Try the tutorial!

Try the interactive tutorial please!

    click this link and then click the “Message” button in the bottom left of that link
  2. Clicking the “Message” button will send a new PM to our robot friend and tutorial leader.
  3. Read the PM that the bot replies with. At the end of the PM it asks you to do something (like “reply to me”). Each subsequent reply will teach you to do new things and use new features, like adding photos or videos, how to format posts, how to like, bookmark, and flag spam and inappropriate content.

Free book!

Everyone that completes the tutorial will have a chance to receive a copy of @njc17’s book totally free of charge from RO.

On September 4th, I will randomly select 3 people from those that complete the tutorial described above to receive a copy of the book delivered free of charge. Completing the tutorial requires you to complete all tasks the tutorial asks until you receive the badge and certificate at the end.

On September 4th I’ll list the members that have completed the tutorial and run a randomizer to slect our winners. Winners will be contacted by PM for details on where to send the book.


@Vetusers only 3 people have completed the tutorial so far. Complete it this weekend for a really good chance at receiving a free book!