Trump's steel tariff


Magna-Yeah-That x10.


I have no problem with removing domestic regulation. It’s part & parcel to the stasis of Rural areas.

But Cwolf was still off the mark; allowing people to buy foreign goods as a way to escape our domestic regulation is not my point.

The point is that rural areas were held in stasis by bad policy, and that trade helps the common man, because most imports, are capital improvements. Cwolf cannot deny this, the actual composition of our imports shows most are not cheap consumables. It’s predominantly resources & equipment.

Imports make things only large businesses could do in the past, open to people of far more modest means, and broadens their capabilities.

It makes an atmosphere of start ups, possible. Which is what you want, if what you want, is to reverse a trend of de-industrialization.

Or better yet, to be something like the Basque Country in Spain; who somehow found a way to be as productive as urban areas, in dispersed rural areas, and produce businesses who innovatively disrupt industries on the world stage. Quite the contrast to most of the rest of the country.


Let’s never forget the travesty and idiocy of “too big to fail.” That just reinforces risky behavior by socializing the loss – while privatizing profit and largess.




Yes, I remember that shortly after I paid for the Netscape browser, M$ came out with the FREE Internet Explorer.

Yes, M$ is the 500 pond gorilla on the block.


And Chrome and Firefox are both viable and commonly used browsers today. I’d guess Chrome is most used based on whatever computers come to me for “heeelp me plz!”

Word perfect was not as good as Microsuck Word.

And today, Microsuck Office has wonderful, open source free competition in Open Office.


Open Office is ok. It lacks a great deal of the functions that Office has though. I use it on my home computers since all I do at home is minor documentation for personal purposes, or for my daughter’s homework. If I need it to look professional, or be more than just a viewable file, I use office.

Apple… crashes just as much, just differently.
Same thing if you are talking phone OS’s.
Chrome and Firefox, while they can be faster, they are still not as secure and require extreme dilligence in patching or you are wide open. Patched up, they are fine.

Now, what does any of this have to do with the Steel Tariff? By the way, how’s the GDP, and Unemployment looking? Has the Trump Steel Tariff killed them?
I know the price of oil is climbing, and that’s always good for the Gulf Coast economy. Gas Prices suck, but that’s extent of the downside.



BS. The revenue to the government last month was at RECORD highs, even WITH the tax cuts.


That just requires certain people or businesses to be paid more; not for more people to be working:

Talked about this with Obama all the time; Trump should not get a pass.


Don’t you find it a bit counter-intuitive that we saw MASSIVE tax cuts passed in December yet government revenues ROSE in the first quarter? The same thing happened with the Reagan tax cuts which saw government revenues DOUBLE. Of course, the Democrats in charge back then SPENT $1.65 for every new tax dollar they received which was WHY we experienced deficits. President Trump is proposing using the recision process to pull back some of the excessive spending in that Omnibus bill. Pretty smart since recision is filibuster-proof.


… It’s like you didn’t read my post at all.

All that is required for Government revenues to increase, is for existing workers and businesses to be raking in more money.

You don’t need more people to be working. Considering most of our tax base doesn’t come from entry-level workers anyway…


Income taxes were CUT which SHOULD have caused tax revenues to go down. Yet, they ROSE to record levels. That has little to do with pay raises, and more to do with increased economic activity.


No Dave; it just requires more economic activity, with existing businesses. You still aren’t getting past this.

It’s time to stop being political, and analyze Trump in terms of policy. Quit giving him a free pass.


His policy of cutting taxes is good because cutting taxes encourages economic activity. More money in people’s paychecks means they spend more money. This is economic activity.


I’m not denying that; I’m pointing to his tendency to make businesses freeze because they’re waiting to see how the trade war BS plays out; ergo, how well the lobbyists smooth things over to get him to keep making exceptions/ change his mind for each and every tariff he tries to put through.

This increases uncertainty, because having large parts of the economy turn on what lobbyists are doing, isn’t transparent, or highly predictive.

