Turning Texas Blue


It seems the next crusade that has gotten a big buzz on the blogosphere and the small media outlets as well as among prominent DNC individuals is the act to turn Texas blue again. To do so would almost certain assure that the Democrats win in perpetuity and probably would mark the end of the two party system and the induction of a new socialist united states. Your thoughts on the possibility and outcome?


Texas won be turning blue anytime soon

2008 McCain won by 11.77%
2010 Perry won by 12.9%
2012 Romney won by 15.79%

12 or 16% might seem low but in a huge state like Texas it is nearly insurmountable especially with how low the mexican voting turnout rates are.


At the same time, Romney didn’t win in any metropolitan areas. The key to most blue states are the cities. Rural areas are almost exclusively red. And if more black and Latino voters come to Texas, it would at least become a viable candidate to campaign in for Congress, if not blue outright.


Notice the blue areas of Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, and El Paso. Romney may have won by 15%, but if he didn’t win any of the cities, that could signal a chance at a Democratic Texas. That’s the problem, is that cities tend to lean liberal, and with huge populations, that spells trouble for conservatives in rural areas. Conservatives either need to focus entirely on rural areas, or try to turn some cities red.

Indeed, the last election makes the South a viable candidate for Democrats. Notice the blue areas, especially in Georgia and South Carolina, and in places that aren’t necessarily metropolitan. There’s a strip of blue running through the South. The new area for red states seems to be shifting to the Midwest.


Compare Romney’s Texas to Bush’s Texas, where he won Dallas and San Antonio and several cities in Texas:


And here’s an electoral map showing population density.

(By the way, eliminating the electoral college would make this problem vanish, since right now, winning cities wins you the entire state. It doesn’t have to be that way.)


You realize that Bush was from Texas, right? Homestate will always help with votes

Obama got a whopping 51.48% in Bexar County (San Antonio) where they have a heavy mexican population and a democrat mayor who gave the keynote DNC address

Note that Bob Dole and Bush Sr also lost San Antonio and Austin

Also note that Texas is very spread out and the counties around the cities are very populated and Romney dominated those. Romney took Tarrant County (Ft Worth) by 15%, Romney took Collin County(782K people) which neighbors Dallas on the north by 31% and Denton County(660K people) which neighbors Ft Worth to the north by 32%


The Liberals vote is concentrated in urban areas because Liberals are herd animals that can’t get away from their urban political masters.


Heres the full DFW metroplex results

Collin County - Romney by 95,473
Delta - Romney by 1,070
Denton - Romney by 76,188
Ellis - Romney by 25,550
Hunt - Romney by 14,318
Johnson - Romney by 27,128
Kaufman - Romney by 15,353
Parker - Romney by 31,176
Rockwall - Romney by 18,968
Tarrant - Romney by 95,897
Wise - Romney by 13,959

Dallas County - Obama by 108,831

Romney wins DFW by 306,249 votes


There’s a fellow in Kaufman County that I talk to regularly on the ham radio. He is retired and lives in his rather fancy RV. The reason that I like working his station regularly is because, at various times of the year, he is roaming the rest of the country.


This is Texas and I must admit it’s a pretty ballsy policy on behalf of the Democrats. I don’t see any substantial results before 2024 or so at the earliest but there are a lot of Hispanic voters just waiting to be registered and 11 years is a long time. Also important to remember that the Hispanic vote, while still favoring the Democrats is a bit more Republican friendly in Texas than in the rest of the nation. But the Democrats may have a different strategy, they don’t have to actually capture Texas to do damage. If it looks like they may have a chance at losing the state the Republicans are going to pour time and money into Texas away from more important swing states in the Rust Belt they need to win. Furthermore conservative voters across the country could well be demoralized if looks like they may lose Texas.



Just for shiggles

San Antonio metro area
Atascosa County - Romney by 2,323
Bandera - Romney by 5,564
Comal - Romney by 27,854
Guadalupe - Romney by 17,305
Kendall - Romney by 11,432
Medina - Romney by 6,256
Wilson - Romney by 7,386

Bexar County - Obama by 23,352

Romney wins SA metro by 54,768 votes

Houston metro area
Austin County - Romney by 7,008
Brazoria - Romney by 36,357
Chambers - Romney by 8,981
Fort Bend - Romney by 14,985
Galveston - Romney by 29,432
Liberty - Romney by 12,108
Montgomery - Romney by 104,970
San Jacinto - Romney by 4,695
Waller - Romney by 2,757

Harris County - Obama by 585

Romney wins Houston metro by 220,708


Hehe, it may be entirely unrelated to the city but Romney winning *Austin *county is just a little bit funny.


Well having seen the data by UNT and listening to the words of Robert Clay, I feel more comfortable in the falsity of this premise.


I have many friends who fled California for Texas when our cap and trade lie drove them out of business, I warned them all that Texas is going to be the place that all our Liberals flee to as our cities go bankrupt and the State follows so moving there will be just like moving to California 20 years ago.

It takes Liberals about 20 years to destroy a place by rendering it economically unfeasible with their junk science religious ideas, starting over in Texas will just mean enduring the same torture chamber and demonization cycle again as the private sector is destroyed one law and one sacrificed Right at a time.

Go someplace with COLD winters and few cities, Liberals cannot survive harsh winters if the have to do the planning so they stay away from these States.

North Dakota encourages the private sector, loves hard working people who want to build their own life (as opposed to moochers who want a free ride) and they have few high population centers that can enable Liberals to benefit from the economy and not starve or freeze in the Winter.

Alaska or North Dakota is where I would advise any Conservative looking to set down roots, if you are forced to flee and start over at the point of a Liberals gun then why go somewhere that will be saturated by these same Liberals after they are through picking through the bones of the last State that they destroyed?


South Dakota: At Least We’re Not North Dakota



Texas last democrat elected to a statewide office 1994

Alaska last democrat elected to statewide office 2008
North Dakota last democrat elected to statewide office 2012


Oh, snap.

You can’t escape the Liberals RET! Alaska, North Dakota, even Texas can’t save you now! evil-overlord style laughter


Notice Liberals can only win in the cesspools of society here in Texas. As it just so happens those are our major cities.


I said “Liberals”, not “Democrat’s”

The most destructive Liberal in California history was a Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
North and South Dakota have consistently been ranked amongst the “most free” States in the United States for decades and they have elected many Democrat’s.

There are Constitutional Conservative minded voters and there are Nanny State voters, the politicians who win in a given jurisdiction are a reflection of the mindset of the voters not the other way around.

Going to a place where Conservatives are the most likely group to thrive gives far better odds for the Conservative mindset to endure in the laws of the State, I don’t much give a damn which “Party” wins more often as both Parties are Statist at the National level.

Voters are due the credit and/or the blame, that is why term limits is a pointless idea and why I don’t subscribe to the “money wins elections” doctrine.

Statist’s vote for Statist’s and Conservatives vote for Conservatives at the State and local level, it is at the National level that the Parties show their true ideology and today both Parties share the same ideology albeit to different degrees.


The most “liberal” republican is more conservative than the most “conservative” democrat at the national level, so when a state elects a democrat to a national office they are leaning liberal.