Trump's Verbal Skills


I have been harping for months regarding Trump’s unusual lack of verbal skills.

Not only does he often open his mouth and speak without thinking and without choosing his words wisely, but he often leaves open to question just what he meant by what he said. This leaves his intended meaning open to interpretation and the mainstream media, very predictably, has interpreted his words to either state or imply the very worst possible interpretation.

For someone as accomplished in business as he is I am constantly amazed at his lack of verbal skills, basic verbal skills. His words are very often imprecise and he fails to speak in complete sentences - his thoughts are very often incomplete and he often free-associates into what is sometimes an unrelated topic. This serves to muddle his message, render it incomplete and allows for his opposition to impart meaning to his message never really intended by Trump.

This is exactly why Trump is so often caught up in having to come back the next day to attempt to clean up/explain what he said/meant - often unsuccessfully. This places him constantly on the defensive and, more importantly, changes the focus of the campaign - the focus is taken off of Clinton’s many short comings/record/incompetence/lies and placed on the latest Trump verbal car wreck.

One could reasonably and justifiably point out that the media has gone out of its way to use Trump’s words against him. I would respond to that by saying, well yeah, that’s what the Democrat cheerleaders do. Consequently, that makes it even more important to use some care in the words chosen to express a thought. When you know people want to harm you, you don’t provide them bullets for their guns - unless you are Donald Trump, of course.

Look, it isn’t brain surgery. As we formulate our words we all think about what we’re about to say and how it will be interpreted/received by the individual or group we are communicating with. This evaluative thought, or as one of my Stanford profs called it, “thinking/speaking with a 3rd ear”, takes place very quickly in the normal course of speaking/conversation. Organizing ones thoughts as a means of accurately conveying intended meaning is also an integral part of this process.

Trump’s inability to adequately call upon the routine verbal/speaking skills noted above, coupled with his legendary lack of verbal discipline, makes him a lousy political candidate. He is scuttling his own campaign and delivering the White House to Hillary Clinton in spite of her carrying the heaviest load of negative political baggage in the history of presidential politics.

One final thought. Words have meaning and sometimes consequences, both unintended as well as intended. A president needs to speak with at least some degree of clarity/precision in order to ensure he conveys the meaning intended. Trump has yet to show he is capable of such interpersonal discipline and it is feeding the narrative that he is unfit to be president.

Honestly, he’s 70 years old - I don’t know how he fixes it.


There’s a simple explanation - as simple as the man we’re talking about.

He’s stupid.

Look…he is the ultimate in media hype. He was able to put a respectable veneer on his low-skill job as a Tammany Machine bagman and interface between legitimate out-of-town builders and the NYC corn-maze of corruption. As a young man he was quite photogenic; and the media was hungry for Gordon Gecko yuppie stars…they could hate and still find very, very sexy.

And it worked. REAL developers have followed a path over the years - take Henry Kaiser. Started as an asphalt paver; went on to full-service road-grading and construction and then on to major public works. He was a key contractor to the Hoover Dam.

From then he went on to shipbuilding; concrete and steel and aluminum manufacture, and automaking. HE BUILT THINGS.

Trump…carried bags of cash. He couldn’t start a D-9 Caterpillar if his life depended on it. He wouldn’t know how to work at a drafting table.

He understood EASY MONEY. It’s no wonder he went from interfacing straight developers with crooked pols, to that favorite of organized-crime: Casinos. Nor is it any wonder from there he went on to bigger spectacles: REALITY TELEVISION.

Nice work if you can get it. He had connections and opportunity and, obviously, street smarts. So does Tyrone the pimp on Broadway. What Trump LACKS, is raw, cultivated, INTELLIGENCE. Much less, prudence which comes with experience guided by that intelligence.

Like the monkey caught in the Filipino Monkey Trap, reaching for the honey in the bottom…Trump’s reach exceeded his grasp.

Now we all pay.


Give me a break; I doubt you could be any more eloquent. He speaks off the cuff, but is not at all polished. The man is very smart and calculating, but stupid? Hardly. If anything he needs to listen to his advisors more.


