It may well have occured to you that a “MENTAL HEALTH CRAZE” is sweeping the nation. We amateur psycho analysts would like to bring to the public’s attention ,with the public’s welfare our chief concern, a list of dangerous symptoms and signs that someone you know may be afflicted by this disorder.

  1. Watches and believes the Certifiable Neurotic Network or the More of Same Nasty Bull Crap network.(by the way: who maintains net -work??
    Spiders! Waiting on bugs attracted by the STENCH!
  2. Think the nation was better off under B.Obama.
  3. Has a seizure if you sneak up and yell “Donald Trump” behind them. Or God, guns,morals, etc. for that matter. Taboo!!!
    I am confident my fellow analysts can add to this symptom list.(ANALYST:noun…“one who lists anals”)


LOL. To which I’d add:

  1. Think that the only way to “save” the country is via unrestricted immigration.

  2. Have multiple seizures every time someone even mentions Ronald Reagan.


Also . . . posts bad jokes.


“I’m Senator Foghorn, and I support BRENT KAVANAUGH.”
And the Left screams on…