Tucker Carlson On Brett Kavanaugh Chaos


Would someone please explain this to a simple person?

Tucker Carlson explains why Trump “may never” get another SC Judge confirmed!?

Start the video at 1:27 and listen until the 2:15 mark


I watched this live. I think he’s saying that if the left succeeds in torpedoing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination with this spurious charge, President Trump will never be able to get another justice confirmed…particularly if the Dim-witted Dems take control of the Senate in November (well, in January of 2019, that is.). They (the Democrats) will simply find another leftie moron to make the same charge against ANY Trump nominee in the future. They don’t CARE if it’s true or not and neither do their supporters.


This is one more reason why “Joe Sixpack” needs to wake-up and give the demagogue Democrats a big kick in the butt this November. Do you really want these liars and bigots running YOUR government? Do you really want to be in the position where any woman can make any accusation about anyone she doesn’t like, which ruins people’s lives, with no proof to support it? That’s where we are now.

If you don’t like the Republicans, “Joe Sixpack,” maybe it’s time for you and your friends to form another left of center party, and let this group of Democrats crawl from the swamp to the sewer. They don’t care about your Union any more, “Joe Sixpack.” Illegal aliens, the LGBT community and angry women mean far more to them.


If the Republicans can’t get him passed with a simple majority, they really don’t deserve to be there anymore.


The trouble is it only takes the votes of Jeff Flack, a confirmed sorehead, and the woman senators from Alaska and Maine to sink the nomination. Are you ready to flush the rest of the party down the toilet because them? That’s exactly what Jeff Flake wants.