Trump's claim of a rigged election? It's not that farfetched.


The lame stream media is having a fit because of Donald Trump’s claim that the 2016 election is fixed. While that might seem farfetched one aspect of his claim is very true. The requirement to show a voter ID when you come to the polls is a very sensible requirement to assure fair elections. It discourages people from voting multiple times and excludes people like felons who don’t have the right to vote. After the 2008 election one woman in Miami claimed she voted five times for Obama so that “He would pay my electric bills.”

If the Democrats were really concerned about voters becoming disenfranchised, they would be working to make it easier for people to get IDs other than driver’s licenses. But that’s not their game. Not having to show an ID when you vote makes voter fraud easier. Yet the court system keeps knocking down voter ID laws because it "discriminates against certain groups."This is just an excuse for Democrat judges, who are supposed to be impartial, to work for their party.


Well a Fed Judge just struck down our voting requirements and said ANY form of ID is acceptable, no pic or govt ID required, pay stub, movie ticket, don’t care just show a piece of paper and you are voting and NOTHING stopping you from voting as often as you wish in as many places as you wish and vote under as many names as you wish…


We are justifiably required to produce ID in many situations. Try and buy real estate without producing acceptable picture ID. Try moving significant money from one institution to another without acceptable ID. Try cashing a check without acceptable ID. You can’t do it.

Try voting without picture ID? No problem.

That said, IMHO the real “rigging” of the election is being done by the media - a media that has for years carried water for the Left in the stories they choose to report and the stories and issues they choose to ignore.

Current example:

Objectively: Hillary has accomplished nothing, or close to it, in 25 years in politics. In fact, looking around the world, I think one could make a strong/objective case that she has demonstrated a high level of incompetence. She claims to have fought tirelessly for the poor and downtrodden - especially the children caught in those circumstances. Well, if that’s true then we would expect that she would have demonstrated some degree of effectiveness. Yet, more people, including children, are now living in poverty circumstances than ever before. Benghazi debacle. I’ll stop there.

On the other hand, Trump, who can’t complete a thought or keep from uttering politically inept statements, does have a track record of significant accomplishment. Yet, the same media who is loath to point out or outright ignores Clinton’s legendary failures is all over Trump, eagerly printing the Left’s narrative that he is unfit to be president.

So, who is really UNFIT to be president? The candidate who has a demonstrated history of business competence/success and verbal ineptness, or the candidate who can’t tell the truth and has a demonstrated history of incompetence/failure on a national and international level?

The media will NEVER address that question!!

Mainstream media is little more than an extension of the Democrat Party - and it is “rigging” the election.


One can go to a DMV and get a I.D. card even if they do not drive. I read some of them were free and in some places they would come out to you to give it. It is all about fraud.


One can go to a DMV and get a I.D. card even if they do not drive. I read some of them were free and in some places they would come out to you to give it. It is all about fraud.

My mother got one of those IDs when she stopped driving and gave up her license more than 10 years ago. It was very easy to get then. I’m sure it’s not changed.

As for having ID, you can’t rent a motel room or rental car with one. In fact I can’t get medical care without one, so how are these people, who are getting stuff like Medicare and Medicaid doing when they apply for service if they have no ID? If they don’t have an ID, why isn’t the government requiring them to show one to prevent fraud? Don’t you need an ID to get welfare or foodstamps, or do you just get those by showing up at the window?

This whole voter ID thing is a load of crap, and the Democrats are behind it because they don’t want their voter fraud program disrupted. Voter fraud is a part of the Democrat Party playbook. They have had a lot of experience at it, since the 19th century with their big city political machines.

In a press conference Obama said that there was no organized nationwide fraud because each state had its own voting procedures. NOT TRUE MR. PRESIDENT!!! The Federal Courts have been interfering with state ID requirements constantly. Of course no one would be so impolite as to point that out to the Liar in Chief. He gets off with saying anything and is seldom called to account for it. I know that you are supposed to respect the Office of the President, but my level of respect as run out with this guy. I barely stand to listen to him when he speaks.


I remember when Pennsylvania tried to institute voter ID the Democrats brought in an 86-year-old, partially disabled black woman who claimed to not have a birth certificate and therefore couldn’t get a government-issued ID. The court ignored her claim and upheld the voter ID law. THREE days after that decision was rendered, this woman caught a ride to the DMV and was ISSUED a picture ID for $1!


The truth is that on any issue NOTHING is 100% & that includes getting ID’s. Maybe 1 out of 500,000 people can’t get an id of any sort (I don’t know) but that doesn’t mean that we need to let 100,000 people who shouldn’t vote be allowed to vote. To me it comes down to personal responsibility. If I want to vote then it’s my JOB to make sure that I can. The whole problem is a non issue UNLESS what your trying to do is allow illegals to vote. As far as dems trying to fix the election, well they have already be caught more than once haven’t they?


Yeah, well, the courts struck our voter id law down.


Good presentation last night on Hitlery and her vicious attack on the 12 year old RAPE victim, who Hitlery got off that did it. They found the girl and interviewed her and showed a video of Hitlery LAUGHING about getting the guy off the hook…


I caught an interesting video on U-Tube. It’s by “The Alex Jones Channel” & he claims that the numbers are drastically wrong in the poles. Go there & watch the video & he quotes other numbers. He is saying that it’s going to be a Trump landslide.


did you see mika have a fear breakdown on Joe’s coffee show.


The problem with Trump is that he is assisting media with rigging the election in favor of Hillary Clinton and against himself by his own lack of verbal discipline. His lack of language skills and over-the-top labeling/utterences gives the pro-Clinton media an excuse to ignore Clinton’s many ongoing problems.

Constantly taking attention away from your opponent’s many shortcomings and never-ending miscreant behavior/scandals by uttering undisciplined, gratuitously contentious, unclear/imprecise statements is not smart. Doing so knowing you are running for office in a hostile media environment is insane.

It’s as simple as that.

But, Trump is NOT going to change. If Trump were running against anyone but Hillary Clinton he would get blown out - and probably will get blown out even against her. There is going to be a point in time when the undecided are going to tune out Trump - a point I suspect is coming sooner rather than later. When that point is reached, the race is over. Without the intervention of some crippling revelation, Trump has but one chance - the first debate will be make or break.

I am very close to being convinced that Trump will not just lose, but will get trounced. Hillary with a mandate - how special. We likely have seen the last Republican president. A conservative in the White House? Forget it. In the future, with what the progressives have in store under Clinton, the demographics will never line up in favor of the Right - not in our lifetime.

You Republicans who wanted Trump - Well, you got him!!


With all the controversy about having an I.D. to vote it is hilarious to see what they put one through to change a driver’s license for a kid that just turned 21 and had a valid driver’s license up to that point in Illinois.

I had a friend who had one of her grand kids living in Illinois with her because the boy and his mother do not get along. Well this boy dropped out of high school and has no ambition to work. So here the friend is trying to get the boy a new driver’s license for her address and they have to meet four requirements from the state to change the card. He had to prove he was born in the U.S.,He was, and provide three other forms of I.D.

Now if he had been an illegal alien he would have sailed through. Remember this boy had a valid card before and in Illinois the card is made so one can not pass as an adult.


You are correct Sam. In today’s America, NON-Citizens have more rights than citizens, we are in fact becoming 2nd class citizens in our own country.


If you think that Trump is in a position to win in a landslide, you are profoundly delusional. Even in the best of times a Republican can only hope for a narrow victory because of California and New York. Those two states would vote for Hitler if he ran as a Democrat.


Donald Trump has never once in his life taken responsibility for any of his failures, he will not start by admitting why Clinton beat him in the 2016 Presidential Election; of course he will claim fraud.


His most loyal supporters will blame Conservatives and Cruz–even the ones that held their noses and voted for Trump. No different than the Romney supporters did back in 2012. It’s Trump’s job to get those votes. He doesn’t deserve them by default.


While media is serving to help Clinton, media is not losing this race - Trump is losing this race.

Those who thought being entertained by Trump’s BS antics and thought his shallow understanding of the issues and thought his reliance on “politically incorrect” one-liners and zingers to make his case against Hillary Clinton would prove persuasive to undecided voters in the general election prevailed in placing Trump front and center on the national stage.

Predictably, Trump is running the only campaign his character, temperament and lack of verbal skills will allow him to run - it is the same campaign he ran and got away with in front of what passes for this nation’s electorate against Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others during the primary season.

However, now that same media, so willing to give Trump the huge advantage of massive amounts of favorable air-time while he was verbally beating up on and gratuitously berating/belittling other Republican candidates, are pointing out and questioning every outrageous, over-the-top comment that Trump makes - and there are many, now that he is competing against Hillary the Democrat. The campaign is not focused on the issues and the record, but on Trump - because of Trump.

How anyone who follows politics could be surprised by the media coverage and Trump’s ineptitude and path to a self-inflicted massive fail, is beyond my pay grade to comprehend. I mean, what the hell did Republican primary voters expect from Trump? Did they expect him to suddenly begin to express himself clearly and unambiguously, to stay on message and pound her on the issues and her record, to not constantly divert the attention of a negative news story about Clinton away from her and instead make the negative news cycle about himself?

Nearly any other candidate but Trump would be able to successfully make the case against the historically target rich, untrustworthy, incompetent Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, it appears the Republican primary voters selected the one candidate who is without the preparation and the discipline necessary to make an effective case against Clinton. To make matters worse, according to recent Trump public musings during campaign stops, he now appears willing to accept defeat - he has stated that if he loses he will simply go back to his “great life”.

Under what would be the Hillary Clinton regime/disaster, tens of millions of Americans should be so lucky.

Appropriate ID to vote is important to be sure. An even-handed media would be nice, even though we’ve never had such media. However, should Trump go on to get what appears to be a thorough butt kicking, the responsibility for “rigging” the outcome will not fall on a lack of voter ID or media coverage.

No, this election will have been “rigged” by the apparent limitless short-sighted ineptitude on the part of a Republican electorate who decided it was a good idea to nominate such an inept candidate as Donald Trump.


RET, I fully concur with your thinking, that said we do in fact have a rigged election and I seriously doubt a conservative can win or ever win again…


Not that I disagree with much of what was posted above, but I STILL maintain that it wasn’t JUST GOP primary voters who gave us Trump. Crossover voters in “open primary” states were MASSIVE. That’s why Trump won virtually all of the “open primary” States–except in Cruz’s home State, but LOST many of the closed-primaries.