Trump's Long Con: What His Conservative Victims Will Pay


Alan Keyes talks about Trump.

Ask most conservatives and they’ll agree that one of the things that characteristically distinguishes socialists from God-fearing constitutional conservatives is their attitude toward truth. Socialists think that the ends justify the means. They think that if something contributes to the outcome they have in view, whatever has to be said or done to produce it is justified. There is no “truth” except what serves their agenda; and likewise no permanent good. God-revering constitutional conservatives think that the right end or goal of human actions must be judged in light of our Creator’s intention for us. What fulfills that intention is right and justified. What interferes with fulfilling it is a violation of right, i.e., wrongdoing and injustice.

The socialist mentality in this respect has many dire consequences, up to and including the large-scale, murderous atrocities that have frequently been associated with right (e.g. Nazism) and left-wing (e.g., communism) socialism. In respect of “truth” one of those consequences is the tendency to judge people and events according to a variable standard (would that it were only double), which is, in effect, whatever portrays their adversaries in a bad light.

Until recently, Donald Trump was a poster child for the glamor of evil. Now he seems to be extending the iniquitous character of his previous enterprises to politics. St. Paul abandoned the culture of violent persecution that characterized his life before encountering Christ. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Trump claims to have a relation with God that needs no such encounter. Moreover, he brings to his newly minted professions of commitment to moral causes the snarling, culture of verbal annihilation characteristic of the ideology he claims to have abandoned. Indeed, he seems more extreme in that regard than he has ever been.

His behavior invites people to draw the conclusion that his increased commitment to slurs and slandering is necessary in order to pander to the people he now seeks to con. Thus he makes mock of them, acting to discredit their spirit even as he seeks to exploit their support. By doing so he lures them away from the culture of respect for life and God which they profess. When he betrays them, they will open their eyes to find themselves stranded between faithlessness and zeal, like those of whom Christ says “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you up.” (Revelation 3:16)



I like Alan Keyes. This is disappointing.


I voted for Alan Keyes in the 2000 primary.


Terry, the conservatives that are worried about Trump seem to have many thoughts in common as to why they feel that way. Mainly, they aren’t using feelings to support their arguments against him. They use his stated positions. Sure, he could have changed his views on things, but so many?


I understand. But I think the arguments in favor of him outweigh the negatives, and they don’t seem to be considering those.

It will all come out in the wash in the end.


I do understand what Alan Keyes is saying, but he appears to think that there are only two groups:
God-revering Constitutional Conservatives, and

Of course I don’t go for people mocking others, but I’ve seen it go both ways, so if Mr. Keyes is going to question one person’s depth of Christian beliefs, then he ought to question the other person’s, as well.

Furthermore, some people take what candidates say a little too seriously.
Coincidentally, I was just mocked and called all sorts of names - so far as to call me a “Liberal,” for…ready?..showing the slightest concern over a candidate’s sense of judgement - by the Cruz camp. (Not here, btw.)
Yeah, Liberals question a person’s sense of judgement all the time, right?
And that’s about as seriously as I took their words.

Which is as seriously as I’m going to take Alan Keyes’ words - for basically doing exactly what he accused Trump of doing.


Before succumbing to the judgemental moralizing of Keyes you should consider the vitriol and slander thrown back and forth by the campaigns of two of our founding fathers Adams and Jefferson in the election of 1800. The “evangelicals” of the time labelled the democrat Jefferson an infidel and George Washington commented that “that you could as soon scrub the black moor white, as to change the principles of a professed Democrat; and that he will leave nothing unattempted to overturn the Government of this Country”. I gather Keyes would be labeling Jefferson as one of those ends-justify-the-means godless socialists.

Except for “fundamentalist” Moslems I do not judge anyone by their religion or lack thereof but Cruz’s “praise the Lord” rhetoric in his victory speech does not play well for many Americans. Keyes opinions may sway some but they are not going to win national elections.


This makes me wonder what if Alan Keyes had been elected senator instead of obama in Illinois.


Well said - All of it.
I did not hear Cruz’s victory speech, but considering how many of his speeches I have heard, I’ll take your word for Cruz “praising the Lord” throughout it.
You’re right. It’s not going to play well for many Americans. It doesn’t play well with me.
While past presidents have often invoked the graces of God to be bestowed upon our nation, they didn’t make their religion the very centerpiece of their governing. Yes, they were God-fearing, but they didn’t cram it down our throats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And I ain’t no sinkin’ Liberal. lol


I forgot to add… I’m above being conned. As are most of you, no doubt.

It’s quite the chuckle having someone tell us that our intelligence/morality (or whatever) is being insulted, while all the while insulting our intelligence. lol.