.

Remember when God was bringing the Israelites into the promised land he said he would drive out their enemies, the inhabitants of those lands before them ‘little by little’. He would send the ‘terror’ (hornets) before them but he would do this ‘LITTLE BY LITTLE’ because if he did it all at once the predators that would come in right away would be too much for the Israelites to manage.

The plan is …little by little…and don’t tell me you’re not seeing a little of this everyday. The media is shooting itself in the foot. Hollywood is showing themselves to be shallow and stupid. Politicians are showing themselves to be tyrants waiting in the wings ready to take advantage of opportunities such as Covid 19. Remember this America…remember who took the first opportunity to usurp your freedom and your rights… fine you and jail you for congregating, speaking, posting and more. And then remember the man that had the security and safety of this nation first and foremost in his words and actions…and then vote Trump 2020. or be a slave.

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:statue_of_liberty: :muscle:

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I certainly hope he is re-elected. The dems have plunged into grotesque malignant gargoyles. I believe they will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from a re-election. They’re pushing a new evil using the coronavirus situation to require mail-in votes instead of going to the polls. As far as Pelosi is concerned, she’s the devil’s concubine.


He HAS to be re-elected or else we are doomed.


Remember this thread? oes Gingrich still have a chance at being correct?