Point #2, propping up coal beyond the point of usefulness, including one such measure FERC shut him down on.

Point #3, Bullypulpit cronyism.


I keep Microsuck office installed to do just one thing in Excel that Open Office won’t – it’s a movable frames kind of thing, which is very cool, that one of our state agencies uses in all its excel documents. Can’t make it work in Open Office.

And jobs? The price of steel is going up. That’s going to increase prices downstream. It’s a tax on the American public – either to the government (if you buy imported stuff) or to some special interest industry (if you pay for more expensive American product, which also will raise prices – because they can). It’s your basic redistribution of wealth.


The price of metal hasn’t yet but will be going up at my wife’s company, an American manufacturing company by the way. Incidentally, the company buys American metals because the imported metal is of inferior quality.

As I understand it, they will be maintaining their prices and taking losses in the future to ensure their customers do not have to feel the pain /end sarcasm.


More people are working but like the initial period under Reagan they won’t appear on government Stat sheets until next April because they are self employed.

All the Left will have till next April to whine about Trump, then they will switch their complaints to all the tired Enviro-Nazi fear mongering and doom scenarios for “THE CHILDREN!”, the elderly and the poor.



Yeah, most people are working. We’ve had a number of labor shortages for awhile, and I think that’s still growing. Relevance? Wrong thread? Your comment seems to support an anti-tariff position based on the ol’ “they took our jobs” argument – one of President Trump’s shotgun of excuses.


President Trump is the reason for the surge in new entrepreneurs, that is the result when you eradicate draconian regulations and reduce taxes; as far as this being the wrong thread for that observation or it contradicting what I have written?

Not in the slightest, it only means that you have not comprehended what I have written and instead have chosen to stick it in the “Protectionist” box so you can trot out all the generic anti protectionist arguments and declarations; all of which actually support my position.

This thread is a perfect example of why Trump sticks to simplistic, populist, protectionist sounding comments; even if he was given a fair hearing in the media there is just no way to break through the walls of generic economic philosophies and expect people to comprehend what he is doing.

He is smart enough to use a platform like Twitter and play to the economic ignorance that is prevalent while ignoring the coffee shop experts who refuse to consider the dynamics that are in play in any real economic environment.

Trumps ideas and strategy so far are sound, they will produce exactly what they are producing now in spite of there being a 1000 to 1 ratio of critics to defenders in the media; that is because the economy takes place in the real world as opposed to the coffee shop and the media.

In 10 years someone will write a book explaining it, then maybe it will be discussed for what it was in the coffee shop; will never get it though.

Tariffs are a tool to get in the heads of Trumps opponents, he lives rent free in the heads of world leaders right now and the dividends will be reaped as his Presidency goes on; the fool listens to their threats and protestations but the wise will watch their actions and invest accordingly.

China, Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and many of our allies are all becoming convinced that Trump means what he says and will demand integrity from them; they all know that it is in their own best interest to get along with us and they will do exactly that. Every President is tested by the world leaders both friend and foe alike, Obama was proved a fool that could be trampled and the GOP was proved to be for sale to the highest bidder; Trump has been proved to be able and willing to knock them on their ass without hesitation.

As far as all the people who thought they were getting a great deal from the crony corporate capitalists that were calling all the shots and writing all the rules that insured they would not have to compete with Americas best business models?

Time and results will not be a friend to them or their arguments, we are about to enter another great era of self employment and imaginative Market service not unlike the mindset of the 80’s that caused an explosion of new Markets that were not even dreamed of before; that only comes from individuals in their garages not corporate board rooms.

With any luck the GOP will die a sudden death in the next election and the remnants that survive will become Democrats, that will give a 2 year majority to Trumps enemies but from what I have seen he can handle them; and the 2020 election could very well see a brand new Party sweep them into the dust bin of failed history.

I probably still won’t vote for him in 2020 for reasons not suited for this thread but that won’t mean I won’t cheer his results when he plays the enemies of rugged individualism for the fools they are :wink: