Trump's "Hidden" Support


Awhile ago, Tom Bradley ran for governor in California. He was polling so well, it was a bit of a shock when he didn’t win. It’s been dubbed “The Bradley Effect”- people say one thing to pollsters, but in the privacy of the polling booth, do something else.

In Trump’s case, I wonder if he’s polling a bit (or maybe a lot) lower than his actual support in. Obviously, I move in more liberal circles then y’all, but I have to admit that Trump’s candor is refreshing. I’m tired of Polical Correctness masquerading as tolerance and being blamed for every problem in the world because I’m a straight white male. Trump has absolutely no filter and no fear of offending anyone. Would that we could all talk that way! I live near San Bernadino and I had to think long and hard about banning Muslim immigrants. I don’t think we should, but if we have a few more attacks, I may be pushed into that direction.

Anyway, if a liberal like me kinda-sorta likes Trump, what do moderates think? Are people uncomfortable telling pollsters they support Trump when they really do? I think so, and I think his support might be as much as 10 points higher than it really is. What do you all think?


How many MORE attacks is it going to take for you to realize who the enemy is?
One? Five? A bigger one than the World Trade Center?


Well, for starters I don’t see Trump as a true conservative. Those that are his supporters are a mixture of voters; conservatives, moderates and liberals who are sick to death with the status quo; namely the establishment politicians (both REP and DEMS).

Personally, I remain cautious where Trump is concerned. There is a possibility (as rumor has it) that he is simply a siphon for the DEMS. Time will tell. To his credit, Trump has drawn focus on key issues such as illegal immigration and Muslim migration. He has created excitement in this election and perhaps most importantly he has kept the RINO’s and the DEMS at bay.

Cruz 2016! Reigniting the Promise of America!!


I don’t think Trump can be dismissed so easily. He has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with. I said awhile ago that what we need in this next election is a “junkyard dog”. More and more, I see Trump as that person. I don’t know if he is a true conservative or not, but he isn’t a liberal, that’s for sure. I could support either a Trump candidate or a Cruz candidate. Anything has got to be better than what has occurred over the past 8 years. At least we know that Trump is an American.


I don’t know if those polled are afraid to say they like Trump, Trumps whole candidacy is based on not caring what the elitist’s think about anything so his supporters would be of a similar mindset.

But I do think that the criteria used to evaluate polls could be showing Trump significantly lower than he really is, the metrics used to identify who is a “likely voter” could very well prove worthless in an election with 100 million unemployed and both political parties joining forces against the people.

The actual turnout might look very different this year than most previous years, the Establishment supporters are beaten down and the people in general may have taken just about all the crap that they are willing to take from the political class.


I have stated all along that I support Cruz. I do like how Trump derailed the RNCs typical plan of foisting a milquetoast RINO upon us. This was supposed to be Jeb Bush’s coronation. We don’t need another Bush or Klinton in the Whitehouse.

I would take Trump over Hitlery Klinton any day or time.

The democrats that I know tend to be labor democrats. Some are, or rather were, employed in coal mines. None of them like 0bama nor do any of them seem to like Hitlery Klinton. They do like Trump. Trump is actually pulling a lot more support from what used to be called the Reagan democrats. The Democrat party has moved so far to the left that they have no place to go except toward a Republican candidate. The most common thing that they like about him is that he can’t be bought and he will spur job growth.


You said a mouthful here.


[quote=“RET423, post:5, topic:48054”]
both political parties joining forces against the people.


Agreed. However, we can’t discount the possibility that (especially in the NE) local Democrat organizations are encouraging their people to “switch parties” so they can vote for the person they believe the easiest to beat and they MAY perceive that person to be Trump. We know they’ve done it before, and switching parties doesn’t have ANY effect on who someone votes for in the general election OR who one sends their campaign contributions to. All I’m sayin’ is that the only “poll” that matters is the one taken on election day.