Tucker Carson’s home attacked by ATIFA


Last night members of ANTFA staged a semi-violent protest at Tucker Carson’s home. This is an obvious example of how this group, who say they are anti-fascist, are fascist.

This is what our colleges are turning now. When I was a college student in the late 1960s I got the “light treatment” of this indoctrination which made me liberal voter until 1980. Now the pressure to to join the collective must be far more intense. ANTFA is close to becoming the Storm Troopers of the Nazi movement.


If the GOP was not afraid to call ANTIFA and other similar groups like Black Lives Matter what they really are (domestic terrorist organizations) this type of terrorism would be stamped out quickly; by walking on eggshells they accomplish nothing but perpetuating the ludicrous idea that they are “protest groups”.

Cowardice always has a price, in this case an innocent man who is not a coward must pay it on the GOP’s behalf.


They were classified as one a year ago:

Not to mention House Bill 6054.