Trump, Yes or No?


I feel I need to conduct another poll as it seems some here think we are all voting for Trump anytime we mention his name and despite us saying otherwise.

Simple Poll

Disclaimer: Your votes are not public


Obviously I won’t vote in this poll as I cannot vote, but this is a excellent idea. It would be great to understand (assuming all who vote here are honest on their leanings), if what the polls are claiming coincides with the opinions of those on this forum.

I do wish one thing to be honest, that all candidates would receive equal (or at least more) discussion and presentation of their views. Bill O’Reilly stated it clearly: Trump is starving all other candidates of airtime simply by ensuring the media gives him attention, this; he admits, is so the networks can boost their ratings. This is why his name is thrown about so often, there’s no way around it.


Indeed. Every Trump hater just assumes that just because we so not hate Trump that we must be voting for him.


I have no intention of voting for him.


Thought so. Now I know so lol.


I intend to vote for Trump. I may even volunteer for him.

I just read what I think is the [best explanation for](http:// Trump hate.
Not simply disagreement or even thinking he’d be a terrible president. But the fire breathing hatred for him and constant disdain for anyone supporting him.


** Currently, are you voting for or considering Trump?**

It is so sad that the poll didn’t ask: If you said that you weren’t considering or voting for Trump … “Who Would You Vote For?”

I love Cruz but if it comes down to Hillary or Trump … ?

You who believe that sitting this one out because you hate Trump?

Hillary WILL BE your president!


FWIW, I clicked on your link, and it does nothing. Is that the point?


Oh, boohoo. Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes. Maybe if the other candidates wanted attention, perhaps they ought to do or say something that GARNERS attention.
Ya think?

And, jftr, I don’t do polls.


There is no intelligent reply to this post from those who wouldn’t vote for Trump!

You will either set it out which guarantees a Hillary election or … You will vote third party which will guarantee a Hillary election!

Which is it?


I chose “Yes” but only because that was also the “Considering” option, I am voting for and supporting Cruz but if Cruz is out of it by Super Tuesday and I therefore must choose between Trump and the GOP shill; Trump will get my Primary vote.

The Primary is not a single election day so few outside of the first few States even know exactly what options will be placed before them at the time.


I was able to decipher his link. Here it is:

Real Talk on Donald Trump and Real Americans


That’s about where I am. My primary isn’t until June. If the nomination is still undecided I will vote for Cruz or Trump, whoever has the best chance at that point.


The code was flawed

Real Talk on Donald Trump and Real Americans


Whoops, I see Old Dog already fixed the link.


This poll would be more enlightening if it differentiated between the primary and the general election.

For example, there is no way I will vote for Trump in the primary. But, should he be the nominee, I will vote for him in the general election while holding my nose.


Not gonna vote in the poll because my stance is that, though I won’t vote for him in the PRIMARY, I will most certainly vote for him in the GENERAL election, should he secure the nomination.


Ditto, Doc.


I voted NO because I intend to vote for Cruz. If Trump gets the nomination, I will probably vote for him. There was no distinction between primary and general election.


This is exactly what some members of this site did in 2012 - they sat it out or voted third party. Your conclusion that for Repubs/conservative to do either serves to promote a Hillary victory in 2016 is obviously correct. However, don’t waste your time trying to convince these folks of the logic involved. They are too invested in bitching and complaining about the collapse in the Middle East, the deficit, jobs, the all powerful “Republican establishment”, etc. while defending their own actions by claiming Romney to have been an Obama clone and hand-picked by an evil Republican establishment in spite of/ignoring the primary election process involved in Romney’s winning the nomination as a result of his repeatedly noting the strategic danger Russia presented to the US, attacking Obama’s decisions to completely withdraw from Iraq and Obama’s decision to "lead from behind - and Romney calling for tax reductions aimed at strengthening private sector job creation.