Trump's Law and Order Speech


Last night in Milwaukee Trump gave what I think was the best speech he has given in the campaign and delivered it in a city that needed to receive it.

In my opinion, the speech set a positive tone and served as a stark contrast between Trump and the status quo/plantation politics of Hillary Clinton.

Now, Trump needs to follow up this speech on law and order by taking it to inner city venues in all areas of this country - then follow it up with hammering Clinton’s no-growth economic policies and contrast his approach to the re-cooked. half-backed resurrection of Obama’s shovel ready BS.

Stay close to the teleprompter Donald. The teleprompter is your friend.

Final point, Donald - pray for the release of incriminating emails. And, if they are forthcoming, don’t step all over the story with your usual insane verbal bullsh*t.



“Supreme Court Justice Barack Hussein Obama”

The choice in November is clear - it will be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton! A no-vote is the same as a vote for Hillary Clinton. If Hillary Clinton (arguably the most dishonest and corrupt person ever to run for President of the United States), wins, there is no doubt that a President Hillary Clinton will appoint Obama to the Supreme Court, for several very good reasons: 1. he has covered her backside (no easy task!) in the email server scandals and now wants payback; 2. he is buying a mansion in Washington D.C. and has made no secret of his desire to stay in the capitol; and 3. he could complete his “fundamental transformation” of our Republic during a lifetime on the Supreme Court. If that’s not enough to scare everyone into voting, I don’t know what will.


It was a good speech. Certainly not according to CNN though. They really slammed it. Your right about the teleprompter. Unfortunately, he can’t take it to the debates.