I wonder really how many of our presidents were actually stupid or were called stupid by their opposition. The latter lots I think. You have Clinton who clearly has her nefarious plans. Then you have trump who seems to actually be on our side. Do you wish to test out Clinton. Then you are clearly the stupid ones. It pains me to say that. But who the hell do you think is going to rush in to save your butts at this point?? We got two clear choices. If you are interested in the continuation of this country at this point, the choice is clear. You may not like that choice but it is the better of the two…and isn’t that the way it has always been.

The anti-trumpers need to get off your high horses, ally with your fellow americans and put trump in the WHite House. The alternative is deadly. to us all.


I do not agree that Trump is stupid. You don’t amass his holdings by being stupid.

Inarticulate and politically tone-deaf - often victimized by biased media and his own words? Absolutely.

As a corollary, “eloquent” is not an adjective I would ever use in describing Trump.

As NJC noted - Trump “speaks off the cuff, but is not at all polished”. To this I would add, " and often not thoughtful".

And, that’s a problem.


Every worthwhile Republican who was worthy opposition to the Left has been labeled “stupid.” Reagan was a dunce, remember? Remember, too, how well the media cabal hid important parts of Reagan’s background. Such as that his university degree was not Theater, but Economics. That he had written college and later papers espousing classical free-market economic policies.

And his later writings, while he was Governor of California. The man was a near-genius, with tremendous insight in economics…it was all buried while the media made a parody of the man and then beat up the parody.

George W. Bush. No, not a conservative; but he recognized the base of the Party and paid fealty to it. He was well-read as well…obviously he had some sort of problem in speaking or communicating. Either a stutter or just plain stage-fright. But he had an active mind he kept engaged.

Cruz. Cerebral, quiet…which adds to the incision of his verbal sparring. Perry Mason come alive - the Compleat Courtroom Attorney. Of course Cruz is alternately a dunce and a liar.

And Trump. I wonder if the stupid son of a bitch has ever read a full book IN HIS LIFE. Bought his college degree. Raked off his take from those bags of cash he delivered. Really…CASINOS? REALITY TELEVISION? Are those the career paths of a smart man?

And up until now, the media has NOT called him out. They’ve held off - because they knew and know he’s the only one who could LOSE to Billary. NOW the gloves come off, when we have no alternative.

We have been had once again - or most of us have been. Me, I don’t watch that 22-inch peephole into Paradise, so I was not taken in but for a brief time at the start.


All the angst against Trump and we have a president who without a teleprompter can not string a sentence together or speak coherently. Okay we got it Trump is not a polished speaker and is stupid or so it is said. Meanwhile the GOP wants to undermine him and allow Hillary to get in. Considering that the GOP for the last several elections have been on board with the democrats I imagine they feel they can work with Hillary rather than a wild card like Trump.

What to do? I was for Cruz but being pragmatic and a realist I have to move on. Should I take a chance and vote for Trump or not vote at all. Hillary is a known force who has no respect for the law or values and wants power at all cost. The democrats have rigged the polls and the media is blasting the air waves and print on how evil Trump is while ignoring the many and growing evidence of Hillary’s under handiness.

Should I go third party or vote for the RINO the GOP threatens to replace Trump with? Third party just dilutes the vote and I refuse to pick a RINO who was not in the running. If Trump does get in, he will face a hostile congress like Reagan did that plays even more dirty than when Reagan was president.



First of all, WE did not vote for the African with fake papers. The other side did that. We should know better.

Second, we do NOT need a repeat or continuation of this sort of stupidity. We need to CUT IT OFF.

That our opponents put in a jackass who makes our very future questionable with his lawlessness and profligate money wastage, does not mean it’s good, smart, or acceptable.


Excellent post and right on. People just looked past his vocabulary and called it ‘plain speaking’ and voted for him. Sure, he may still have his base, but he is unable to bring anyone else over due to his lack of communication skills. He is totally unable to communicate his policies without a teleprompter. He can not read from a teleprompter with skill yet. His kids did great so perhaps it is his age.


It seems to me many/most voters were and are totally fed up with the Washington, DC elites.

