TrumpGurl has left the building

…And RO isn’t going to be nearly as busy. I tried to give her a chance, but she was too much about flame throwing, rather than discussion.

Vitriol-spewing political sites can be found anywhere. RO isn’t one of them.

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It got to the point where I think she just wanted everyone to jump on the hate train with her. I understand where she’s coming from but it really doesn’t accomplish anything


But I will add this- do I believe she needed to get booted? Nope not at all. I believe this site has an ignore feature, and nobody was forced to read her posts as far as I know. I don’t believe in silencing peoples opinions.

I also haven’t read the fine print about posting here, and if she was violating the TOS then that’s on her.


This site just went down a notch. Get ready for two new posts a day the way it was before. The monitor here showed his cards in 2020 when he threw his vote away on Mike Pence. He’d rather elect Biden than stand on true principles.

I tried to moderate her posts with private messages, but this does not justify the action taken, given the bad faith shown by the all but one of the left wingers on this site.

As William F. Buckley said, when you are offered half a loaf, you take it, when the alternative is chucking the loaf into the sewer. In 2020, the monitor helped to chuck the loaf into the sewer. He is now with the Bush family who left this party in 2016. We are now in the sewer.

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This might be my last post because I sent the monitor a PM to tell him what I think of him. If I am banned for honest opinion, please note what this site has become. Like the Republicans before Newet Gingrich, it was the “Knowing how to lose gracefully party” which had no political courage or principles. Bob Michel was their leader. My father, who was a blank check Democrat and sign carrying Biden supporter in Delaware, admired him.

If the Republicans don’t get the courage to stand for something, this country is gone. If that’s that case, I’m glad that I am 72 years old. I hope I die before this country becomes a socialist puppet of the Communist Chinese.

The current far left leadership of the Democrat Party is headed in exactly that direction. They don’t realize it because they think that it will be a “worker optional” economy with the lazy people living off the wealth of the current “rich people.”

What they don’t realize is that wealth is far more of a “flow” than a “stock” to put it into economic terms. Once an economy fails to move forward and only depends upon wealth taken from those who have had it, an economic collapse is imminent. Venezuela was the richest country in South America with a huge oil reserve. Now it’s a disaster.

Tell that to AOC, who majored in economics in college, and she will laugh at you. That’s because most college degrees aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit given the socialist policies of many college professors.

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Someone has to build the bridges, the powerlines, the tunnels, the planes, the airstrips, the stores, the masonry. A workerless Utopia works about as well as flaming water. No one I know wants to abolish work, anyone who wants that is either stupid, or so hedonistic they can’t see straight. Work is desirable it’s rewarded by currency. The problem is the workers who build bridges make less than some making celebrity tweets.

No one you know is in a leadership role in the Democrat Party. If you had some the integrity, you would break with AOC and the squad because they are nothing more than a group of college sophomores who have seats in Congress.

AOC is breaking up the corporate types in the party, once the party relies on small donators there won’t be any steam behind her infact the party funding is changing as we speak.

The party is finally free of the K street Clinton era.

AOC and the squad stand for the worst “corporate types” of all, out of control government power with no restraints on it all. AOC might stand for some sort of utopia in your mind, but if she stands in the way of the Biden, Clinton and Pelosi types, who have gotten rich and powerful from their “government service,” she will be cast aside.

More likely, she will be seduced by the prospects of wealth and power and will become much like too many of the governing class. “Saint” Bern Sanders has never held a significant job outside of government yet he is a multimillionaire.

As for “Sandy Cortez,” she went to a fund raiser for the mega wealthy wearing a gown the cost more than many people earn in six months. It cost $30 grand to get in the door of that event. It cost another $200 grand if you wanted to have dinner. There was supposed to be a House Ethics Committee investigation as to whether she could legally accept her admission there as an unlawful gift. I’m sure that got deep sixed.

Do you think she’s incorruptible? Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

“Absolute power results in corruption absolutely.” It’s a cliche, but it’s true. In the old days, under capitalism, politicians got rich, but they didn’t have the level of power that they have now under the growing socialism system the Democrats are creating. Look at the countries that have in that direction. The results have not been positive.

No, Send, you didn’t say anything ban- or even timeout-worthy. I do, of course, think you’re wrong; TrumpGurl’s attitude sucked like a black hole right out of the gate.

Some have speculated that TrumpGurl and TrumpTrain were one and the same. I finally found the IPs to compare; they weren’t even close.


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At least what’s posted will be more discussion and a lot less crap. The “life” that TG brought here could be found in a septic tank.

TrumpGirl was a political schizophrenic. Her/his/its first post that I saw, which spoke of ‘eradicating’ our political opponents, was pure TrumpTrain. When I responded, arguing that this was an unwise choice of words, TrumpGirl’s reposte was to ask if I believed in God!

At that point, I gave serious consideration to the hypothesis that this person was a provocateur, seeking to get people from our side to say, effectively, that we want to use violence against the Left. The God ploy is an obvious one to try to split the Right.

But then … this person’s posts became pure gold. A good defense of Mike Levin(?) (if appeals to authority are valid,which I believe they are). And some good links to look up. He/she/it obviously knew their stuff – which more or less ruled out his/her/it being a sophisticated Lefty trying to sow apples of discord. (There may be such, but they wouldn’t waste their time on a forum like this, with so few followers.)

Then some pointless posts which didn’t generate any responses, since on this forum they weren’t controversial.

I don’t think this person should have been banned however.

If I get banned, my war email is

We all like to talk and argue, but … we have to start organizing to be able to be politically effective, come what may.

Rest assured, I’m NOT looking to turn RO into a ban fest. I just want the rules to be respected and for everyone to debate with civility.

Did you check the source of the IP’s.

He was banned at another forum a couple days ago because he behaved like an a–h—!

Yeah, I checked; they weren’t even close. Not that that conclusively proves anything; but it makes it less likely.