Trumps VP IS...


My friends in Ind run in Indy’s poltical circles, they are heavy donators and are well know, just got this email from them.

Here is what I have been told and I expressed my concerns about Pence.

He told me there are several reasons why Trump was considering Pence:

Most of the ideal candidates turned him down. Trump was on page two of potential candidates.

Trump favored Christie but Trump from NY and Christie from neighboring NJ would have minimal appeal beyond the east coast.

Christie, as a Republican, has been re-elected as NJ Governor – unprecedented in a predominantly state, Christie campaigning in NJ and PA could make a difference.

Trump plans a cabinet seat for Christie.

Winning the electoral votes in Indiana and Ohio is imperative, along with several other mid-west states where Trump himself did not resound very well with voters – he was too aggressive and New Yorkish.

He is tied in polls with HRC in Ohio and Indiana is a toss-up – Trump believes Pence can help him in these states with his low key personality.

What Trump really needs is to recruit Ted Cruz to campaign for him in these states. Will it happen???

Pence’s hard core opposition to abortion and gay rights will resound with the Evangelicals across the country.

These people aren’t going to vote for HRC, but they also oppose Trump too and could choose not to vote… Trump needs someone to appeal to them and get them out to vote.

Pence is close to the Koch Brothers. Trump needs money for his campaign. To date the Koch Bros are in total opposition to Trump. Can Pence change their mind?


Trump already has the 11 electoral votes for IN. Pence is running against a socialist. Accepting the VP offer will screw over the people of IN.


Pence showed his cowardice in the face of threats from the LGBT Mafia and caved to them. I don’t trust him as far as I can spit a harpoon!


Still far better than having John Gregg as governor.


If Cruz supports Trump, it will only lower my esteem for Cruz.


My 1st choice would be Cruz - but I don’t see that happening unless Trump is willing to give a full-throated public apology to Cruz and Cruz’s wife - even then, I doubt Cruz would come on board. At this point, it is probably too late.

2nd choice - Gingrich. Knowledgeable and articulate. Everything Trump isn’t. Gingrich can serve the articulate attack dog role and knows how to work to move legislation in Congress - like no other.

Pence - IMHO - neither adds or subtracts from the ticket. To run, Pence would have to give up his Governorship - a seat that might well go Dem in November if he steps aside. Pence simply does not project strong leadership/strength at a time Republicans need to project leadership/strength.

I think it would be wise for Trump to name some cabinet members/Dept heads.

Flynn - Defense Secretary
John Bolton - Sec Of State
Christie - AG
Giuliani - Sec Homeland Security
Carson - VA Head or Surgeon General
Kudlow - Treasury Sec