Along came Donald Trump who sold what the voters were buying - someone with name recognition who could be counted upon to stick his finger in the eye of the party establishment.

It seems to me we have entered an era where voters are subjected to a 24/7 news cycle and in exchange for being continually bombarded with both fact and BS regarding the same events, demand to be entertained.

Who is more entertaining than Trump?

Unfortunately, entertainment is likely not what we are going to find at the end of this election. Pain is much more likely.


WE! it’s you. So you CUT IT OFF. And while you’re at it Cut your nose off to spite your face.

This is it, Dawn…NO ONE’S COMIN’.


I’m not responsible for the poor choices of others.

They GAMED the nomination process. They took a deeply-flawed candidate, with VERY limited appeal…and did what the Paulbots wanted to do the last six election cycles. Rammed him through.

If George Wallace were running as the Republican nominee, I wouldn’t vote for him. If the Lyndon LaRouche cultists got HIM nominated on the Republican ticket, I wouldn’t vote for him, either.

You won’t guilt-trip me on this. I had nothing to do with this; and this jackass is almost as unfit as the old cow.


[QUOTE=Justpassinthru]I’m not responsible for the poor choices of others.

They GAMED the nomination process. They took a deeply-flawed candidate, with VERY limited appeal…and did what the Paulbots wanted to do the last six election cycles. Rammed him through.

If George Wallace were running as the Republican nominee, I wouldn’t vote for him. If the Lyndon LaRouche cultists got HIM nominated on the Republican ticket, I wouldn’t vote for him, either.

You won’t guilt-trip me on this. I had nothing to do with this; and this jackass is almost as unfit as the old cow. [/QUOTE]

LOL…‘almost’ being the key word. LOL you’re gonna come round.


none of us had anything to do with this. This was a stroke of luck and for once the American people are staging a peaceful revolt. I thought you’d want that with all the criticism of gov’t you’ve posted over the past years.

Just pure hard headedness that keeps you bitching about this. It’s okay. I have the same trait. LOL:whistle: and you know it.


Stroke of BAD luck.

Very bad.

First, its becoming clear that, barring some sort of paradigm shift, Old Bessie is gonna win.

Second, it’s becoming clear that Donnie’s okay with that.

Third, it’s becoming clear that his win isn’t gonna be much different than his loss. Okay, parts of his tax plan. The rest of it…INCLUDING his backing a Minimum-Wage jack…BAD…NEWS.

And price rises, the result of all this inflating the money supply, are right around the corner. Anyone think Donnie will know what to do with that? Because I sure don’t. We’re gonna have a mess that will make 1970s Stagflation look like a boom economy by comparison.


I don’t get that from him at all…I don’t hear anyone saying that either… but you sure are fixated on it. Almost like that’s what you want. And then you can say, after all your complaining and unhelpfulness…‘I told ya so.’


Yea I don’t why he wants Hillary to win so badly. I am thinking about how bad it was after Obama won big in 2008 and Lyndon Johnson won big in 1964. Laws and welfare levels were passed that can never be reversed.

Maybe he thinks things will get so bad that the people will flock to Ted Cruz in 2020. That’s the kind of thinking anarchists harbor. Ted Cruz is dead on a national basis. He might hold his seat in Texas, but I want no part of him in a presidential race, and neither will most Republicans. Cruz was a dull debater, and inspires a contrary thinking narrow base.


There you go again, Trumps limited appeal? are you nuts? His appeal is very broad because he speaks for everyman who feels bilked by the system. Even after the primaries he keeps the message simple.
Gee; I am seeing some damn stupid comments here and quite a few uneducated ones. Lets study up a bit .


The cultists in full flower.

I’m opposed to Trump; I think it’s OBVIOUS he’s a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT and an ignoramus; and so I must want the addled old bat to win.

Sure. There’s a logical conclusion.

How about, I’m sick and disgusted with what’s happening? You think THAT might be the reason? Think that might be why I’m not putting on the saddle shoes and short skirt and shaking the pom-poms with everyone else who’s shut off their brains?



When did opposing poor governance demand that one support more bad government but with the added factor of the new bad government being run by an imbecile who has no coherent thoughts in his head?